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09/13/02  Vindication

Just read your "Vindication" piece.  First, I want to congratulate the Mayor and City Council for standing up to these pirates. 
I also just wanted to make a side comment on the Dallas Managed News article that reported the event. Note the DMN headline: Council may renege on Victory fund"
This made it sound like the Council was trying to cheat or go back on its word.  When, in fact, it was the Victory folks who were trying to break their agreement, which precipitated the Council's action. If anyone was reneging here, it was Victory, not the Council! 

Also the word "fund" is a curious word choice, as it sounds like there's a lump of money just sitting around out there awaiting to be used, rather than citizens' hard-earned tax dollars being given away to rich developers. Something like this would have more accurately described the situation, and given readers a clearer picture at a glance:
"Victory reneges on Reunion, Council may withdraw tax break"
Just thought I'd point out another example of the DMN trying to manage the news.
Neil Planick
P.S. I was an English Lit. major in college, so I just automatically look at word choice, usage, sentence construction, tone, etc.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8