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09/16/03  Bob and Terrell Show Falls Flat

While Ron Kirk ruled City Hall and then ran for the Senate, it was like Belo was furnishing Kirk's public relations guy by letting Gromer Jeffers "cover" City Hall.  Local politics through the eyes of Gromer Jeffers means no-Whites or no-Hispanics need mentioning.  His coverage of this Bolton mess has been typically biased, so is responding to balance the story.

Bolton talks to council; He seeks no settlement at hearing, but attorney issues response deadline   September 15, 2003
By GROMER JEFFERS JR. / The Dallas Morning News
Surrounded by his friends and family, Terrell Bolton told the City Council on Monday that his firing as Dallas police chief was a classless act that destroyed his name and reputation.

Well, at least we got to see Mrs. Bolton who has been a NO SHOW throughout this three-week run.  She can't be a country/western fan, because Tammy Wynette would not have approved of her not standing by her man during his troubles.  Of course, Tammy might offer dispensations to Mrs. Bolton for her lack of public support of Terrell if there is something to those rumors.

"I spent 23 years with the city of Dallas. I walked that thin blue line. I went to your meetings while I was sick," he said during the 30-minute hearing. "I just felt like the treatment that I received was less than it should be from the city of Dallas. It showed no class."

Bolton was very careful not to say he spent 23 years with the Dallas Police Department because he did not.  He left the DPD as a sergeant to head up the Public Safety Officers Department for several years.  He went back to DPD as a Deputy Chief.   

Considering his behavior for the past several days, Terrell Bolton has no experience with what constitutes class. 

Mr. Bolton, the city's first black police chief, did not ask the council for a settlement. But after the meeting, Bob Hinton, Mr. Bolton's lawyer, said he wanted Mr. Bolton's termination to be reviewed by an independent arbitrator. He gave the city 10 days to respond to Mr. Bolton's contention that City Manager Ted Benavides should have, at the least, kept Mr. Bolton on the force at a lower rank.


Department Managers (including Police and Fire Chiefs) are at will employees under the City Manager with no civil service protection.  Comparing their employment status to that of Asst. and Deputy Chiefs, is more like comparing apples and oranges.  Not the same.  Bolton cannot go back to sergeant because he was not promoted to a commander from that rank.  James Northrup:

Bolton's painted himself into a corner with this shake down. 
   His job prospects in law enforcement are now less than zero. 
   He's  better suited to be a preacher.

Bolton busted Exec. Asst. Robert Jackson (an African-American who was a real cop) back to sergeant because that was the last civil service rank Jackson held before being promoted.  Robert Jackson, who took his demotion with class, is now Chief of Police in Killeen and in a much better situation than Terrell Bolton these days.  What goes around comes around they say.  

"Mr. Benavides, I respect that," Mr. Hinton said of the decision to remove Mr. Bolton. "But you didn't do it right. You didn't have the right to fire him. As a result of that, you have damaged his reputation."

Exactly what has Bob Hinton been smoking?  Does he think an at-will employee has a job for life?  Bolton was transferred into his commander position of Deputy Chief from another department, not up from a DPD sergeant.  

Mr. Bolton, 44, said he wanted his name back, adding that his next moves would be determined by how the council responds to his request.

"Right now I don't know what that could be," he said after the hearing. "It could be a combination of things. It could be returning as chief."

Can you spell S-H-A-K-E-D-O-W-N?  

Don't forget Leo Chaney told council members the "community" considers Terrell Bolton their love child.  Do you think Terrell was taking notes at Shakedown Chaney's knee?  Remember how Chaney pretended to be so outraged over the idea of the city selling Starplex's naming rights to Smirnoff?  Going to have riots and marches in the street until they reversed that horrible wrong to South Dallas.  Then Smirnoff offered about $3 Million in "community money" that Chaney would be able to steer to projects directed by his friends.  Suddenly, everyone was happy and not so offended.  Everyone, except Commissioner John Wiley Price who called it BLOOD MONEY.  

Terrell Bolton and Bob Hinton are trying to to pull a SHAKE DOWN, but neither is doing a very good job at subtlety.  Even WBAP's Mark Davis gets the message.

After the hearing, Mr. Benavides defended his decision to fire the chief. He has offered 20 reasons for the dismissal.

"I feel confident that I did it right," he said. "He wanted the reasons for the dismissal and this hearing, and those requirements were fulfilled. I don't think anything would be furthered by me making comments."

Ted Benavides did what he should have done when we learned of Bolton's involvement with Al Lipscomb in the Caligula Rizos bribe.  With help from John Loza who Chaired the Public Safety Committee at the time, Bolton blocked any investigation.  Donna Blumer tried to get it on the front burner, but no one would back her up.

