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08/30/04  We need new blood at City Hall.

When I heard about Councilwoman Maxine Thornton-Reese's outburst at City Hall last week, I wasn't too surprised because she's not only a racist, she's an idiot.  Not only was what she said out of bounds, but she looked like a fool saying it, bouncing up and down in her chair like a screaming JackA in the Box.

I didn't get to actually see T-Reese's performance until Sarah Dodd's report on CBS-11, Thursday night.  It was embarrassing to watch another woman behave that way.  All she did was make Mayor Miller look cool and composed. 

Even people who are annoyed with Our Mayor will rally to her side if Brain-Dead's stunt gets repeated.  And, of course, it will.

No one has mentioned James Fantroy's comments earlier in the day about "white sheets".  Had any White council member directed a similar comment toward Fantroy, Thornton-Reese, Hill or Chaney, there would be hell to pay.  Granted, Fantroy is in really bad health an waiting for a kidney transplant, but there is no excuse for this guy.
    Rad Field:
  The TU vs. OU Game funding vote (agenda item), which turned out to be another shouting match tirade, was frightening, disgusting, and embarrassing for the citizens of Dallas.  The meeting displayed exactly "how not" to hold any form of business meeting --aside from the fact that it was later carried on network television (CBS being one).
  To further embarrass the City of Dallas, a majority of the Council members voted to delay the TU/OU funding vote, and  thus bowed to terroristic threat tactics conducted in public session.  It is unfortunate that only two on the Council had a conscience and voted for the important funding. 
  It should be remembered that some important scheduled Dallas events could choose to go elsewhere (where they are also wanted).
   Citizens of other neighboring cities are laughing at the way Dallas continues to conduct public council business.  It is no
wonder that some new business opportunities continue to bypass Dallas and establish themselves outside of the city limits. 
   If council business continues to be of the shouting match variety, it might become too scary to watch or listen to.

In That Race Card ..., I said "This was a planned event.  There is no way this was spontaneous.  Someone put Brain-Dead up to pulling this stunt.  She can't think fast enough to have come up with it on her own."  And that's why you read because I know what I'm talking about.

Sarah Dodd broke the news that there was already $65,000 raised in private funds to distribute to Grambling and Prairie View, and Leo Chaney knew that, and did not share the information with the Mayor or most of the other council members.  With another $50,000, Grambling and Prairie View will get more costs refunded than either Texas or OU.  When you see footage of a Grambling/Prairie View game, the stands are never full.  There are a lot of people, but not even close to a full house.  The crowds indicate the difference in the financial impact the two games have on this city.

Shakedown Chaney was behind Brain-Dead's stunt, and he knew $65,000 was already raised when he was making his own racist comments.  Another Chaney shakedown.  He didn't get his nick name accidentally.  He has been distributing almost $3 million in Smirnoff's Blood Money in South Dallas for over 3 years.  Can you see any improvement? 

Shakedown Chaney scripted Brain-Dead's performance.  No doubt about it!  When you see the tape, it's obvious she forgot her lines several times.  She could not complete her sentences and would repeat a line several times until she got a cue as to what to say next. 

T-Reese and Chaney can't be as stupid and selfish as they appear.  T-Reese was a teacher (frightening in itself), and Chaney was a high paid do-nothing for the DISD.  They didn't get to their positions of power without demonstrating some intellectual ability.  Why do they keep it from us?

Even the
Dallas Managed News could not ignore Brain-Dead's behavior at last week's Council Meeting.

Racial Politics: City Council outburst was over the top
 Editorial Page
Saturday, August 28, 2004 / The Dallas Morning News
Racial politics in Dallas can get rough, but rarely do they break out in the kind of ugly attack City Council member Maxine Thornton-Reese launched during Wednesday's meeting. Her target: Mayor Laura Miller, to whom she devoted an eight-minute, racially charged sermon worthy of the Rev. Al Sharpton.
...  the council couldn't take a vote on the Grambling-Prairie View funding until next week. So Mr. Chaney asked for a delay in the scheduled Texas-OU vote, "to send the right message to the African-American community."
   Mayor Miller objected, saying there was no good reason to delay the Texas-OU vote. Right or wrong, it's a legitimate point to discuss. That's when Dr. Thornton-Reese found her cue to throw a temper tantrum, ranting about the mayor pursuing "the white agenda," whatever that is, and portraying Ms. Miller as dedicated to keeping black folks down.
... Dr. Thornton-Reese's shameless demagoguery is another example of the racialized politics of personal destruction some vocal African-Americans practice against the mayor. When the incompetent Terrell Bolton was fired, the public was treated to the appalling sight of black protesters carrying signs denouncing the Jewish mayor in anti-Semitic terms.
... In the end, the council voted against the mayor on the Texas-OU issue, 12-2. Not bad for eight minutes' work. The council should be aware, though, that what you reward, you encourage. ...

