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08/11/03  Fire Bolton Yesterday.

When you think it can't get worse, it gets worse.

Saturday, a DPD officer who should have never been hired in the first place was fired by a Chief of Police who should have never been put in his position in the first place.  

Let's see.  Seems the ex-officer had 2 wife beating episodes while he was in the military.  Although that should have disqualified him from being a police recruit (much less a sworn officer), it certainly would qualify him to run for the DISD School Board like Ron Price.
Jack McNulty:
  I bet the Dallas Civil Service Review Board reverses the firing of Officer Derrick Evans when he appeals. They've done it so many times in the past, putting rogue officers back out in the street after they were canned by previous Chiefs!  
  This case is also corrupted by Chief Bolton, who railroaded IAD into this 7 hour investigation Saturday night.  
  DMN had the goods, so Bolton tried to beat them to the punch, pulling the trigger on this guy,
 Spare us a Police Chief who is driven by his fear of being exposed, rather than what is right and

There's that messy business of being a murder suspect and failing multiple polygraphs regarding the matter, all of which would make him a viable candidate in District 8 which has delivered us the likes of Old Al (bribe-taking) Lipscomb and Beat that Indictment James Fantroy.

Then he takes a private army to rumble at the Pleasant Grove Rec Center where he shoots a "not necessarily innocent" guy, who happens to be an ex-con at the wrong place at a very wrong time.

Fired officer long had troubled past; Difficulties included failed polygraph, court restraints  08/10/2003 
 The Dallas Morning News

   While he was still a recruit in the Dallas Police Academy, Derrick C. Evans failed a departmental polygraph test about his involvement in a homicide. Despite his deceptive responses, he hit the street three years ago as a Dallas patrol officer.
   Before police ever approved him as a recruit, according to public records, Mr. Evans twice had been the target of emergency protective orders after judges ruled that he had assaulted his wife.
   And more recently, on July 28, the officer was placed on administrative leave after he wounded a teenager during an off-duty confrontation that involved his stepdaughter. Witnesses and officers said 12 to 15 friends and relatives, some armed with baseball bats and screwdrivers, showed up with Officer Evans on the crowded parking lot of the Pleasant Grove recreation center where he shot a 19-year-old.
. . .   The information about his background and the recent shooting ? documented by The Dallas Morning News ? has been available in police files or in public records.
    Police Chief Terrell Bolton abruptly fired Officer Evans before dawn Saturday, less than 24 hours after The News asked the chief for comment on its findings. 
. . .  His lawyer, Lance Wyatt, said Saturday that the impromptu firing was unfair.
. . . Janice Houston, the chief's special assistant, responded: "We followed departmental procedure."
. . .  Officer Evans had been on administrative leave since opening fire about two weeks ago outside the Pleasant Grove rec center.  . . .  Two days after the shooting, Chief Bolton said he believed the officer's account. But the chief also acknowledged that he had a "problem with why he was there."
. . .  At the Southeast substation where Officer Evans was assigned, it was also widely known ? even if specific details are vague ? that the 35-year-old patrolman was questioned in a murder, according to several officers.
. . .  His former wife twice was awarded emergency protective orders after judges determined that he had assaulted her while the couple was stationed with the U.S. Army in Fairbanks, Alaska.  . . .  The court files are matters of public record.
. . .   According to police reports and interviews, Officer Evans, wearing a "muscle shirt" that exposed several tattoos, a baggy pair of pants and his badge on a chain around his neck, sped to the Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center. With him, according to some officers at the scene, were 12 to 15 friends and relatives in three or four vehicles. Some wielded everything from baseball bats to screwdrivers; Officer Evans had his handgun.
. . .  Rena Wright said . . .  Officer Evans stalked through the assembled crowd, his gun pointed toward the ground, but did not identify himself.
. . .  Donald Burrell, stepfather of Jonathan Keeton, the wounded teenager, said Officer Evans triggered a "riot."
. . .  among Officer Evans' colleagues last week at the Southeast substation. . . .   "But most of us kind of agree that if he's going to go out there, he should have called the station or 911 and had an element meet him there. This one should have never happened."
. . . His former wife said  . . .  I know they're human, too," she said, "but there are certain careers that you take on where you are supposed to be upstanding citizens."


You would think!  This speaks volumes about the DPD's investigative efforts.  It is not only dangerous for Dallas citizens to have this violent wife beater (chased her with a car, scratched her face with car keys, etc.) carrying a gun and wearing a badge, but there was a risk to officers who had to serve with him.  Think about their level of stress working with a guy they knew had been a murder suspect.  They had to worry that some little thing might trigger a violent response from him.  