Later when DPD Lt. John Sullivan confirmed it was Bolton who ordered him to assist Al and Caligula Rizos by prohibiting NW Substation police personnel from enforcing public lewdness laws inside sex clubs in the Bachman area, Laura Miller joined Councilwoman Blumer in calling for an investigation.  That's when JWP sent his thugs to Miller's home and Bolton AGAIN ordered DPD officers not to enforce a city ordinance prohibiting picketers from displaying obscenities around children.

I will never forget the City Manager's conference when he said he came back early from his vacation to look into the matter.  When asked what investigation he had conducted, Benavides said he asked Bolton if it was true, Bolton said it wasn't and that was that!  

Ted Benavides is a man of few words.

Mayor Laura Miller said she hoped Monday's hearing would be the end of City Hall's involvement with Mr. Bolton's firing. Most council members do not favor paying Mr. Bolton a legal settlement.

. . .The mayor also disputed Mr. Bolton's description of his termination as sudden and unwarranted. 

. . .  "It was no surprise to a majority of the citizens when he was terminated," Ms. Miller said. "And I don't think it should have been a surprise to him."

His termination was a surprise to Bolton because he is an absolute moron who surrounded himself with suck-ups who were there to tell him what he wanted to hear -- not what he needed to know.  Bolton needed a true friend who would tell him the truth, but you have to be a friend to have a friend.  

Terrell Bolton got what he deserved, just 3 years later than when he deserved it. 


Some council members saw the comments by Mr. Bolton and Mr. Hinton, and the 10-day deadline, as a threat.

"He said he didn't come for a handout. I think he did," council member Mitchell Rasansky said. "His lawyer hinted at a lawsuit. He gave us 10 days. It sounded like an ultimatum.

Mr. Rasansky said Mr. Bolton's speech was a "warm-up for a lawsuit."

In less than coded language, Bolton and Hinton are saying SHOW US THE MONEY .  

Council should respond with SHOW US THE LAWSUIT.  

All the City Attorney has to do is include Bolton's testimony from the demoted commanders' lawsuits.  Any jury will burst out laughing at Bolton and Hinton trying to squeeze the city with their illogical position.  This case would definitely need to be tried outside the metroplex because the local jury pool is tainted thanks to Bolton and Hinton's publicity stunts.  If Hinton coached Bolton for his publicity campaign, Bolton should be suing Hinton for malpractice.  Much better cause of action.


"I'm supportive of making the city whole by making the city and Terrell happy," council member Maxine Thornton-Reese said. "My concern was not about the person, but the method the city used."

. . .
"We're still asking ourselves the question whether Ted Benavides fired him or somebody talked to Ted about firing him," said council member Don Hill, who had approached other council members about a settlement for Mr. Bolton. "He made some points today to cause all of us to ask those questions.

Council member T-Reese cannot question anyone's methods of carrying out their responsibilities.  Thanks to her exploiting her position as a board member, Tri-Cities Hospital had to close, depriving Pleasant Grove of its community hospital.  

The only people trying to keep this city from being whole are Terrell Bolton, his attorney, and the 4 African-American council members who are trying to make a personnel matter into something racial.  Not one of them -- not Don Hill, not Shakedown Leo Chaney, not Beat that Indictment James Fantroy and certainly not Brain-Dead Thornton-Reese have ever expressed one word of sorrow for those men and women who were victimized in the fake drug scandal.  Those arrests resulted from Bolton demoting those experienced commanders.

Had Bolton not replaced experienced supervisors with suck-up quota babies, those vice officers could not have continued down such a wrong path.  An experienced supervisor would have noticed something was smelly.  No way those two officers worked that routine for so long and distributed so much money without someone higher up in on it.  Possibly several people, including the Chief knew there was a problem.  Well, maybe not the Chief because he had no experience in crime fighting and his police work was in crime watch meetings.

After treating Laura Miller with undisguised contempt ever since she was first elected to the council, even after she won three mayoral elections, why would Ted Benavides suddenly do anything she told him now?  Assuming she did tell him to fire Bolton, Benavides can count.  Miller does not have the votes to fire him -- at least she didn't before he fired Bolton.

That may be way too deep for T-Reese, but Don Hill knows his suggestions are ridiculous.

During the hearing, Mr. Bolton addressed almost every council member by name, recalling a favor or duty he had performed for them.

"I was a working chief," he said. "I wasn't a chief that sat in the office and made a lot of parties. I hung out with the people."

In the end, he said his appearance was more about respect than money. And he didn't air any of the city's "little secrets," as he hinted last week he might do.

"What I'm here to get today is my name back," he said. "I need my name back, nothing more or nothing less."

