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09/25/03  Ginger's One Woman Crusade

Just got slowed down enough to visit

I have been as busy as a one-armed drummer with an itch trying to get organized for the protest this weekend.  I am helping organize and broadcast news of counter protests in cities around the country, also.  So far there are 8 cities, and I just received notice about one being planned in TN.  I sure hope Dallas has a good turn out.  I have been on the phone with radio talk show producers in Dallas, Nashville, Boston and LA, among other things.  People around the country are mobilizing to protest this parody of our civil rights movement.  Citizen D:

   The very thing Ginger writes about is exactly what I have saying for years!   A LOT of Dallas citizens -- especially homeowners and taxpayers -- are just fed up with City Hall and the fact that they just don't get it!
   While some may want to brand Ginger as a racist or extremist, I know they are the minority.  Ginger has the guts to speak out.  If City Hall does not step up to the plate and do the right thing (and NOW), within the next 5 years, we will see entire neighborhoods looking like wastelands.
   I wish I could say something encouraging to this writer or pull out some facts that contradict them.  I cannot and that is very sad.

Editor's comment:  Citizen D is an African-American Dallas homeowner.

We are much on the same wave length with our local government.  It is almost Orwellian what goes on in this city.  I keep waiting for some of our Dallas community leaders to get something right, and they can't do it.  

My home is in city limits of Dallas, and I am aching to move out of Dallas.  I am slowly getting far enough ahead that I will be able to sell my house and wave hasta la bye-bye to the city of Dallas, and take my tax dollars to some outlying city more deserving and welcoming to Americans.  

Let Dallas collect tax dollars from the people who buy my house to pay for million dollar art centers and sports arenas.  I'm also a smoker.  As a result of the proclamation banning smoking, I am proud to say I have not spent one thin dime within the Dallas City limits since it was implemented; not gas, not groceries, not cigs, no eating out in Dallas, no bars, no retail shopping, NOTHING.

We mentioned briefly the crime rate in Dallas.  Ironically, the very week that it was head line news about Dallas leading the nation in crime, my house was burglarized.  I found my stuff one week later at a flea market half a block down the street.  I had to literally scream bloody murder to get the Dallas police to come out to the location where I found my belongings so I could recover them.  Then, their investigation amounted to telling the shop owner "Thank you."

I hope I can sell my house for a reasonable price.  The house next door was vacated a couple of months ago, and it was left in shambles.  It is so bad people have started using it for a dumping ground.  I watched two pickups pull in and start dumping trash.  My neighbor on the other side said he saw one in there on another day.  All the neighbors are upset about it.  Three times I have seen strangers emerging from the house (doors stand wide open) in the early morning as though they had spent the night there.  The rats, snakes and roaches emanating from the dump are getting scary.  My house sits across about 15 feet of open lawn space from this mess.  

What do I think chances are of getting anything done about it?  Nil.  Dallas doesn't have the money, manpower or inclination for any kind of code or law enforcement.  But, City Hall has no problem finding money to spend on art centers and welcoming committees for communists and illegal aliens.

I don't know what message our city council is trying to send, but the message I have received is that I, as a tax paying American citizen, am not welcome in Dallas.

The web site I manage is calling for people to march on DC next year, demanding our borders be protected and immigration laws enforced.  It started almost by accident.  Earlier this summer, a handful of us scattered around the country were discussing in email why Americans are not doing demonstrations like the illegal aliens are all over the country.  

Yours truly registered the domain name, and bounced up a single web page just for us to have a visual from which to bounce ideas off.  As of June 21, only 4 or 5 people knew about the site, and there were maybe a dozen hits on it.  As of tonight, there are over 8,400 hits.  You don't want to know what happened to my breakfast the first time I downloaded email from a senators and congressmen in support of the project!  One former legislator is planning to put the message up on bill boards all over the state of Utah.  Support and interest has rolled in from all over the US map.

We have already been guest speakers on the radio shows I mentioned in Boston, KY and TN.  I did an interview for an LA radio show last Sunday night.  I have some 700 email addresses of interested parties in my address book.

The home page has been "spiked" for this illegal alien bus tour, and is normally toned down and more informational.  It will probably go back to "normal" after the culmination of the pilgrimage in DC.

Two things that leap to everyone's mind when immigration is mentioned.  

First - anti-Hispanic.  

Second - racism.  

This is not about race nor ethnicity at all.  It has everything to do with sovereignty and the rule of law.

If there was any intention for this debate over immigration to be fair and balanced, the American people would be made aware of events like this joy ride far in advance so they would have opportunity to present their side of the issue.

If our government refuses to confront flagrant violation of our laws, and put a stop to it, then our government has become irrelevant, and we are being reduced to mob rule.  Who will win the battle for America?  

Right now the only mobs given credence are aliens and communists.  Are we just going to sit here in our fine decorum and let them steamroll us? 


Ginger, Pleasant Grove





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8