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11/25/03  Fake Drug Scandal Trial

This case represents the tip of the iceberg on how bad things went with the Dallas Police Department (DPD) on the fake drug scandal.

"While the criminal case reflects only four arrests on bogus drug charges, at least two dozen innocent people were wrongfully arrested in the conspiracy, which stretched from April to October 2001, records show. Prosecutors dismissed more than 80 narcotics cases because of concerns that they were tainted by the involvement of the informants and Mr. Delapaz."

On December 9th, the organization PURE (People United for Equal Representation) and Dallas LULAC Council 4496 will meet with Dallas Mayor Laura Miller to discuss the DPD fake dug scandal and to convince her of the importance of initiating an Outside Independent Investigation into the nuts and bolts of how we got into this mess, identify where policy went awry and hold accountable all who contributed to this catastrophe.

Special thanks to Diana Flores and Jesse Diaz for staying focused on this issue.  They have now met with Dallas County District Attorney Bill Hill, Dallas FBI Chief Guadalupe Gonzalez, Dallas City Manager Ted Benavides and Interim Police Chief Randy Hampton over the past few months. The message to each official has been there is a need to bring back the public's confidence as to how the DPD handles drug arrests in the future.

According to sources, the District Attorney may well initiate his own investigation into this matter if the FBI fails to bring forth a sufficient number of indictments. The Dallas FBI head indicates additional indictments may soon be forthcoming.  Interim Chief Hampton indicates he would be open to an outside independent investigation into this matter although he would prefer this type of investigation to be internal in nature.

Lastly, the Dallas City Manager's only reservation to an outside independent investigation was centered on how that would set with DPD rank and file.  Maybe our City Manager should place the number one priority here with the citizens of the City of Dallas.

Regardless of how this trial ends, Spinzone supports PURE and Dallas LULAC Council 4496 in their call for an outside, independent investigation into this matter.

Another special thanks goes to Ramiro Lopez who protested over a year ago over this injustice.  Most recently, Ramiro's interest in this issue led to a story published in the Dallas Morning News giving a face and a story on those individuals who were wronged by the fake drug scandal.

Ramiro, Jesse and Diana are looking out for you, my friends.

By the way, where in the heck has the rest of Dallas' Hispanic leadership been on this issue?






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8