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09/09/02  Will he or won't he?  

After U.S. Atty. Jane Boyle appalling decision to drop the action against Old Al Lipscomb for accepting bribes as a councilman, Rad Field sent an e-mail saying that now Old Al is free and voting.

Rad Field worries about Old Al voting.  More than one person is worried about Old Al running again.  He told Todd Bensman "he has no plans to run for political office again", but Old Al tells lies.  Old Al takes bribes.  Old Al used to pimp and push drugs.  Old Al claims to be a civil rights leader, but he sold women into sex slavery.  So with all the lies, bribes and contradictions, why would we accept Old Al's word that he won't run for council again?

Lipscomb 'free and clear' Bribery retrial wouldn't serve justice, U.S. attorney says
08/31/2002 By TODD BENSMAN / The Dallas Morning News
     "Exoneration, exoneration, exoneration," Mr. Lipscomb said, .  .  .   Mr. Lipscomb said he has no plans to run for political office again, .  .  .   He has accepted a job with the counseling organization Mothers (and Fathers) for the Advancement of Social Systems. . . .  
  Mr. Lipscomb also said he will campaign for Democratic candidates Ron Kirk for U.S. Senate and Tony Sanchez for governor. Friday, he wore a Kirk sticker and a Sanchez button on his T-shirt.  .  .  . 

A situation is likely to develop that will alter Old Al's plans!  A huge rumor is flying around Beat that Indictment Fantroy (who has kidney problems) is going to determine that his health will prevent him from seeking another term.  Old Al will then put his reluctance aside, step up and offer himself for public office.  District 8 "voters" will do their part and re-elect Old Al to the city council.  I bet the DMN endorses him!

Steve Byars calls
Dallas -- Heir Apparent to Detroit, but it looks like Dallas might be Heir Apparent to D.C.  We get a convicted felon on our own city council.  Will that make us World Class?

We may not have the video, but two bad guys testified they gave Old Al money to help them out in his capacity as a city councilman.  One gave Old Al only $7,700 and in exchange he got the assistance of Old Al and a high ranking police officer to stop NW Substation officers from enforcing City of Dallas laws in the sex clubs on NW Highway.  Old Al got a whole lot more than $7,700 from Floyd Richards, which is appropriate.  

As bad as Old Al caused things to be for my Bachman-NW Highway community, what he did to those poor taxi drivers (many of whom were Blacks) was ten times worse.  Several of those cab drivers lost their business and livelihood, but Old Al got his dirty money.  And, now, he may be back on the city council within a few months.

Here's a question that no reporter seems to be asking.  Did Old Al pay income tax on his bribes?  If they were gifts, did he report them as "gifts" on his tax return.  Did Old Al report his bribe/gifts on his income tax returns?  We know he did not report them on council reports.

So, how come the IRS is not going after Old Al? 

Back to the huge rumor, it doesn't make any difference whether it's Beat that Indictment Fantroy representing District 8 or whether it's Beat that Conviction Lipscomb.  They are both racists.  They are both going to do nothing for District 8.  They are both going to be disrespectful toward Mayor Miller.  They are both low life scum bags.

Sunday, there were dueling letters to the editor in The Dallas Managed News:

Opinion: Letters  Al Lipscomb


 What's the message?
. . .
I am appalled to hear the U.S. attorney will not retry Al Lipscomb on bribery charges. In this day, when most of the headlines point out corruption by our "leaders" (political, corporate and religious) we need to pursue every credible case to the fullest extent! Otherwise we perpetuate an environment of leniency and entitlement for those who are in their position of leadership.
   If the U.S. attorney believes, as she has stated, that the "evidence is overwhelming," then she needs to pursue the case. If she does not believe she has a good enough case then say so.
. . .  If Mr. Lipscomb is innocent then let a trial prove it and then shout to the world there was no corruption. But don't leave society flapping in the wind to believe corruption is ever present and is just something we should accept.  Kurt Fisher, Dallas
A wise decision 
U.S. Attorney Jane Boyle's decision not to retry Al Lipscomb, former City Council member, was a decision based on wisdom, courage, good judgment and was in the best interest of justice. . . .   I will not argue the merits of the government case. I will, however, offer that in light of the facts of the case, the judge, tax money spent on trial in Amarillo, public office vacated, nonviolent crime, that Ms. Boyle made the decision that meets the test for an excellent public servant.  Betty Culbreath-Lister, Dallas

Fisher is right.  Culbreath-Lister could not be more wrong.  Lives were ruined because of  Old Al's actions.  Old Al got a new big screen TV and a new room on his house.  Law enforcement was circumvented on NW Highway and Old Al may be back on the council to do more harm to us.  

