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01/16/03  There's a connection between depravity and disregard!

Those of us who live near the sex clubs so revered by the Dallas Convention & Visitors' Bureau (DCVB) Board know about the peripheral problems the sex clubs cause our community.  Now, two families know first hand.

When males go to sex clubs and stand around gawking at scantily clad women who may or may not get up close and personal with them, they are not behaving like adult men.  They are playing at being big timers, but they are not behaving like adult men.

With all those big hair sex clubs on Stemmons Freeway, it was inevitable for some horrendous tragedy to happen when the perverts head home afterwards.  Probably there have been other fatal car wrecks caused by departing sex club patrons, but the killers were not professional football players.  

This was an horrific event caused by circumstance and arrogance.  A truck was stopped, a car driver ran into it and his car caught fire.  Two young guys (who were acting like adult men) stopped to get the victims out of the burning car.  A sex club patron going over 100 mph did not stop to help anyone.  Instead, he plowed into 3 men and killed two of them -- still he did not stop. 

Don't forget the Eagle Scout in the Parkdale neighborhood who was killed for his car.  A senseless waste of humanity.  That kid probably was going to do a lot of good in his life.

These two young men killed by a sex club patron were also pretty special.  Here they were two regular guys, one black, one white and best friends just tooling home after work when they stopped to do a good deed.  From the reports, neither one of them was a star athlete or an academic high achiever.  One actually had some law trouble himself a while back but was on the right track now.  They were just two regular guys who got in the way of a big shot.

This big shot should have been home in Coppell planning his next career move rather than hanging out with a bunch of naked women in Dallas.  They probably don't have naked women clubs in Coppell (that's pronounced Cop'-pell, not Copp-ell).   There are many parts of Dallas where they don't have big hair sex clubs or even the low brow sex clubs.  Council members like MPT Mary Poss have moved them out of their district over to Stemmons and the Northwest Highway area without any opposition from people representing our area.

When I heard the big shot killer had just left a sex club before he plowed into the two young men at a wreck on Stemmons between Walnut Hill and Royal, I wondered which one he had just left.  After all, he could have been at one of the many sex clubs on Northwest Highway at Bachman.  Or he could have gone West on NW Hwy to the Gentlemen's Club, Platinum or The Lodge.  Or he could have been at Illusions (Penthouse) or Silver City on Stemmons.   They are both far enough South for the big shot killer to get up to 100 miles an hour.  There are a couple of clubs right on Walnut Hill, but they would have been too close for him to be going at the speed he hit those two young men.

Guess where the big shot killer was at least part of the evening before he murdered two people?  The Lodge!  Guess who owns the The Lodge?  Why it's the good friend of Chief Terrell Bolton and Old Al Lipscomb, Caligula Rizos!  Small world isn't it?  

Then the big shot killer must have wanted a change in naked women, because he left The Lodge and went up the road to Silver City (on the West Side of Stemmons).

You know Silver City is in a "dry" zoned area, and is actually a private club.  As a private club, only a certain percentage of its revenue is supposed to come from alcohol.  The bulk of the sex club's revenue is mandated to come from the sale of food.  They never meet their minimum requirements, but no one ever shuts them down.  The TABC offices right in the area, but pays them no mind.  The city pays them no mind.  Of course, now we know it's because the Dallas Convention & Visitors' Bureau folks think the sex clubs are a big draw for convention business.

Before we go on to the big shot killer and sex clubs and our sorry Police Chief, Stan Aten shared this little e-mail with us.  It seems Our Mayor has picked someone who may be too respectable to chair the DCVB.  You know she has asked my favorite scoundrel, Chris Luna, to resign as Chair.

Dear DCVB Board Members,

As we are presented with considering Robert Wooley as a nominee for the DCVB Board of Directors I would like you to consider the real issues at hand.  There is a tremendous amount of concern in the hotel community regarding the future of the DCVB.  Voting to accept anyone into a leadership position for our industry and our CVB whom not one of us have ever met --nor will have the opportunity to meet--is unprecedented.  I encourage you to decline the nomination of Mr. Wooley.

