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12/30/02  He's the Problem!

At Mitch Rasansky's November townhall meeting, he had the City MisManager, the City Attorney and the Chief of Police at the podium to address the citizens and hear their concerns.  People from the NW-Bachman area always go to Councilman Rasansky's townhall meetings because the various council members who represent pieces of our community under the old council lines seldom (if ever) have townhall meetings up here.

What should have been a big showdown turned out to be pretty much a waste of time, except for some excitement provided by our very own Mary Lou Montes Zijderveld. 

Councilman Rasansky read the r?um? of all three before they were allowed to make their speech.  The City MisManager's r?um?was a recap of his career as a Dallas bureaucrat elevated above his abilities who left temporarily for Denton but returned when That Former Mayor went looking for a "yes" man.  The Chief of Police had a slim to none r?um?  He actually listed being named Oak Cliff Businessman of the Year!

How does a city employee (public safety or civilian) qualify as a "businessman", unless he has a side business?  Bolton did not mention having a side business, but he did repeat that title when he was speaking.  That was his claim to fame?

From the beginning when he was named Chief, has said Terrell Bolton made his bones on the "milk and cookies" circuit as a community relations cop -- sucking up to every crime watch president he could -- and every politician at City Hall (elected or employed).  He had no qualifications for being in the position he held before Chief, and even fewer for being DPD Chief of Police.  No one knows that better than Chief TB.

Chief TB understands what was going on with that once-upon-a-time Emperor and his inept tailor.  The emperor had a tailor who couldn't sew, which was just as well because the faux-tailor couldn't cut out an outfit from a roll of fabric either.  The faux-tailor was working for a complete idiot ( who may have been the product of multi-generations of cousins marrying cousins, but that's another story).  So, as long as no one had the nerve to point out the emperor was walking around sans clothes, the tailor had a really sweet deal.  

Since the faux-tailor had something (like pictures?) on most of the people around the emperor, none of them were going to give the emperor a clue.  If it hadn't been for a little girl who yelled out that the emperor was wearing no clothes, that poor old fool might have caught his death of cold.

Chief TB is like that faux-tailor.  I am convinced he has something on a bunch of big shots because there is no other explanation of why he is still the Chief of Police after all of his screwups.   There is no one who can honestly say this guy is qualified to head up the DPD.

When it was his turn to speak at Rasanksy's townhall meeting, Chief TB said when he first became Chief that he made a lot of people mad because of the demotions and promotions, but that the city was better for his actions.  Says who?  He did not mention the subsequent lawsuits.  He did not mention the fake drug cases.  Neither did Mary Lou.

Our Mary Lou stepped right up to the microphone and asked Chief TB why he has never tried to determine what officer assisted Old Al Lipscomb in the Nick Rizos bribe for non-enforcement dirty deal.  There was a clear implication that she had a really good idea of who that "high ranking officer" was, and Chief TB caught the implication.  How did he respond?

It was like de ja vu all over again.  When Donna Blumer tried to force an investigation to determine the identity of that "HIGH RANKING POLICE OFFICER" who assisted Old Al, John Loza (then Chair of the Public Safety Committee) said it was a waste of time to delve into something that happened 8 or 9 years ago.  That was at least 2 years ago.  So, now it's even older news, but it's still new news to those of us in the Bachman area.

For reference, some old commentaries will bring you up to speed:  Old Al, Caligula & What Cop?; It was the Lt.?; Loza Shields Bolton; Both TB's Need to Go and The Berry Truth.

You see, we didn't know about it until 2 years ago.  We knew something was going on to allow the rampant drug dealing and sex dealing and public lewdness in the sex clubs with absolutely no police enforcement -- we just didn't know a high ranking police officer had aided Old Al Lipscomb follow-through on his quid pro quo for the bribe he took from Caligula Rizos.  John Loza thought it was old news and of no consequence in 2001.

Chief TB liked that stall tactic so much, he resurrected it when Mary Lou hit him with the question.  He did not deny he was the high ranking officer, but he said that's all in the past.  Not for us!

Chief TB would like to think he has passed the danger zone regarding those fake drug arrests because no one at City Hall is giving him flack about it.  He thinks it's been almost a year and the fake drug cases haven't really been pinned on him.  Chief TB thinks wrong!  

