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08/08/03  Dallas Crime

Once again, I have to underscore that the City of Dallas (our Council and Manager) have gotten so far away from "the basics" that we have lost ground that we may NEVER recover!  For example"

Not raising taxes for almost 10 years. Just read Citizen D's comments.  Completely agree with every single point. 
    I've never read such succinct and insightful overview of the crucial issues facing our city. 
    No idea who Citizen D is, but I'd contribute to a fund whose purpose is to get an announcer into a radio station studio, have him or her cut a one-minute audio version of those comments, and run them prominently on Dallas radio stations.
   Remember the impact Eddie Chiles made back in the 70's?  Maybe it's time to revisit that strategy for motivating the body politic to stir, and demand changes.
Holding parades in Downtown Dallas for the Irving Cowboys that turn into riots and cost us both money and image
Allowing Dallas police officers to do private duty and NOT ANSWER 911 calls of the "taxpaying citizens"!  In my opinion, this policy has contributed in large measure to the crime problem in the Dallas city limits.
Placing trained, experienced officers behind desks doing clerical and administrative tasks instead of on the streets fighting crimes -- BAD IDEA!

Why?   The criminals know that if 85% of our officers don't even bother to live in the city they work in, this must be fertile ground for committing crimes.

Off-duty officers get to use a City-provided squad car, uniform, badge, and gun for their "extra job"!  And this is legal!  Is this OK?  NO!  This is CRAZY!

What criminal would not love to ply their trade in an environment like this?  What City Hall has created is a new place in Texas called "Easy Pickings Ville"!

Recent goof ups like making sure the chiefs and their administrative staffs all get NEW squad cars while "rank and file officers" on the street get hand-me-down vehicles that don't run well set a BAD EXAMPLE.  This is the epitome of BAD IDEAS!

Even if the policy allows this madness, it is not right!  If a child tried to do this, we would punish them and point out that this is not "fair play" or "good citizenship"!

Consorting with a known criminal and drug dealer for one or two cases -- maybe that is OK.  But for over 60 cases!  That is CRAZY!  Then this guy takes the real drugs and swaps them for SHEETROCK and dupes our police department into bring indictments against dozens of INNOCENT people!  This is one case where Chief Bolton was not at fault, but since it happened on his shift, he still has to shoulder some of the brunt of the fallout.  

These cases will result in untold MILLIONS in settlements (not lawsuits, but settlements) that this city cannot afford but will have to pay out.

These are but a few of the many reasons why Dallas has a growing crime rate.  We have failed to plan, therefore, we have planned to fail (and very successfully so).  Mission accomplished

Running a city government well is not cheap and it certainly not free.  

City management and the council saw the rising cost of government coming many years ago.  Things like EPA air and water quality standards could have been paid for over several years with small increases in our taxes along the way.  Instead, past Councils chose to ignore this and pretend like things would be OK forever.

Deferred maintenance of our streets, parks, libraries, rec centers, sewer and water systems has resulted in having to replace them at costs far exceeding what routine maintenance and repair would have cost (even when you factor in employee salaries and benefits).  

If they had only done this then, citizens would have gladly paid the small extra taxes it would have cost to keep us in the game and make Dallas a world class city.  Now, it will cost us a lot more and all we have to boast about is having one of the highest crime rates in the US.  Such a deal!

Privatizing our city's basic functions without any oversight or accountability has resulted in a virtual feeding frenzy at the public money trough by "dream merchant consultants" and "slipshod contractors".  And as a taxpayer, I am fed up with it!

What should we be doing?  Hire and keep City employees and make them accountable!  Most are competent, experienced and well educated.  All want to do the best job for the citizens they can.  Listen to what city employees have to say and don't go hire a consultant (usually a "friend of a council member" -- a new term that should adopt for some of our lesser known but equally foul villains) to contradict staff and provide council with the answer they want to hear rather than the truth.  

We as citizens end up paying for the same things TWICE.

Privatizing has not worked, and what is worse, we as citizens have NEVER seen a report card on this in over 15 years.  Running the city like a business is a bad idea!  Unless, you use Enron and Worldcom as examples.  If that is the case, then Dallas is right on target!  A prime example of why we should run the city like the best city it can be rather than like a business -- rent out our police officers and watch crime SOAR in Dallas!





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8