The hotel community would like to meet Mr. Wooley first due to the unusal circumstances he is being placed on the board and finds it unusual that not one conversation took place with not one member of the hotel community prior to his selection.  For instance we'd like to know if he is being placed on the board to represent the Greater Dallas Chamber or represent the Mayor. Is he a current member of the Greater Dallas Chamber and does he own a business or have any business in Dallas?  Is he going to serve as the fifth "city" position of the Board?  What are his positions on the issues we are facing?  Since he will not be back until late January the hotel community has more questions than answers.

One of the key issues for the hotel community is whether Mr. Wooley views hotel taxes as city taxes as the Mayor often refers.  The hotel community is very concerned about the impression being made by the Mayor that hotel taxes are city taxes.

An impression is being made among some in the travel and hospitality industry that some at City Hall would like to make the DCVB a city department so the city, in other words politics, can dictate how the DCVB markets Dallas.  To some it appears the Mayor is willing to issue a press release every time she doesn't like an expenditure in a DCVB sales and marketing efforts and it's at the discretion of the reporter to determine whether it is appropriate or inappropriate.

The hotel community believes an audit of DCVB expenses is called for to confirm there has not been a pattern of abuse in DCVB expenditures AND that to implement any drastic changes prior to the presentation of the results of the audit does not make sense.  A monthly meeting of the DCVB Board through May may assist in assuring that any lingering questions about DCVB expenditures can be addressed in a timely fashion.

The hotel community will not support any attempt to fire Dave Whitney or force him to resign until the audit is completed.  He has done a good job making Dallas a destination of choice for conventions, changing for the sake of change prior to the completion of the audit is counterproductive and will give the appearance that politics, not the DCVB run the CVB in Dallas.  It sends the wrong message to the convention, tourism, and meetings community.  We don't need any competitive disadvantage right now.

The hotel community supports and will continue to support an independent Bureau and/or private authority.  Any attempts to make it a city department or part of another organization such as the Greater Dallas Chamber will be vehemently opposed.

xxx,  Executive Director; Hotel Association of Greater Dallas

Did we miss something?  Chris Luna is a lawyer.  Mr. Wooley has owned and operated hotels.  What is this about the DCVB not being a city department?  What do they mean "the impression being made by the Mayor that hotel taxes are city taxes"?  Has someone being hanging out in the hotel lounge too long?  Oh, I get it -- Dallas taxpayers are just supposed to shell out millions and millions for continuous expansion of the convention center which is the lifeblood of the local hotel industry, but Dallas taxpayers are not supposed to see any benefit from the sales tax collected by the hotels from the conventioneers?  Don't forget the local hotels and motels supported the arena sales tax even though the state organization opposed it and made a nice donation to It's a Bad Deal!!.

It's hard to be sympathetic to this DCVB crowd when we now know they spent our tax dollars in sex clubs and would do it again if that's what some convention planner wants to do.  Chris Luna was the key note speaker at a convention of sex club operators a couple of years ago.  The topic of his talk was how to get around local regulations intended to keep out sex clubs.   Since we don't know who put him on the DCVB Board or how long he's been there, he may have been a member when he gave that speech.

Do you know who appoints the DCVB Board?  I don't either.  I don't know anyone who does, and I have a lot of smart, involved buddies.  Of course, the Mayor and council would know if we asked, but I mean the rest of us don't know.

It is embarrassing to drive into this city from DFW and see all the sex clubs and lurid signs.  Apparently, it is not embarrassing to the DCVB Board.

They can say what they want, but the concentration of sex clubs in the Bachman/NW Hwy/Stemmons and Walnut Hill area is a disaster waiting to happen.   That huge club, Escapade is right near where this accident happened.  What if all those happy drunks had been heading home just as the big shot killer was flying along Stemmons?

Three lives are forever lost because this big shot killer got his ego (among other things) all pumped up at a couple of sex clubs in the NW Hwy/Stemmons area.  Those two best friends were not the only ones who died.  The big shot killer's life is over.  

Don't you wish there was something good to come out of their deaths?  Keep wishing because those two young men died in vain.  Their deaths and the big shot killer's pending fate will not have one bit of impact on bad decision-making by some other pervert who wants to go gawk at women he doesn't know and/or get serviced by women he doesn't know.

It's been a bad early January, losing 3 decent young men at the hands of hoodlums and a big shot killer.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8