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08/04/03  Lipscomb's Appointment to the Police Review Board

How can a convicted felon like Al Lipscomb who got off on a technicality may be in the Police Review Board (PRB)?  I still can't get over it.

In case you have forgotten, Al Lipscomb is  the man who accepted a bribe to help Nick RIzzo.  It was Al Lipscomb who kept the police from going into Rizzo's topless bar on NW Highway.

As a City Council person, Al Lipscomb was a thorn in the side of the Police Department.  It will be a nightmare if he is placed on the PRB.   I've heard of people who have no shame.  Unfortunately for Dallas citizens, Lipscomb is at the top of this list.  He is an opportunist who will do anything for money. 

Al Lipscomb  does not deserve to serve the public in any form other than perhaps to do community work with ex-felons like himself.  This would show me that he has really changed.  His wanting to be on the PRB  shows me he has not changed in any way. 

If Dallas citizens do not fight to stop Al Lipscomb from being on the Police Review Board, we can kiss good-bye any future growth for this city.  

Who in their right mind would want to relocate any business or invest money in a city that with unscrupulous people like Lipscomb serving on any city board.   If it happens, we  deserve to be laughed at and will be known as a city without integrity.  

Lack of integrity in this city's leadership is one of our main problems.  This happens when a city forgets  integrity is very important in the people we have in key government positions.  People with integrity are trusted and their names are respected.   Respect does not come to mind when Al Lipscomb's name is mentioned.

Lipscomb has proven by his actions that integrity is not important to him.  People who back him see that Lipscomb can do anything without any accountability.  Look what City Manager Ted Benavidez has done to our city, cost us millions of dollars by mismanaging our tax dollars.

Police Chief Terrell Bolton is another example of one who breaks the record in being allowed to keep his job even although his bad decisions have caused Dallas to pay millions  in lawsuits.   During Bolton's watch, Dallas has lead the nation in violent crimes and property crimes FOR SEVERAL YEARS IN A ROW.  

How do these people live with themselves?   If Dallas were a corporation, Benavidez and Bolton would have been fired a long time ago.  Yet, they are in key positions of leadership.  

I am tired of this.  Speaking for myself, I will do whatever I can to stop Lipscomb from getting on this board. 

Dallas has always been important to Texas.  People have admired and wanted to be like us.  

Political Correctness has made damaged our city.  People were hired for their race and not for the qualifications. 

Why do we allow this to go on year after year?   Do people not see how destructive this indifference is to the citizens of Dallas.   I know many people who tell me they would never consider buying a house in Dallas because of our inept leadership.  I have many friends who are relocating to the suburbs out of frustration with what goes on in our city.  

What example do we give our children by allowing these incompetent people to run our city?  

I pray citizens will care enough to do something to stop Al Lipscomb from serving on the PRB.   If we do nothing, we deserve whatever happens.  Each one of us will have to answer this question one way or another.  

To do nothing means you approve of an ex-con serving on the Police Review Board.  Only you can decide which side of this important issue you will take.  Make the right choice and fight this.  Otherwise, be prepared for bad times ahead.   Especially, since our police officers' morale is so low.   We will lose many more good officers.  To have someone who was arrested, tried, confessed and convicted of public corruption be in some capacity over them in rulings would be the last straw..

Please to do something and do not be passive.  

For most people it is not possible to go to City Hall to speak against this appointment.  You can call your representative on the City Council or write a letter.  If you have never done anything before, this is the time to do something.   The price Dallas citizens  will pay is too high to do nothing.   

You will be glad you contributed in some way to stop Al Lipscomb's appointment to the Police Review Board.  

Watch carefully who  supports his nomination for they will be exhibiting their own lack integrity, as far as I am concerned.

               Mary Lou Montes Zijderveld





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8