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08/21/02 Just a little info for inquiring minds

Joe/Jos?May has yet to file his campaign financial report for his campaign against Mike Martinez to represent District 8 on the DISD School Board.  Wonder what his hiding?  More important, wonder who has given him money that he doesn't want us to know about?  Mike Martinez filed his report on time, and we know where his money is from and where it went.  

Well, here's some stuff that ought to concern you since Joe/Jos?May wants to be in a position to raise your property taxes.  Joe/Jos?sure has not been prompt about paying property taxes on his  trashy rent houses.  

Interesting side note -- the
Dallas Managed News reporter who covers DISD stuff and this election runoff has all of the below information, and she refuses to report it.  Could be she's trying to swing this election like she did by mis-reporting the facts in the Brent Brown/Ron Price council race.  Aren't you sick of our only daily managing the news?  Brings back the old Matrice Kirk/Tommy Hicks arrangement that the DMN did not report until a year after two elections were over and the damage was done.  If the DMN is going to represent their hackess as a reporter, rather than as a columnist, she needs to report the news -- not distort it.

Granted it's been 7 years, but did anyone have to sue you to make you pay your property taxes 7 years ago, or ever?

Can you spell "deadbeat"? 

A few years ago, a May supporter made a big deal about a city council candidate having gone bankrupt over IRS problems.  As bad as that was, that guy wasn't running for the IRS. 

Joe/Jos?had to be sued in 4 different years before he would pay his DISD property taxes.  He is running for a seat on the DISD Board.

Not cool.

Not acceptable.

Interesting that May registers his properties under Jos?

We don't how much or how little Joe/Jos?didn't want to pay.  That's not as important as the fact that he didn't pay his DISD taxes until we had to spend DISD money to sue the deadbeat.
Oaks Bank & Trust is former councilman Max Wells.

Wells is no brain surgeon, but he must have suspected there were two sides to Joe/Jos?May and covered both by suing May under both names to collect his note.  

Again, we don't know how much Joe/Jos?borrowed or owed to Oaks Bank, but they expected him to pay it back.

These several lawsuits were necessitated because Joe/Jos?refused to pay his DISD property taxes like the rest of us have to do and/or because he refused to keep his word to a banker.  So, not only is Joe/Jos?Thug May a mail-in vote harvester, but he's also a DISD tax dodger and a deadbeat who has to be sued to honor his commitments.

Joe/Jos?Thug May is not who I want representing me on the School Board.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8