Next time you belittle a cop or consider them whiners for wanting "fair pay", ask yourself if you have to deal with a gun-carrying loony every day on the job.  This gun-carrying loony was recruited, "investigated", hired and trained under Chief Bolton. 

According to
Fired officer long had troubled past (08/10/2003 by HOLLY BECKA, TANYA EISERER and HOWARD SWINDLE /  The Dallas Morning News):

Two days after the shooting, Chief Bolton said he believed the officer's account. But the chief also acknowledged that he had a "problem with why he was there."

That is an amazing contradiction.  An off-duty police officer shows up at a city rec center, carrying a gun and leading a gang carrying bats and screw drivers?  Did the Chief think they were planning to start a pick-up softball game and do some repairs around the rec center?  

That's it!   A wife beater and murder suspect (who Chief Bolton allowed to carry a gun and wear a badge) was out with a bunch of friends and relatives to do good for his community.

Even the low-life lawyer who is representing this low-life ex-officer sees through Bolton.

Attorney says firing 'political'; chief's aide defends handling  08/10/2003
Staff Writers / The Dallas Morning News
Officer Derrick C. Evans, the off-duty patrolman who wounded a teenager July 28 during a melee outside a Pleasant Grove recreation center, was abruptly fired early Saturday  
. . .  "It was the chief's attempt, for political reasons, to deal with an article that was coming out in the newspaper," said attorney Lance Wyatt. "It's just so the chief can protect himself."
. . .  In its request for an interview, The News said it had documented that Officer Evans had sped to the Pleasant Grove recreation center with several friends and relatives armed with baseball bats and screwdrivers; that he had failed a polygraph test three years ago in which he was asked about his role in a still-unsolved homicide; and that courts twice had determined that he physically assaulted his wife before becoming a police officer.
    The News asked Chief Bolton if he was aware of the polygraph test and the domestic violence records at the time Officer Evans graduated from the police academy. On Friday afternoon, a Bolton aide said the questions would require detailed research that the department could not complete by Saturday.
. . .  Officer Evans was fired for two violations of the department's Code of Conduct ? carrying his weapon in a manner that attracted the attention of the public, and "willful misrepresentation or omission" of his personal history and qualifications for employment.
. . .  Ms. Houston said she responded to The News' request because "he [Chief Bolton] is on his way out of town." . . .


Well, that's a shocker "he [Chief Bolton] is on his way out of town."   When does Bolton stay in town?  Whenever there is a problem, Ms. Houston reports he is "out of town".  What would your boss say to you if you took a vacation day whenever there was a crisis at work?  If the DPD limps along just as well (or just as badly) with him out of town as in, why do we need Bolton at all.  We desperately need a Police Chief, but we have not had one since Ted Benavides hired (without even interviewing him) Terrell Bolton to run the Dallas Police Department.  

Ted Benavides never liked Police officers or Firefighters.  (Some deep-seated resentment of his Dad?)   On more than one occasion, he has tried to develop a wedge between civilian and sworn city personnel.  

Did Benavides specifically hired Terrell Bolton to run the DPD into the ground?

If so, this may have been the only thing Benavides has accomplished since RON KIRK HIRED TED BENAVIDES just before Denton fired him as their City Manager.  

Once again, Ted and Terrell have put the city in the gun sights of an attorney ready to take our city dollars for himself and his client.  The ex-con who was shot by ex-officer Evans pretty much has a slam dunk case of negligence on the city's part in ever hiring him.  With the violent history of ex-officer Evans, the ex-con and he might have crossed paths in life anyway, but Evans would not be carrying a city badge.

This is about MISMANAGEMENT, not just a rogue officer.

Benavides is as responsible for this disaster as Bolton.  He should have fired Bolton over the Lipscomb bribe episode.  He should have fired Bolton over the way he handled the fake drug scandal.  It would have been way too much to expect Bolton to resign since the scandal occurred under his watch (or neglect).

There's a scandal at Baylor -- minor compared to Bolton's wrongdoings.  Financial assistance to college athletes under the table in Texas?  What a shocker!  But, the Head Basketball Coach resigned because it happened under his watch.  Not only the head coach, but the Athletic Director.  That would be the equivalent to Terrell Bolton accepting responsibility for something that happened under his watch, and Ted Benavides resigning because he was the head guy over Bolton.  

It would be necessary for either TB to possess a shred of decency or integrity for that to happen.

