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11/20/03    Thanks, but No!

The following is a second e-mail I received from Dawn Rizos, owner/operator of The Lodge since Ken Goldberg first contacted me. 

Since you aren't available to meet with me, it would be nice if you could post my email on your website.
By the way, Ken Goldberg wrote the letter to you as a favor to me.  I wasn't given the opportunity to read it before it was sent to you.  Ken is no longer involved in this issue.  I'm sorry you felt that you were threatened.  That is not my style in dealing with people.
Dawn Rizos

Below is the letter she wants you to read, with my responses to the right, which I did not send.  My attorney advised that I merely decline her invitation in light of her threatened litigation.  Since, Mrs. Rizos has requested her letter be posted, I thought this would be a good time to respond.

Dawn Rizos:   Sharon Boyd:
Dear Ms. Boyd,
I understand from talking to my lawyer that you believe I am trying to silence you because of your opposition to my business. 
  Dear Mrs. Rizos:
Well, yes, the e-mail from your attorney did strike me as an effort to silence me because of my opposition to sex clubs in general, and your business, in particular.
I don't think you understand that my objection is the tenor of your editorials and the liberties you have taken regarding my husband and club. Your comments have adversely affected not only me, but also my family and friends.   I cannot imagine your friends have not read The Dallas Morning News accounts of the Lipscomb trial in Amarillo, which has a much larger readership than
I don't believe it is necessary or appropriate for you to call Nick names such as "whore runner", etc.    Is The Lodge not licensed as a sexually oriented business? 
Nick truly cares about the Bachman neighborhood.  For thirty years, he has watched it grow, prosper, and decline.  Nick had two restaurants there before Caligula ever opened.   The arrangement between Nick Rizos and Al Lipscomb resulted in non-enforcement of city ordinances in the sex clubs in the area, which all but turned it into a lawless Red Light District.
Whether you like it or not, Nick is here to stay.  Stratos, a Greek restaurant, is just the beginning.  Soon you will witness the construction of a new shopping center going up on the old Caligula site.    I look forward to legitimate businesses moving back into the Bachman area. 
Nick also worked very hard to keep a five acre salvage (junk) yard from sneaking through planning and zoning.  They wanted to open right at the gateway to Northwest Highway.   The junk yard would have been just across NW Hwy from The Lodge.  That end of NW Hwy is now home to almost as many sexually oriented businesses as were originally located near Bachman.  Would a junk yard be any worse for the city's image than a cluster of sex clubs?.
You seek to paint us all as evil, and use a broad stroke to do so.  In reality, we are no different from any other business people who care about our children, our community, and how we treat others.   Sex clubs are very different from other businesses.  The negative impact of the sex clubs on the Bachman residential community and other businesses says more than anything I could verbalize.
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you.

Most Sincerely,
Dawn Rizos
  When your family is no longer in the sex club business, I would be glad to visit with you personally.

Sharon Boyd





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8