Do you think someone on the DMN Editorial Board reads

I said:  A few Black officials and a handful of preachers are not the Black community.  I'm going out on a limb here and say that part of their dislike is Anti-Semitic

I said: The council members who gave into these two racists were cowardly and only added fuel to the fire.  The Mayor and Councilman Rasansky showed courage in their votes, even if they lost 12-2.  It is never a bad thing to be the only one doing what's right.  Of course, that message is lost on the likes of Gary Griffith, Princess Velveeta, Lois Finkelman and Sandy Greyson.

Griffith is a first term councilman, but we hear he is pushing Cathy Ingle (former DART Board member) as a District 14 candidate.  Shows what he knows.  Occasionally, Griffith surprises and shows some gumption, but he is basically weak and MPossible in pants.  He is one of those types who wants to ride in the parade.  He's not as bad as Veletta Lill, but close.  Lill's got her own favorite to replace her, but, Candy Marcum is going to win that district.
Finkelman will back Linda Coop as her replacement.  Linda has served on several boards.  Danny Harrison resigned from the Urban Rehab Board to announce for that seat and is already walking neighborhoods.  Dallas could use a new face and new energy like Danny Harrison, but Linda will have Finkelman's machine behind her and the DMN will treat her like the incumbent. 
    James Northrup:
What's discouraging about the Thornton-Reese episode is the rest of the Council rewarding her tantrum, by voting to delay the Texas-OU bid in order to appease her when they should have punished her behavior by
ignoring her, and telling her and the news media why.  This was Child Psychology 101 - done wrong.
   The episode indicates what Mrs. Woolens colleagues really think of her, since she was left with only Mitch Rasansky to defend her when she was clearly in the right.

Editor's Comment:  Their cowardness was more about looking "sensitive" to a minority member than a slap at Miller. Lill, Finkelman, Griffith all have mayoral aspirations.

Greyson has had moments of character, but push come to shove, she has usually folded to side with the Lill/Finkelman clique.  Anyone who replaces her will not have a high hurdle to be more effective.

Then there's John Loza.  Apparently, Send Me Some Money Loza and Joe Thug May have had a split because Loza is backing an unknown guy (Mauricio Navarro), who isn't registered to vote and may or may not even live in District 2 (kind of a tradition in that district).  Joe Thug is backing Pauline Medrano.  Pauline is a very smart, very experienced community activist.  The word is Loza's guy is suppose to keep the seat warm for Loza to come back and run again.  Ha! Ha!  I cannot imagine Loza will really go up against the Medrano Family, when they have been so supportive of him. On second thought, Loza has never been big on loyalty.

So, now
Dallas Managed News is begging people to run for the city council. 

A Market for Heroes
Editorial Page
Sunday, August 30, 2004 / The Dallas Morning News
   A high school basketball game can draw 17,000 fans, but a Dallas City Council race may draw barely 1,700 voters. In the last council election, nearly half of the incumbents ran unopposed.
  And we call this democracy?
  ... The city faces fundamental, make-or-break challenges: reviving a moribund economy, reversing decades of decay in the southern sector, and creating a new culture of openness and accountability at City Hall ? for starters.
... Four of the 14 seats will be open, because the incumbents can't legally run again. A number of people already are laying the groundwork to run in those districts ? Nos. 2, 11, 12 and 14 ? and we commend them.
   Making no judgments about them or about the incumbents who are eligible for re-election, this is a plea, a clarion call, an imprecation: RUN, (FILL IN YOUR NAME HERE), RUN!
... We know it's asking a lot. With a salary of $37,500, serving on the council still requires a heroic sacrifice of anyone who must earn a living. So, yes, we're in the market for heroes. ...

That is so much baloney!  Our Downtown Betters (the ODB) and the DMN Editorial Board are looking for milk toast types who will not make waves and does as the ODB advises.  The DMN will endorse the incumbents.  They endorsed Maxine Thornton-Reese the last time.  Dwaine Caraway says he's going to run again.  Dwaine may have warts, but he is much smarter than T-Reese.  But, then who isn't?

Since Our Mayor does not have a majority clique on the council, there is little she can do about what T-Reese did last week or will do in the future.  Our Mayor should have taken a cue from the County Commissioners' Court.  When things get out of hand, the Judge adjourns the meeting for awhile and turns off the mikes.  When a council member oversteps propriety like T-Reese did, the Mayor should have the right to turn off their mike and expel them from the chamber for that entire day.  Of course, a bully like Ron Kirk would overuse such a power, but I guarantee you T-Reese would never have used that tone with him.  He would have taken her by the head of her bad wig and shaken her silly.

Maxine Thornton-Reese has brought shame on her office and owes it to her constituents to resign.  She clearly does not have the temperament to behave as a grown up, so she needs to go throw her temper tantrums somewhere other than City Hall.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8