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09/20/03  Revised Dallas Police Fake Drug Issue

Spinzone Lico Reyes

One thing you can count on for sure. I believe the DA will be ready to jump on this with prosecutorial power at any given time. 

I sense the lone former police officer who has been indicted may be prone to talk a lot more as the case gets closer to trial.  If this is all the FBI can come up with, I would not be the least surprised if the DA and the Mayor do not wind up collaborating on a full fledged investigation that looks at this with a microscope. 

The public deserves to know what happened, who knew what, when & what was done or not done when these instances started popping up. 

Jesse & Diana are to be commended for their honesty and focus they have maintained throughout this issue.  Jesse has already stated his remorse on this issue in his September 4, 2003 press release.  The facts indicate Jesse's remorse is not just a matter of timing.  Jesse states his intent to involve himself in this issue was never in doubt but with the FBI well into its second year of investigating this matter, he decided to begin looking into it himself along with the leadership of PURE. 

With PURE taking the courageous step up to the leadership plate on this issue by calling a press conference on the racial slurs towards the Latino community of Dallas, this played right into the fake drug issue. 

The fake drug issue is one of the reasons our former police chief was removed from his position, right?

How is it going to look to Dallas taxpayers when they hear media reports about a former police chief who is currently trying to seek some kind of settlement for his departure may have placed a higher priority to his staff than that of Dallas  citizens? I think I'd be telling my council representative "Don't Blink" on the issue of a settlement. 

Police Chiefs are in office to protect the citizens and residents of the town/city they serve. This is so simple one tends to see with a comic take but the sad fact is this is the real Dallas which I now feel is on a slow mend.

For the record, former Chief Bolton may very well have talked to many others within the Hispanic leadership about toning it down about the fake drug issue.  I know of one meeting that took place at the Charco Broiler in Oak Cliff where Diana Flores was not allowed to participate. Who was at that meeting? What was said?

I was deeply offended that District III LULAC officers and LPOA members  crashed the candlelight vigil Diana Flores spearheaded back in February, 2002 by holding a press conference right next to where Diana and her followers were demonstrating on the fake drug issue. 

What were they trying to do? Were they really trying to look at the best interest of the Hispanic community or were they following former police chief Terrell Bolton's request to tone it down?
R. Lopez:
   I clearly remember that vigil.  I was there supporting Diana.  I also remember the call for the resignation of several individuals.  It appears we need to continue to push to have the investigation brought to a conclusion, so the internal investigation can be initiated. 
   You may not know this, but Bolton had two bosses he reported to, who have remained silent about the atrocity. 
   Hopefully, we will be able to show nuestra gente, las victimas that we Chicanos/Mexican-Americans do care about Mejicanos.  I say this because to this day I feel shame because of the small outcry. 
   Gracias a los que sigen luchando y que sean fuerte!!       

District III LULAC passed a resolution indicating their organization would wait until the FBI investigation was completed before any LULAC member or local organization could protest the fake drug scandal.  It was a ploy to keep Jesse Diaz from involving himself in the fake drug scandal when it first became public that something was wrong. 

That is why LULAC and the LPOA had to crash Diana's protest.  It was a cheap shot to the Latino community.  LULAC and the LPOA could have picked another day and time to hold their press conference on this issue. Shame on them!  One could construe this action as divide and dilute the message within the Latino community. 

Guess what....We're on to these games my friends.

All we can say fellas and homies is "Chihuahua Fellas, Hope We Didn't Hit a Nerve."

Great job thus far Jesse, Diana, etc........ 


When we were informed that at least two HIGH-RANKING Hispanic Dallas PD officers might loose their jobs if LULAC acted too fast and demanded for heads to roll, I, Lico Reyes, as an individual declined to remove myself from the investigation. I even participated in the MARCHA de Luis De La Garza y Mejicanos Unidos and other Latino Coalition organizations from the Basilica to the Kennedy Memorial. 

I participated as Lico Reyes private citizen not as a LULAC representative, and so advised the organizers.

It proved to be fortuitous, because had it not been for my presence, the US flag was about to be carried backwards; which is a distress signal at the least and a desecration at the worst.  It was also about to be placed at the end of the march backwards. 

Both of these incidents I was able to alleviate as a local board member of the US Selective Service System.

In the interim and ever since, to this date, I and Andrea Elliott and some of my former staff of the Civil Rights Committee have kept close contact with FBI agents in charge to ensure the Civil Rights of all concerned.

After the election of our new LULAC national president, I asked him in public if I was still spearheading the investigation through the FBI and he answered in the affirmative.

I have not been privy to names or phone numbers of many of the victims by lack of communication from within the community. But I have asked two local attorneys to let me speak to their clients who were involved, to no avail.

The FBI has repeatedly assured me that all Civil Rights would be protected and that the individuals involved would be able to get legal counsel.

As far as I know, that has occurred.

Unless the National LULAC president tells me otherwise or one of his leaders down the chain of command, I am still working on the premise that this is a continuing situation and I will be glad to take in any information and look into any issue of Civil Rights violations that any one can bring to me. 

AS soon as I am relieved from this task, I will rest and let someone else continue.

In brief, not all LULACers follow flawed commands and direction from the top. That is why we keep our individual conscious and freedom of choice.

There are many instances where LULAC leaders lead wrong. But they are human beings and subject to FLAWS in the LAWS of mankind and God. But as a whole, LULAC leaders follow their heart and love of our minorities and our country.

May God bless, love and forgive our leaders, everyone and everywhere.


Lico Reyes
President- LULAC International





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8