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Bolton's Firing
Housewives Extraordinare!
Divine Intervention?
Oooh! The Race Card!
Line in the Sand
Dallas Side Step
Cut our Losses!
Meetings, Studies, Sellouts


08/31/03  Alfredo's Ghost responds to Fantroy & Loza.

More on Bolton Firing with several new comments from various contributors

08/28/03  Housewife Extraordinares are Back.  They felt Hill's pain and now we have a confessed & convicted bribe-taker on the PRB.
*Shocking e-mail from Fantroy's Aide on CITY E-MAIL ADDRESS
*Citizen D
*Mike Perry is sad about vote on Al Lipscomb.
*Mary Lou approves Bolton's firing.

Let me out!!  Ed Oakley,  Lois Finkelman & Veletta Lill
think crooks belong on the  Dallas Police Review Board!!

08/27/03  Divine Intervention? - Bolton's gone and Lipscomb vote's today
*LULAC demands apology from Commissioner John Wiley Price.
*George Thomas; *Citizen D; * Mabel Spears; * Hate Mail

Eric King says call Fantroy's Bluff!

Oooh!  Bolton's playing the Race Card!  Scary, and it's weeks from Halloween! 
Mary Lou, Ralph Goin and Mike Perry oppose Lipscomb on PRB.

Harry Trujillo tells Mayor  IT'S TIME FOR A NEW CHIEF!

08/21/03  *
Line in the Sand - Lipscomb vote will show who condone bribe-taking.

08/18/03 Lipscomb vote will divide Character vs.
Officer Mike defends officers in uniforms at off-duty jobs.

08/13 Doing the
Dallas Side-Step with Old Al.  

08/12 responds to DMN story on
Allen Gwinn.
Mike Perry wants Bolton to go.
Stan Aten wants Trinity Project to go away.

Cut our Losses and send Bolton packing.
Jorge Torres, Jr. reports on Arcadia Park.
* Check out new site ****

08/09 Patrol Officer lists "New Rules for DPD Officers"

Jack McNulty sets record straight on Old Al & PRB
Citizen D on City Hall problems (Tim Dickey totally agrees.)

Meetings, Studies & Sellouts 
Jake & Ralph discuss Police Review Board
Ralph Goin's Open Letter to John Wiley Price
* Mary Lou reports on Baby Dolls closing Bachman location.

08/04 Mary Lou wants you to fight Al Lipscomb's appointment to PRB.
*Jerry Blake lets council have an earful re Old Al and the PRB.

Shameless - Fantroy nominates Ex-Con Lipscomb to PRB 
Rad Field - Council responsible for Crime Stats
Mike Perry's letter to Council re Lipscomb appointment.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8