Baylor coach, AD resign; school admits violations; Basketball program put on probation
08/09/2003  By JEFF MILLER / The Dallas Morning News
A summer of tragedy and turmoil at Baylor University took a dramatic turn Friday when school President Robert B. Sloan Jr. accepted the resignations of men's basketball coach Dave Bliss and athletic director Tom Stanton.
. . .  Dr. Sloan said the committee also determined that athletic department officials failed to respond properly after being informed that players were using substances on the school's list of banned drugs. 
. . .  Mr. Bliss said, his voice occasionally shaking. "
I am the head coach, and I am accountable for everything that goes on with my program.
   "I intend to cooperate fully as the inquiry continues, do what I can to make things light. I came to Baylor to do things right. We've made mistakes, but we own up to them from this point forth.". . .

What a concept -- a department head takes full responsibility for the actions of his staff and resigns.  I won't go into Dennehy's family knowing full well their son was being "assisted" and later acting as if they were unhappy with that assistance.  Their 20+ year old son was cared for and coddled as if he were a child, which is why professional athletes are so likely to get into trouble?

Back to our double dose of TB and ex-officer Evans --  

The background of Evans was common knowledge.  There are more questions about some recent Academy graduates.  No one listens to the officers who know the score.  Much like Citizen D asked last week -- why don't we interview our experienced personnel for their insight?  Why waste money an outside audit?  The only people outsiders will get to talk with will be "suck-ups" who have been delegated by Bolton.  Officers with real information will be kept far away from any outside auditors.


Police Officer Firing  Posted by About Time on August 10, 2003, 9:02 am 

Thank you Dallas Morning News. The article on the firing of the officer was great. Next time, ask a few questions such as:

Did the officer doing his background check know of the knowledge and if he did, who did he tell and covered it up.

If the News did a check on people fired the last few years under Bolton, they would find many with criminal records.  Unfortunately, they will be minorities. I have heard several investigators in personnel state that their recommendations are overturned by their supervisors. As in this case, everyone who accepted his hiring should be help accountable. Maybe then someone would stand up and have the guts to do the right thing.

Another black mark against the department. We read the story on the UGC about the homicide investigation when it happened. Sad, it took this type of incident to force Bolton to act like a police chief. 

Some council members must be getting hard questions from their constituents.

Dallas officer's hiring in questionCouncil members ask why polygraph, abuse didn't disqualify recruit  
 The Dallas Morning News
Several Dallas City Council members said Sunday that they want answers about why former police Officer Derrick C. Evans was hired, even though he failed a polygraph test related to a murder investigation as a recruit and had a history of domestic abuse.
   "What is unclear to me is how Mr. Evans ever graduated from the police academy," said Gary Griffith, vice chairman of the City Council's public safety committee. "I don't understand how the background [check] could have failed to identify a major portion of his life. I look forward to a full briefing by the city manager."
. . .  Police Chief Terrell Bolton abruptly fired Mr. Evans, 35, early Saturday, shortly after The Dallas Morning News asked the chief to comment on its investigation into the officer's background.
. . .  "Anytime we have an officer who is fired, there are questions about what can be done to prevent this in the future and was there a mistake with this particular officer that we missed," council member Bill Blaydes said Sunday.
. . .  Information about Mr. Evans' background and the recent shooting has been available in police files or in public records, 
. . .  "I think what concerns me is the background check and the review process for recruits and the fact that something was amiss with his lie-detector test that was alarming," council member Lois Finkelman said Sunday.
   Council member Mitchell Rasansky, a member of the public safety committee, said he would like to know how Mr. Evans got hired. In addition, an independent review of police recruiting standards might be in order, Mr. Rasansky said.
. . . 
Two days after the shooting, Chief Bolton said he believed the officer's account of the shooting but questioned why he went to the recreation center.
. . .  Mr. Evans' attorney, Lance Wyatt, described the former officer's termination as a "rush to judgment." . . .

Terrell Bolton needs to go.  Should have been gone 3 years ago!  If the man had any character or integrity, he would have resigned when 

His name was linked to Lipscomb in the Caligula Rizos bribe for a cessation of police enforcement of public lewdness (and drug trafficking and prostitution, etc., etc.) in NW Hwy sex clubs.  Don't ever forget both Benavides and Bolton stifled any attempt to identify the "high ranking officer" who assisted Old Al and Caligular Rizos.

