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Another Mary Poss Piece of Fiction.  Does she think we haven't been paying attention?
With all the thousands of Republican Women in Dallas (over 40 clubs), this is a pretty short list and includes at least one political consultant.  

Mary Poss was elected Mayor Pro Tem because Ron Kirk wanted a White Woman as Mayor Pro Tem and an Hispanic as Deputy Mayor Pro Tem.  Remember the big brohau when Charlotte Mayes refused to step aside for Chris Luna and Larry Duncan and Donna Blumer backed her?  That Former Mayor punished Duncan and Blumer for their insolence and denied them Committee Chairs and service on their preferred committees.  As Mayor Pro Tem, it would be expected for Poss to serve as acting Mayor, but there was resistance to that from some members of the council.

Mary Poss did not campaign for the police pay raise.  In fact, she posed in the same group shot with the entire council in opposition to their pay raise.  Does Poss deny signing their petition and then campaigning against the raise?
Mary Poss moved LaBare from her affluent District 9 to one of the poorest and most poorly represented districts in the city, District 6, where we were already dealing with all those other sex clubs.  That's the kind of Mayor she would be -- solve a problem by dumping on the most vulnerable.
What about those folks she promised the city would help after a neglected city water main collapsed and destroyed their condominiums.  One resident's little dog was swept away in the flood.  There she was out there slopping through the mud with That Former Mayor making promises she knew she could not keep.
Why then are most of the business leaders in this town backing Laura Miller?
Mary Poss supported every tax abatement that has come down the pike.  Taking property off the tax roles as far as the general budget goes, puts more pressure on residential property taxpayers.  We have to make up the difference.  
If raw land is developed and the improvements are on the general tax role at the unimproved value due to tax abatements, we then have more demand for police and firefighters and infrastructure and no new money to pay for those new costs.  The tax abatements Poss supports put unfair pressure on Dallas businesses who pay their full load of property taxes but must wait for their infrastructure needs like the rest of us, while the tax abatement recipients spend their taxes to improve their own property.
Mary Poss voted for the anti-discrimination ordinance.  
Is trying to solve the homeless problem downtown or revitalizing downtown a bad thing?  When citizens need to get to the Downtown Library or City Hall, they must deal with aggressive panhandlers and even worse. 
Is Poss proposing to abandon Downtown or move City Hall to some nicer part of Dallas?  
Mary Poss added nothing to the budget process.  While claiming to have a "complicated" plan, Poss never submitted it.  
Mayor Miller has not announced support of a $600 million dollar bond package.  In fact, she is trying to get the council to support the $371 million dollars.  
It is Poss and her cohorts, Don Hicks, James Fantroy, et al, who are pushing for a $600 million bond package.  
We don't need to be lectured by Mark Davis about who has misled who.  He doesn't even live in Dallas County, much less the City of Dallas.  Mrs. Davis #2 might want to talk to him about being "hosed, bamboozled".  Mayor Miller fought the Palladium deal so we would not lose $43 Million in potential property tax revenue, but Poss voted to give friends of her husband's boss another windfall.
Calling on Mary Poss for "moral leadership" would be an IMPOSSIBLE dream.  Poss may tilt at windmills, but she is no Do? Quixote.  
Poss supports Chris Luna's position that the DCVB corruption should have been swept under the table and not discussed publicly.
Poss blocked former Councilwoman Donna Blumer's efforts to investigate Chief Terrell Bolton's part in the bribe between Old Al Lipscomb and Caligula Rizos. 
Is that why Al Lipscomb endorses Mary Poss?  
It's sad that Poss would push Ebby Halliday into signing such a deceptive and mean spirited letter out of loyalty to Poss.  Where was Poss' loyalty to the Republican Party when she backed Ross Perot for President?  With Poss, it's always money before principle.    Apparently, it was money before party loyalty back then.  Now, Poss is trying to run for Mayor as a Republican in a non-partisan race.  
Is she going to mail something like this to South Dallas?
Bill Ceverha backed the Trinity River Project and the Arena Sales Tax.  
Tom Pauken should know better than to believe Mary Poss keeps her promises.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8