The lawsuits haven't even begun.  As said in Mexico's Economic Stimulas, this mess is going to be with us for a while.  It was very timely for the DMN to resurrect this story here at the anniversary of the breaking news:

Fake-drug scandal has lingering effects; As grand jury works to assign blame, DA enacts safeguards
12/29/2002 By HOLLY BECKA / The Dallas Morning News
A scheme involving at least three Dallas police informants to plant bogus drugs on innocent immigrants in exchange for snitch pay started to unravel about this time last year.
   Lab tests showed that several big drug busts made by the Dallas Police Department involved nothing but chalk or only traces of illicit substances. Prosecutors and defense attorneys were asking questions. Reporters were nosing around. The problem was about to go public.
   Twelve months later, a federal grand jury is hearing witnesses' testimony. Two undercover Dallas narcotics officers remain on paid leave. Three of their former informants have pleaded guilty to civil rights charges in the cases.
   But the biggest question ? who's to blame ? remains unanswered.
   "I place the full blame on the Dallas Police Department, the narcotics department, because they were not supervising these rogue informants," says Richard Carrizales, a longtime Dallas defense lawyer.
 . . .   Dallas police spokeswoman Janice Houston declined to comment, citing the ongoing FBI investigation. Until the federal probe wraps up, she says, any comments about what might have happened amount to "speculation." Members of the narcotics unit have signed letters agreeing not to talk about the cases.
. . .  District Attorney Bill Hill also says he's planning a review in 2003 of all policies ? in every area of his office ? to ensure that there are no shortcomings that could be exploited.
. . .  Many of the targets were undocumented Mexican immigrants who spoke little English. Hispanic community leaders say they believe that the scheme would have been discovered sooner if it weren't for the racial and socioeconomic factors the victims shared.
... Critics complained that Mr. Hill did not act quickly enough to identify and stop prosecution of the sullied cases. At the Police Department, where officials have refused to talk about the cases, Chief Terrell Bolton and other supervisors have faced less public scrutiny. 
. . .  Mr. Sanchez says that while he's seen an improvement with Dallas police better corroborating their drug cases with video and audio evidence, he's still concerned that the Police Department is using questionable informants. Mr. Alonso, the informant at the heart of the scandal, was an undocumented immigrant who investigators say was using a false Social Security number. . . .

Staff writer Robert Tharp contributed to this report

Do you know why we have this awful mess?  It's because a faux-Police Chief surrounds himself with other inept and inexperienced and unprepared jokers and has put those same fools over DPD Departments.  How can you expect things to flow smoothly when there is little or no supervision.  What little supervision being done is by people who don't have a clue what they are doing or for what they should be watching.

So, here we are about facing a new year, with the same mess we had at the start of 2002.  We have a mayor who knows Bolton should go, but a City MisManager who won't fire him.  We have a City MisManager who needs to be fired, but the Mayor doesn't have the votes to do that either.  Don't kid yourself, the people defending Ted Benevides are just protecting Chief TB.

Speaking of Chief TB, he is responsible for these Assistant and Deputy Commanders who are now suing the city so they can get 5% raises like the rank and file officers.  There is absolutely no basis for this claim.  The referendum that was passed to insure the rank and file get the same percentage of raises as their Commanders was not a two-way street.  Anyone who is a Deputy or Assistant Chief today is making a good salary.  Particularly, when you factor in their day-to-day responsibilities are not life-threatening like the rank and file.

As leaders of their DPD departments, they have to know that getting money to the rank and file to keep officers in their squad cars is vitally important right now.  If the rank and file (including detectives and special units) are the dregs of the employment pool, they cannot do their jobs.  If the officers don't do their jobs, the commanders and Chief TB look bad.

One of the reasons many people voted against the 17% pay referendum was the idea of Chief TB getting a 17% raise, too.  The referendum would have probably failed even if voters knew Bolton and the commanders were not to be included, but the margin might have been closer.

We have a lot of problems in this city, some of which can't be fixed in a hurry.

We have one problem in this city that could be resolved quickly.  Get rid of Terrell Bolton.

Let's make a New Year's Resolution to break ourselves of a bad habit -- ignoring what we need to do today.  






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8