News hit that dozens of Mexican Nationals had been illegally arrested and imprisoned because his Vice Department officers were using a deceptive informer and were using crushed sheetrock as "illegal drugs" for the basis of the arrests.  Don't ever forget that Bolton considered it a great thing to get that all that fake drug off the streets because it would have been dangerous to ingest.    

News hit that Dallas has been #1 in crime every year of Bolton's reign as Chief of Police.  Don't ever forget that Bolton blames the high numbers on Dallas citizens reporting too many crimes.

News hit that an off-duty Dallas police officer took a gang of bat-toting hooligans to a city rec center and started a second riot that ended with a punk getting shot.   Don't forget that Bolton believed the far-fetched explanation by Evans.

News hit that Evans was hired by the DPD although he had been a murder suspect and had failed polygraph tests.

Any one of these and scores of other reasons would be enough to terminate Bolton.  

Only one person can fire Bolton.  That would be the City MisManager Ted Benavides.

It takes 11 council votes to fire the City MisManager.  It only takes 5 votes to keep that moron in his position, and Benavides has the votes of all 4 African-American council members and at least 1 of the Hispanic council members.  So long as Hill, Chaney, Thornton-Reese and Beat that Indictment Fantroy protect Benavides, he keeps Bolton in place.

Absolutely nothing the Mayor or the rest of the council can do.

The main thing needing fixing in our City Charter would be who hires/fires the Fire and Police Chiefs and reducing number it takes to remove the City Manager.  The Chiefs need to report directly to the council, just like the City Attorney, the City Auditor, the City Secretary and the City MisManager.   The City MisManager should go on 8 votes (simple majority).  If he doesn't have half the council with him, he should go.

Which is more important to a successful city -- a good City Secretary or a good Chief of Police?

Under Bolton's watch, we spent or will spend thousands in legal fees and millions in settlements over

His race-based demotions of several experienced commanders.  Any one of them could run rings around Chief Kim Edwards (formerly mis-managing the NW substation).

The fake drug arrests and imprisonments.  Multiple victims.

That ex-con's shooting and the other injuries that occurred when an off-duty DPD officer lead a gang to rumble at a city owned rec center.

We can save millions in legal fees and settlements and lost business opportunities by sending Bolton packing.  He's from Mississippi, and one reader thought it was racist of me to suggest he go back to his home state.  Still can't figure that one -- but get Bolton out of Dallas.

We simply cannot afford another day, week, much less months of meetings and conferences.   At the end of the day, whether it's today or a Monday six-months or a year from now, Bolton needs to go.

Bolton will never accept responsibility for his lack of leadership and lack of ability.  Nothing the Mayor or anyone else says to him will make him admit his incompetence.

As Jim Schutze notes in his 8/7/03 piece:
Protection Racket
John Wiley Price has Bolton's back, and we all suffer for it
| originally published: August 7, 2003
. . .  No one has suffered more brutally from Bolton's misrule than minorities in this city. The entire "Sheetrock" or fake-drugs scandal, in which his department sent to prison people on whom fake drugs had been planted, fell on the backs of Mexican immigrants. More than 80 percent of the victims of violent crime in this city are people of color.
. . .  Price, whom I have known for 25 years and with whom I used to speak regularly, won't return my calls. I want to ask: John, why in the name of political pride and personal power have you turned your back on minority and poor citizens of this city? Is it really so important for you personally to keep your guy? . . .   You see, after five years, that your guy cannot control the department.
. . .  The other part of Price's deal was with The Dallas Morning News. . . .  I the old regime agreed to yank its best reporters off the chief's back if Price would stop burning stacks of newspapers out in front of the newspaper building.
. . .  John Wiley Price is brilliant at manipulating the fears of a certain breed of old white people in this city. 
. . .  Bolton has taken his instruction from Price. Repeatedly, whenever his leadership has been challenged, Bolton has suggested there will be racial unrest in the streets if he loses his job. 
. . . Price, as he did again last week in a letter to the editor of the News, always insists that any negative story about crime in Dallas is an attack on Bolton and a breach of Price's deal for Bolton to be chief. 
. . .  we came out the next day with the story on our cover, and the News hit the streets with it on Page One. And the next day John Wiley Price fired off a letter accusing the News of racism and suggesting that the chief will not agree to any kind of accountability reform. . . .

Bolton's not going to resign.  That would be the honorable thing to do.  Our Downtown Betters (the ODB) need to find him a high dollar job for him like Tom Hicks did for John Ware after he sold out Dallas taxpayers.  

Get Bolton out of here, so we can cut our losses.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8