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Belo Boostering Parks
City Abandons DPD Reserves
Changing of the Guard
They Got 'Em
River of No Return
Patron System
Warning - Wacko's at Large
Dirty Politics


12/30 asks  Sheriff's Office Raid: An Event Staged for Television?
12/30 Mary Lou wants NO JUNKYARD on NW Highway.
12/29  Belo thinks we're Charlie Brown. new comments
12/23  Spanish Fly Dallas turns rape to romance with Calatrava bridges by Jim Schutze.  Trinity Project makes the Arena Deal look like a bargain.
12/22 Why is City Hall abandoning DPD Reservists and the
Cotton Bowl?  Belo claims parks will generate economic development 22 x their cost!  Where have we heard that before?
12/18 Betty Culbreath Lister is not the "retiring" type.
12/18 Chip Northrup doesn't want a consolation prize. has pics of Calatrava's duplicate "original" bridges for several cities. 
Me Too! - A lesson in sameness
12/16  "We Got 'Em" - DPD caught SOME Greenville Ave muggers.  Thanks to Molly Teague, Avi Adelman, Mayor Miller and Chief Hampton for shining light on vermin terrorizing Dallas citizens.
12/15 Throwing money at Trinity River  will get little return.
12/15 Chip Northrup asks:  "Dude, where's my lake?
12/12 JC thinks things are pretty Bleak in Dallas. We concur.
Must read -
So now they're outraged? It's too late, amigos by RUBEN NAVARRETTE/ The Dallas Morning News
12/11 Domingo Garcia - lost in Dist 104 looking for 103.
12/11 Officer C on CNG Patrol Cars 
with comments from Aren Cambre
12/12 Spinzone wants to see DEA audit report on DPD.
12/09 WARNING -- WACKO'S storming City Hall
12/09 Joe Wells trying to communicate with City Hall
12/09 Spinzone comments on Hispanic Political Scene
12/09 council votes to hobble cops
12/08 Standing Up for Sheriff Jim Bowles
12/08 Spinzone has some political gossip re State Rep Dist 103
12/08 Deciphering DMN's managed news
12/08 Kirk Launius on DPD Reserves:
citizens protecting us for free
12/08 KTVT 11 Report on DPD Hiring Practices





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8