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Ralph Goin Jack McNulty
If I was on the Police Review Board, I would spread the word to the council member who nominated me (so that person could alert the rest of the council and Mayor) that I would resign if the council voted to confirm Lipscomb. 

If all the PRB members agreed with that and the council still confirmed Al, he would be kind of lonely at his meetings.  

Also, it would show everyone that sometimes you have to take a stand for what's right.  

If all the members were brave enough to do this, resign all at once, no one could call them racist, as the members are multiethnic.  It might create more of a liability for Fantroy than just having the nerve to nominate Al.  Also, it might keep Al from getting 8 votes.  Who knows?  

The way things are now, many of us think Al will be confirmed.  Most of the gutless wonders around the horseshoe will not risk being called a racist by voting against Al.

Hope they prove me wrong.
Each Council person has their own agenda and their nominee to this board is a political payoff, not a choice for excellence! The community has to demand an end to this!

Al could care less! Fantroy and Al simply want to put a stick in the eye of Dallas Police Association, not address
injustices. FYI-Mary Hasan was Al's black assistant. She is now Fantroy's. She needs to be called up on charges of political activity from a city employee, since she was a real Poss activist, with letters to the Editor and rallying her gang at city hall!

As Stalin said to FDR at Yalta, when Churchill & FDR suggested the Pope would oppose Soviet capture of Poland,

"How many divisions does the Pope have?"

Standing up for what's right, without power and clout, is an exercise in futility, indulged in by well-meaning, ineffective people, hanging out their shingle, without hope of winning!

Show me one brave member of that Review board! They have rolled over for years, just to get access.  

Fantroy is paying off a debt to those who want to nail Miller! He could care less about liability.  He thinks he is another Mau Mau black kicker of white establishment asses! 

We need to figure a way to punish Fantroy for his stupidity and also
give him an out to save face!  
He ought to appoint Marvin Crenshaw or Roy Williams, who fought with me honorably for a strong review board in 1988.

Will there be a public hearing on the nomination or other nominations?  We need to be there, and I want to speak! He will win if we assume he has the votes!

There are gutless wonders out here, too!





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8