If there ever is another zoning case or anything else related to Bachman-NW Hwy or the area between Bachman-NW Hwy and Walnut Hill, I will be at City Hall with my neighbors demanding Old Al recuse himself from any briefings, discussions or vote.  HE HAS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

When you mention conflict of interest, you have to  think of Con Jerk, as in our former mayor and current Senate candidate. Here is an incredible article  from 1998, with many more details than we got from The Dallas Managed News:

Click here for listings of Texas news articlesSunday, June 7, 1998
Ties to Hicks helped Kirks boost fortunes $500,000
DALLAS (AP) -- Mayor Ron Kirk's family is benefiting financially from a company owned by radio and sports mogul Tom Hicks, whom Kirk supported in his plans to build an arena near downtown Dallas.
     The value of stock options in Chancellor Broadcasting Co. granted to Kirk's wife, Matrice Ellis-Kirk, have increased in value by more than $500,000 in the last two years, The Dallas Morning News reported in Saturday's editions.
     Ms. Ellis-Kirk received the stock options for serving one year on Chancellor's board of directors. Hicks interviewed her for his company board in July 1995, one month after her husband was elected mayor, . . .  .   Kirk and Dallas city manager John Ware negotiated the city's $230 million arena deal with Hicks, who owns the Dallas Stars, and Ross Perot Jr., who owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball club.  .  .  .  .
   On Friday, Ware announced he will leave his city post to head a new investment company backed by Hicks.  .  .  .   

Suzie Woodford, executive director of Common Cause of Texas, said the relationships Hicks created with Kirk and Ware raise concerns.
     "It may not be against the law, and it may not be against the code of ethics. But it certainly is a huge appearance of impropriety," Woodford said. "It certainly does not pass the smell test."  .  .  ."There's no prohibition against us investing in stocks or making a living," Kirk said recently, according to the Morning News. "I strenuously object" to any implications "that my wife is unethical or corrupt.". .  .  .
     Upon her appointment, Ms. Ellis-Kirk was granted the right to buy 9,166 shares at a price equal to the initial public offering price -- $20 per share.
     The $20 price was low enough to give Ms. Ellis-Kirk an immediate profit of about $40,000 when she paid $50,000 to buy 2,500 shares in mid-1996. The market price was about $36 per share, making 2,500 shares worth approximately $90,000.  .  .  .   "There was no legal conflict; there was not ethical conflict," Kirk said. His wife "resigned from the board, and we paid a hell of a financial price for that," the mayor said.

Oh, right!  They "paid a hell of a financial price for that" -- $275,998 was the reported earnings from the sale of  some of those stock options in 2001.  

Here is another rumor circulating.   Part of it is absolutely true.  The city spent $6 Million on a new payroll system that apparently doesn't work so well.  That's absolutely true.  Part of the rumor is that the entire payroll department at City Hall is being "RIF'd", and an out of state firm will be doing City of Dallas payroll for $1 million annually.  Is there a savings somewhere in all that?

That's only part of the rumor.  Do you know whose sister was the con artist who sold the package to the city?  A whole bunch of people think they know her sibling's I.D.  Here's a clue -- the sibling was not a city employee.  Graft and chaos abound.  Read anything about this deal in The Dallas Managed News?  Neither, have I.

Now, these are rumors.  

● It's a rumor that Old Al will step up to do his duty when BTI Fantroy must step aside for health reason.  
● It's a rumor that the payroll department will be replaced by an out-of-state company.
● It's a rumor that a big shot's sister sold the city the multi-million dollar payroll package that doesn't work.

For my money (meager though it is), I bet all three rumors are factual and will be proven true.  





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8