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Bye-Bye Bah Bah!
Another Con Job
City Manager?
Another Bad Deal!
Lines in the Sand
On Tilt
The Faux-Hearing


10/29 Has Mayor's Gorgeous Guru divorced Bah Bah Blackwood?
10/29 Matthew Barnebey:  DISD & WHISD woes are similar.
10/28 Grandpa Warbucks' $5 million con job on Arlington.
10/28 Officer CS:  Report Card on Chief Kunkle
10/28 Judd Bradbury:  Fine Mess at City Hall
new comments @ 10/25
10/25 It's not quite Halloween, but the BO coven have some tricks for us, like making the City Manager  disappear and moving all of our gold to their vaults! w/new comments @ 10/25
10/23 Rad Field: Use of Deadly Force
10/22 Ann Carlson: DPD will investigate carefully.
10/22 Officer Mike: Don't bring a gun to town.
10/22 Officer P: You may not like end result when you call us.
10/21 Censorship - Whatever happened to free speech? w/new comments @ 10/23
10/07 The City's on tilt when the good guys get fired and punished.
10/18 Another Bad Deal:  Arlington voters get an Arkansas Bum's Rush.
10/11 Are you afraid to draw a line in the sand? w/new comments @ 10/12
10/12  Little Ms Goody Goody needs to GROW UP!
10/07 The City's on tilt when the good guys get fired and punished.
10/07 James Waghorne:  Harry Hines still being pushed for Homeless Shelter. w/new comments @ 10/11
10/04 Faux-Zoning Hearing at City Hall
10/04 John Willis:  More on Faux-Hearing
09/24 DMN's Emily Ramshaw nails Fantroy's rear to the wall!
09/23 Council ignores Conflict of Interest Restrictions.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8