KRLD broadcast the Bolton show live for a few minutes before some idiot decided Dallas listeners needed to hear about elementary school diets and a traffic report at 3:15 more than this very important 30 minutes at City Hall.  No wonder KRLD must sell time now instead of producing programs.

During the few minutes Bolton was on the air, he talked about attending townhall meetings for different council members, once with a high fever.  How many times have you showed up for work sick because you had too much work to do to stay home?  Most of us have worked sick for a lot less money than Terrell Bolton was making, and we had to drive ourselves to work -- without a driver.


His lawyer contended that the city harmed Mr. Bolton by improperly firing him and hurting his reputation. He later said legal action was a strong possibility, particularly if the city rejected his offer for arbitration.

"We're not here for a handout," he said. "It's not charity."

What is there to arbitrate?  Bolton was incompetent.  The commanders he demoted all had glowing personnel reviews just before he destroyed their careers with the DPD.

Bolton and Hinton were not at City Hall for a handout, they want a SHAKE DOWN!

. . . Mr. Bolton had been criticized for a speech at his church shortly after his firing, when he said that Mr. Benavides had been "tricked by Satan" and that Ms. Miller was a "wizard pulling strings."

He addressed the criticism Monday, directing his explanation at council member Bill Blaydes, one of the critics.

"I just couldn't figure out why I was being perceived as the enemy," he said. "It's one thing to fire me the way I was fired ... but to beat up my name in public and slap me around and spit on me, Mr. Blaydes. That was the reason for my tirade."

No one beat up Bolton until he claimed he didn't know why he was fired.  Those commanders he demoted knew why they were fired -- Bolton did not want anyone around him who actually knew something about law enforcement.  Before Benavides said anything, Bolton had his stupid interview with Ch. 11 where he narrowed his eyes and accused Laura Miller of being behind his firing.  None of those commanders pulled that kind of stuff.  They took their firings like men, even Jill Muncey.

Granted, I've been raving about Bill Blaydes since before he announced for council, but I just love the guy.  He is so straight up, so Texan.  There was a time when Bill Blaydes was the norm for Dallas men in leadership positions.  Now, he is unique and special.  

Blaydes absolutely called Bolton out.  He said Bolton's public comments were threatening and killed any chance the council might want to offer him anything additional.

What happened to Bolton's threat of airing the city's little dirty secrets?

Sounds like extortion!  If the former Chief of Police had knowledge of official wrong doing and he did not act on that information, did he break the law?  Does that make him a co-conspirator?

To confirm my understanding of Bolton's DPD career path, here is something from

The former chief's attorney also quoted the City Charter and case law about the manner in which Bolton was fired.  Regarding the demotions of numerous chiefs, his attorney stated the Chief "did it the right way". 

They weren't fired, they were demoted.  Come on Hinton, you can do better than that. 

Bolton would have had a difficult time seeking a high paying job having to explain his demotion from chief to police officer.  

Ted terminated him gracefully, saying very little.  Nothing was documented other than an implication that Mr. Bolton was not working well within the political climate of Dallas co-related to the escalating crime rate. 

Ted tried to do the right thing until Bolton forced the reasons for his termination to be documented and made public.  

If Bolton came on in the early 80's, made Sgt in about 4 years, quit, took a civilian position as manager over security personnel, he was gone long enough that he would have to come back on DPD as a police officer, not a Sgt. 

He was made a chief.  If he got rifted he'd have to return to third watch patrol. Then you would have a case against the city for abusing the poor man.

Still, Bolton had us all glued to our seats waiting to hear about the city's dirty little secrets.  What does he know that we don't?

We know Al Lipscomb was maintained by a handful of rich white guys and Annette Strauss so he would keep control over the rabble rousers.  We know because Old Al told then-journalist Laura Miller about his generous benefactors.

We know lots of hard-earned taxpayer dollars go into slush fund projects controlled by several council members and/or their lieutenants.

We know the ward politics being practiced at City Hall regarding zoning enables the likes of Beat that Indictment Fantroy to get lucrative $200,000 contracts from prospective developers who want to do deals in District 8 (using city, state and federal funds).

We know Bolton assisted Old Al to earn his measly $7,700 bribe from Nick Rizos?

So, tell us what we don't know, Terrell.  Tell us about the city's dirty little secrets.

Does Terrell Bolton know something about former council members, maybe a former mayor that we don't know?

I for one would buy a ticket to hear some really good gossip and dirty little secrets, but I don't believe Terrell Bolton has anything up his sleeve other than a chubby arm.

If Monday's half-hour vaudeville act was their best shot, Bob and Terrell are up a creek without a dollar.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8