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Citizens Tilting at Windmills
Another Nail
Crooks in Low Places
No-Billed but No Pay
Media Bias or Just Inept?
Something Right!
Soft Bigotry
Bad Behavior


09/30 Mike Perry:  I cannot support another DISD bond campaign.
09/28 Citizens Tilting at Windmills -- Thank God for them!
09/27 Stan Aten: 3 reasons to oppose tax credit multi-family

09/27 A J Strand:  Another questionable zoning decision at council.
09/24 DMN's Emily Ramshaw nails Fantroy's rear to the wall!
09/24 John Willis:  How Garland handles blighted apartment projects.
09/23 Council ignores Conflict of Interest Restrictions.
09/22 Lorrie Burkhalter:  It was the fault of Mr. Fernandez, not the cops.
09/22 Tim Dickey:  Dallas is not like Ft. Worth.
09/20 No-Billed, but 7 cops have been hurt financially and professionally.
09/20 Citizen D:  Council does not get it!
09/20 Michael Davis:  Under the Radar
09/20 Rad Field:  Taser Mentality
09/16 Media Bias (or just inept?) Sewer Socialists vs. Art-Loving Yuppies, etc.
09/16 Michael Frey: Council won't match police offer to help all employees.
09/13 Something Right - DPD on the Right Path -- at last.
09/13 Barking Dogs
Battle for late-hours permits ...
09/13 Joe Martin:  Another Civics 101 Lesson
Rad Field on Police Review Study Report:
1. Poor Management  2. Poor Morale  3. $ 480,000? Please!
09/10  Soft Bigotry:  When will we hold all of us to same rules of ethics?
09/10  Rad Field:     Race Card Antics
09/11  Citizen D:  How I was cured of "race-baiting".
09/06  Weak Links:  Wilmer Hutchins is Dallas' future
09/08  A. J. Strand:  The billboard that causes great heartache.
09/08  James Northrup:  Homeless Czar
09/03 Michael Davis:  Some on City Council are embarrassing my people.
09/03 Gary Turner:  More Poor Park Maintenance
09/02 Bad Behavior at City Hall -- gets rewarded.
09/02 S.Bracken - Does one size fit all of Dallas?
09/02 CBS11 Sarah Dodd reports on duplicity at council meeting.
09/02 CBS11 Sarah Dodd breaks story on city employee's conflict of interest.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8