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10/11/03   No More Sex Clubs -- No Sex Clubs Here

There is so much that needs to be done in Northwest Dallas, but we have to spend our time fighting to keep the perverts out of our community. 

Last year, we were running the hookers and their Johns off Walnut Hill Ln. and out of our neighborhoods.  This year, we are having to fight against a new sex club looking to go into the old multi-screen theatre building that has been Pugsley's Library for the past few years.

It's not just that we don't want a bunch of old horn dogs hanging around.  We don't want them to run off the good businesses we still have left on Walnut Hill Ln. 

If you don't believe these sex clubs are as destructive for the business community as they are to residential neighborhoods, there's a closed muffler shop and Taco Cabana on Walnut Hill on the same block where a sleazy "all nude" sex club operates.  They could not stay in business on the same block as that club.

The restaurants and businesses on Walnut Hill between Stemmons and Harry Hines have just been hanging on by the skin of their teeth.  Things have been improving lately.  The Walnut Hill Merchants Association has spent a ton of money on landscaping the medians in the area, and people have started coming back to dine.  Many restaurants have abandoned the area (once called Restaurant Row) after Texas Show Girls opened up.  Those who have stayed don't deserve this second assault on their businesses.

In case you think we are over-reacting to this threat to the value of our property -- commercial or residential, one of the principals in this "investor consortium" of perverts is out on bail from an arrest for having "sexual contact with a 14 year old female by touching her ...".  Actually, our investing pervert touched a couple of 14 year olds.  Do you think a sicko like this is going to follow the city's limited rules for operating a sex club?

It was a stunner this week to hear our Mayor considering a red light district for the city as a way of making everyone happy.  If she thinks the perverts who run Silver City, the Penthouse or Texas Show Girls with their Stemmons Freeway exposure are going to abandon their million dollar facilities and move to some out of the way area where they have to compete with all the other sex clubs for perverts' business, she is sadly mistaken.

We don't need a red light district.  We don't need sex clubs in our city -- at least no sex clubs where the perverts get to touch the whores.  We need a simple rule that says the dancers/whores must keep 3 feet (better 6 feet) between their charms and their perverted patrons.  Those guys don't go to those sex clubs to watch pretty (or even not so pretty) girls dance provocatively.  They go to touch and be touched.

Cut out the touching, the perverts are going to cut out.

Saturday, Oct 11th, a bunch of us from my neighborhood and neighborhoods just north of us are going to picket on Walnut Hill in front of where "Jamey" G (the pervert who favors 14 year olds) want to locate their sex club.  We want Jamey and his fellow investing perverts to know we are here and we don't want them for neighbors.

This location is "dry", and "Jamey" G's sex club must be a private club to operate at the site.  If "Jamey" G goes that route, he can't have more than 35% of his revenue from alcohol sales.  Well, technically he can't.  Of course, "Jamey" G will expect the city to be as lax on his operation as they are with Silver City.

"Jamey" G just may have it all wrong.

The people who live and work in the Walnut Hill Lane aren't the Stemmons Business Corridor folks who seem to hope things are going to get better if they keep humoring the folks Downtown.  We know we have to do this ourselves.

If the City Attorney thinks the Bachman/NW Hwy people were demanding and nagging and persistent, she might want to look at a few of us who live up here.  There's Kay Copeland, who knows where every bone is buried in the County.  There's Barbara Miller who has a network of community activists she can stir up on a moment's notice.  There's Mike Perry, Tim Dickey, Gary Turner, Mary Lou Zijderveld, Sharon Boyd.  We do not back down.

If Jamey" G wins the battle and gets his sex club at the Pugsley's Library site, he  will not win the war.  We are in it for the long haul.  Whatever money Jamey" G and his compadres have invested or raised will be a drop in the bucket to what it's going to cost them to operate a sex club in our neighborhood.

We will not let the City Attorney ignore any city violations in that club.  We will not let up.

Guess what else?  It's not just a bunch of homeowner loonies that "Jamey" G will be dealing with -- the existing businesses in the area are fighting back, too.  One nearby property owner has already seen a loss in the market value of his property with just the sign that "Jamey" G and his buddies have put up announcing their intent to apply for a sexually oriented business license. 

Saturday, October 11th may not be the best day to kick off our opposition, seeing as how it's Texas-OU weekend, but we are going to do it anyway.  We are going to do it again -- if not the next Saturday -- then the next Saturday -- and another Saturday.  We are going to be at every hearing before every government agency that has to OK or disapprove "Jamey" G's license to operate a sex club near our homes and businesses.

We are going to circulate copies of the Case Narrative of Event #02101590 to every government agency that has a say in this matter.

If our public officials approve this pervert's application, we will make sure Dallas voters know what they've done. 

It's personal.  It's our community that "Jamey" G wants to destroy with his sex club.

Those of us who man the picket line this Saturday may be getting a little long on the tooth for this kind of thing, but we're going to do it anyway. 

It is personal for us, but it ought to be for you, as well.  This is your town.  As it is, you cannot get into this city from DFW without passing multiple sex clubs.  Stemmons Freeway has all but been designated as the city's Red Light District.

There's a big XXX theatre on Forest at Stemmons. 
Royal Ln. has all those bath houses and massage parlors.
Texas Show Girls already is on the South side of Walnut Hill, and you can see Cabaret Royale from Stemmons (access it off Walnut Hill, too). 
Go West on NW Highway and you have 4 or 5 sex clubs that clearly are within 1000 feet of each other, but what's a city ordinance between friends.
There are sex related businesses visible at Mockingbird from Stemmons. 
Then there's the Penthouse and Silver City down toward the Market Center.

Very nice image for our World Class City!

So, it may be our neighborhood this week, but it's your city.  Why don't you come help us?






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8