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09/25/03  Mary Lou Montes Zijderveld reports on 

NW Dallas Improvement League Meeting

The 9/23/03 meeting of the NW Dallas Improvement League was well attended.  Most left happy knowing we have great Deputy Chief's in charge of NW and North Central Police stations.  

Interim Chief Hampton also attended, and I was proud that he did not avoid answering tough questions.   The same goes for Councilman Mitch Rasansky, who attended with his wife.   We are so lucky to have the best councilman representing us and the best men in charge of our area Police substations.

Here are some notes I took:

1.  Area residents near Brockbank/Royal are concerned about the large number of day laborers who wait for hours until someone comes by to offer them work.  It has become known as a good location to find work.  Many of the men hanging out drive from other parts of the city.  Little that can be done to stop this because the convenience store owner makes too much money from these men to stop them from hanging outside his store.  Councilman Rasansky promised to help.  Some think this location is too far from their homes to be concerned, but it is right across the street from single family homes.  This kind of neglect is what causes blight.

2.  Chief Hampton told us the City Manager has been visiting all Police substations.  He sits at their detail meetings listening and talking to the officers.  A big problem we have is our city needs more police officers - right now.  Our officers do an excellent job considering they are severely understaffed.  During the State Fair each station has officers who will work it for the three weeks it operates.  NW & North Central will have a total of 19 officers at the Fair.

3.   Pugsley's Library Bar at 2443 Walnut Hill Ln may soon be the city's largest topless club.  At this time, they have posted a sign at each entrance which reads:

A Sexually Oriented Business is intended to be located on these premises by
 The following applicant:      Club Silk LP, 3232 McKinney # 1210; Dallas, Tx 75204

For those of us who live near Walnut Hill, this will be our worst nightmare should it go in as planned.  An SOB at that location would turn our area into the next Red Light District of Dallas.  We already have Texas Show Girls on the South side of Walnut Hill at Composite.

As it is, the area is no longer a thriving business location.  Businesses that have been there for years are struggling to stay alive.  This is not fair to them or to nearby residents. 

Everyone needs to be involved by doing something.  Call or write the council.  

The West side of Stemmons Fwy has a lot of vacant land.  Sexually oriented businesses should move over there.  That was what some agreed to do.  The  City Attorney needs to fight for us before it is too late.  

Bachman is an example of what happens when these businesses move in.  Look at the block where the "Adult" joint sits.  The restaurant is closed and even the muffler shop closed down.  It's very hard to get rid of sex clubs.  

I have confidence in City Attorney Madeleine Johnson to keep them out, but we all need to put pressure on her, Mayor Miller and the City Manager.

We are fortunate Burger King, Wild Turkey, and Parkers Chiropractic School have remained on Walnut Hill despite many restaurants moving out.  Each one has invested a lot of money and they will be adversely affected by a sex club at Pugsley's Library.  

Unfortunately, this area seems to be designated as the Adult Entertainment Center of North Texas.   

Another sex club will lower our property value, which means less property tax revenue to the city and DISD and other taxing entities.  Criminals and drunk drivers will cause the police more problems.  

Just south of Walnut Hill there are 10,000 apartments and several schools with thousands of children.  We have a mayor who cares about what is happening to our city.  We do not want to look back and regret not fighting to keep sexually oriented businesses from taking over our neighborhood.

Mary Lou






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8