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09/17/02  Community School Vandalized

The Cornerstone Apartments at Valley Meadow (between Webb Chapel & Brockbank, South of Walnut Hill) have been running a school in their club house to teach their residents (mothers and children) how to use the computer and English.  Last Friday, several juvenile delinquents broke into the club house and destroyed almost everything.

The owners of this apartment complex are giving back to the community and are trying to make life better for their residents.  I hope you will be able to assist them in reopening their charter school.  The information for your assistance is below.  Used items are welcomed.

Robert Cano or 214-692-7995 or cell 214-794-6168
Sharon Boyd or 214-351-5052
Mike Perry  or  214-352-7690.

Here is the List that Robert Cano has furnished of needs:
5 computers 
4 small tables (for children under 5 yr. old)
coffee pot
any cleaning supplies

Educational toys for children under 6 years old. 
construction paper
Children's Books

Robert Cano has a truck and can pick up any items donated.  In addition, any items you might be able to donate to their organization would sufficiently enhance the quality of their programs, and would be greatly appreciated.





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