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07/10/03 Allen Gwinn sets an Example in Citizenship!

As a huge fan of Allen Gwinn, you can imagine how pleased I am this week to have his perseverance vindicated by the State Ethics Commission's findings against Mary Poss.  Collen McCain Nelson and Chris Heinbaugh did good jobs reporting on the exposure of the campaign funds deception by Mary Poss.

Poss fined $5,000; Ethics panel says she improperly reported campaign expenses
By COLLEEN McCAIN NELSON / The Dallas Morning News
The Texas Ethics Commission has found that former City Council member Mary Poss violated the state's election code, and she has paid a $5,000 penalty. . . .  comes more than two years after activist Allen Gwinn filed a complaint accusing Ms. Poss of failing to properly report campaign expenditures.
    Ms. Poss has described Mr. Gwinn as a longtime critic and had dismissed his complaint as political posturing. But the state's ethics commission found that she incorrectly reported more than $30,000 in campaign expenditures over several years.
. . .The $5,000 fine, which Ms. Poss paid last month, is among the highest that the commission has imposed for such a violation.
   "Pure and simple, this is vindication for me," Mr. Gwinn said. "This is not a little deal. This is a big deal."
. . .  the letter from the commission also contradicts statements that Ms. Poss made during her failed campaign for mayor.
   The commission's resolution letter, which assesses the fine, appears to be 18 months old.
   During this year's mayoral campaign, Ms. Poss repeatedly denied that the ethics commission had found any wrongdoing or had proposed a resolution. In a televised debate in April, the four-term council member said the commission planned to schedule a hearing in the future.
   "I have not seen any letter of ... resolution," she said during the debate. "I have seen things people have printed out for me on some of the rogue Web sites about that, but I have not seen any such letter."   . . .


The debate where Poss refers to Allen Gwinn's as one of "the rogue Web sites" was the Ch. 8 debate moderated by Chris Heinbaugh.  Some other reporter might have forgotten her response, but it was his question and she lied to him.

What was it she kept saying during the campaign, "Mary Poss keeps her word?"

Some people who were so solidly behind Poss that they supported Gary Griffith over Roxan Staff must be feeling very foolish this week.  Of course, some people who supported Poss are as shameless as Poss herself.  Deliberately violating election laws is no big deal to them.  Lying about the wrong-doing is to be expected in that crowd.

This was huge news, but the local media dropped it after 48 hours.  Poss has been fined $5,000 -- only the second time the Ethics Commission has ever assessed such a large fine.  $5,000 is chicken feed to Poss.  She spent over $300,000 of her own money trying to unseat Laura Miller.  But then, $30,000 is chicken feed compared to $300,000.

Why would Poss have done something so stupid as to write a $12,000 check to herself with no documentation?  Because she could!  Because she's special!  Because only "little people" follow rules.  (Or, is that "only little people pay taxes".)

More interesting than why a self-claimed smart politician would do something so outrageously stupid is why more people aren't outraged.  

Why are there so few Allen Gwinn's in Dallas?

Poss lumped into "the rogue Web sites".  If it hadn't been for Poss and Kirk trying to shut us down, our "rogue Web sites" might not have gotten so much attention.  Each site had our own group of readers, but thanks to MPossible and Con Jerk we became really hot locally and even got some national attention.

   Allen Gwinn    Sharon Boyd     Avi Adelman

We don't compete.  Our approaches are completely different.  We usually are on the same side in matters of ethics, good government and many political campaigns.  We despise people who cheat and disregard regulations put in place to make the political process fair and honest.

Is it too much to ask people to simply follow the rules as stipulated for elections in the jurisdiction where they are seeking office?  Apparently it is for Mary Poss and her crowd.  

It was no accident when several bags of Roxan Staff's campaign mail got way laid at the Post Office.  It was not some misguided Griffith supporter or homophobe who mailed out that anonymous piece which only went to Republican primary voters.  Both actions were done by the same person, and everyone knows who did it.  

For the cheaters, it's only about winning and one-up-man-ship.  It's about riding in the parade and power.  They don't care about good government or fair play.  

The cheaters will never understand someone like Allen Gwinn.  They are afraid of him and resent him.  He represents everything they can never be.

Poss bought her way into politics from the get go.  Like some others on the council, she was cheaper for the ODB and Robber Barons to control than Old Al Lipscomb and Shakedown Leo Chaney.  Just invite her to a party or lunch, and she was on your team.  There is not one thing real about the woman except her size.

There's an old saying I've heard several relatives use to describe a particularly dishonest person:

She would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand flat-footed and tell the truth.

All this comes down to a series of lies.  Poss illegally paid herself $30,000 from campaign funds because she had not previously indicated personally expending $30,000 or even $3,000 or even $300 on behalf of the campaign through receipts or otherwise.  When she got caught, she lied about it.  Unfortunately for her, her former Treasurer (Roxan Staff) refused to participate in the lie.  Poss has been lying about this for so long, it comes second nature to her.  After all, $30,000 is such a pitiful amount of money to Poss.

Why did she take it out of her campaign funds?  

Why did she lie about it?

This little fallacious episode could have all sorts of ramifications.  US Congressman Pete Sessions got right in the middle of the mayoral campaign on behalf of Mary Poss and was practically the candidate in Gary Griffith's council race.  It was expected Sessions would get Poss some federal appointment, even if she is a fake Republican.  

Will Sessions want to be tied to a confirmed liar?

Do we want an acknowledged prevaricator in any kind of government position?

Allen Gwinn has been ridiculed for pursuing his ethics complaint against Poss.  The complaint he filed against city employee Yolanda Lara was just as valid as the Poss complaint.  Gwinn does everything methodically and can drive you crazy with his caution.  Yolanda Lara illegally used the city's computer system to campaign for Poss.  Yolanda Lara illegally used the city's telephone system to campaign for Poss.  Yolanda Lara illegally used internal e-mail addresses to contact fellow employees on behalf of Poss and also against me (but that's another story).

You and I pay for the city's computer system, telephone system, e-mail system.  As a candidate, I was very much wronged by Yolanda Lara.  As a taxpayer, so were you!

The differences in the results of the two ethics complaints are the differences in the caliber of people on the two different Ethics Commission.  It was the State Ethics Commission that hit Poss -- IN 2001!  

The City Ethics Commission has already proven itself to be worthless.   But then,

The City Ethics Commission took its lead from our WORTHLESS CITY ATTORNEY!

When Paul Fielding plead guilty to whatever they told him he did and had to resign from the city council (has it really been over 6 years ago?), Mary Poss said it was "embarrassing" to have a councilman go prison.  That was about the same time she was siphoning off money from her campaign contributions.  She said nothing when Old Al Lipscomb admitted in Federal Court to taking bribes.  What a hypocrite!

Allen Gwinn is a man of character.

In the 2003 Dallas, character is in short supply.  Robber Barons like Ross Perot, Jr. (a close family friend to Mary Poss) and Tom Hicks are glorified.  Con artists like Ron Kirk are put on powerful boards as perpetual payoffs for delivering on the arena and the Trinity Bondoogle.  We judge our politicians as the lesser of two evils.

One of the nasty swipes the DALLAS MANAGED NEWS Editorial Board took at me in their "non-endorsement" was that I opposed the arena and the Trinity Project.  It is never a bad thing to take a stand, even it is not popular or contrary to the wants of the ODB.

Allen Gwinn takes a stand.  That's what people of character do.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8