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05/03/02  Ron Kirk/Con Jerk!

Over the past few years, I have written countless letters to The Dallas Morning News, and finish each letter by saying, "I'm glad the DMN is available online, so that I'm not financially supporting the slanted news that you put out."

Anyone who buys the paper, is, in effect, giving approval to the product produced by the News.  Do like I do, go online and read the paper there, and keep that money from them.

I continue to be amused by careful omissions by the Morning News.  During the Dallas Democratic Forum debate on March 28, Ron Kirk, when asked about slavery reparations, said he felt that the federal government "should study the issue of slavery and what it's done to this country."  This mirrors the legislation (H.R. 40) that Rep. John Conyers of Michigan has unsuccessfully pushed since 1988. 

In their story of the next day, the DMN failed to point out Kirk's statements.  Could that be because a 2001 Fox News Survey said that slightly over 80% of people were opposed to slavery reparations??  That revelation would not do the Kirk campaign well.  So, of course, the DMN didn't mention it.

The Senate race is going to be a circus--count on it.  The reparations movement concerns us all, regardless of our skin color.  If it comes to pass, our tax dollars will pay for this charade.  But will the Cornyn camp address this?  No way!  It would appear "racist".  

The Cornyn camp will have to tiptoe and put everything they say through the "race test".   Democrats are saying they don't want "race" to be a factor.  The Houston Chronicle was the only major state newspaper who endorsed Ken Bentsen, an 8- year seasoned veteran of the U. S. House, for the U.S. Senate in the March 12 primary.  All the others endorsed Kirk, a "my way or the highway" bully.

Don't insult me by telling me that race "isn't a factor."

Joe S.





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