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Who's on third?
Back in Town
The inmates
If it ain't broke . . .
Ground Zero
If it's Their Town,
It takes an Idiot. . .
Hope they stay!
Palladium Bottoms
Trinity Bottoms
Belo Bottoms Out


05/30 Who's on third if council members keep changing teams?  Rad Field
05/28 Back in town, but where are we going?  Barbara Mathew Blanton is thinking about leaving; Anne Carlson on Palladium;  Mayor's 10 reasons to say no to Palladium deal
05/23 The inmates are running the asylum *** DMN article confirms Palladium's problems; Gordon James is still hot; Roxan Staff responds to The White Rocker; what they are saying on; Citizen D hates it when we're right
05/22 Tim Dickey's Open Letter to Ed Oakley; Gordon James' letter to Mayor and council; Kelly Newbill has seen the light; Rad Field is still trying to reason with the Council
05/20 If it Ain't Broke -- it ain't Dallas!; DBJ exposes SW Med jerk who wants to cost us $75 Million; The White Rocker scoops DMN on DISD/Edison story 
05/16 Palladium/Victory is another bad deal; Questions & Answers about we do know about the deal
05/14 Battle to take back our town with comments; Bill Gordon's on a tear about Palladium; Don Abbott on the Agony of Victory; Rad Field's memo to council; Rick Butler on pay referendum vote; Urbandale Serf thinks most politicians carry a defective gene
05/13 It it's
Their town, how do we take it back?
05/10 Mike Watson; an Urbandale Serf
05/09 It takes an Idiot to raze a Village, and we have a horseshow full of them; 
05/08 More on the Pay Referendum:  Cassie Pierce; Beside the Badge; Jeff Martin; Mike Watson (Dallas Firefighter); Anne Carlson
05/06 Thoughts on the 67% loss!; AnonycopD; Crime and Politics; Steve Bayless
05/03 Arena TIF Board members balk at voting; Joe Smith comments on Kirk's racial politics
05/02 Palladium deal looks fuzzy to NY Times & Arena TIF Board
05/01 BELO goes goes national AGAIN!; reponds + comments





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8