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09/10/03  More Comments on Bolton and DPD

On the Bolton firing.  I personally think that he was a good Chief of Police who was "hamstrung" from the very start.  Crime has risen in Dallas because the Council has REFUSED to allow the chief to hire the additional 70-100 officers that all of the national indexes say a city the size of Dallas should have at the very minimum!

And yes, for the first time in a long time, Chief Bolton encouraged citizens to report crime -- ALL CRIME and promised to do his best to respond in a timely manner.  Technology helped better track of the reporting part better than ever.  Under these two circumstances alone, the DPD was completely overwhelmed.

A more media and politically savvy chief would have not been this open and up front.  At least to this extent, Bolton was a victim of his own good intentions.  And yes, there were boners --

** The old plantation system of allocating police cruisers -- new ones to top brass, older/used ones to patrol cops.  They should have know better than to keep this tradition around.  Even worse, some administrative staff got new police cruisers while real cops were forced to used older and sometimes questionable cars.

** City mismanagement lied to taxpayers and kept police cars on the street beyond the national standard mileage and years, so they could lie to Council (who should have known better anyway) and claim we could balance the budget at the cost of the safety of our "protectors".  Wow!  Not a good decision!

** Police officers are scarce for neighborhood patrols but plentiful for "OFF DUTY" assignments in shopping centers, grocery stores and neighborhoods that can afford to pay double time.  To those who can afford to pay TWICE for what they should be getting anyway, I say "More power to you"!  But, let's get real!  If our police do not have the time and resources to patrol our not-so-rich neighborhoods, our parks and maintain a positive and apparent presence, then THEY DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO DO EXTRA DUTY  WORK!  Especially with the City's uniform, gun, badge and patrol car in many cases!  They should use their own guns and vehicles and were their union T-shirts.  Moreover, our residents and business people ought to be using private security companies until the DPD is able to give us the "basic" service we pay for in the first place!

** Why are we giving raises to a group of City employees who do not even live in the city limits?  Over 85% of uniformed police and fire officers do not live in Dallas!  That should really bother you as a taxpayer!  More to the point, over 75% of Dallas voters said NO to the 17% raise that they demanded after they REFUSED the Council's offer of 5-5-5 over 3 years.  Why did Council go against the voters' mandate and offer any raise at all -- especially in light of budget shortfalls?

** was very fair in pointing out from the beginning that the Council screwed up by settling the lawsuits with 10 of 12 officers who sued after Bolton demoted them.  The 2 who would not settle and went to court found out what most of us already knew -- Bolton could indeed demote them and it was LEGAL!

** Few people remember Bolton did get City Attorney, Madeline Johnson to OK his actions to demote the command staff -- AND he got it on video tape!  Why he chose to protect her for so long is a mystery to me, but ...

Bottom line, Bolton is gone and he will be OK.  Unfortunately, Dallas will not.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8