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08/26/04  Has been done and doesn't work anymore.

If you are new to Dallas (anything under 20 years), you may not remember former Councilwoman Diane Ragsdale's award winning performance as she screamed at a citizen, "You are a racist."

Do you remember what set her off? 

In 9 days, we had 2 police officers murdered.  It started on 1/14/88 when Officer James Allen Joe (a 34 year old Black officer) was murdered while working as a security guard at an apartment complex.  Then on 1/23/88, John Glenn Chase (a 26 year old White officer) was executed with his own gun on the street outside the Downtown McDonald's with a crowd of people urging the shooter on while the officer begged for his life.  Another one of those non-violent street bums we are about to spend millions to assist.

... In the Line of Duty, 2nd Ed by DPD Officer Steve Elwonger. 
Proceeds to Widows/Orphans Fund.
 Price  $10.   Pick up at N Central Police Sub for $10; or
by mail  $13, check  to "Police Press"  c/o "Police Press", P.O. Box 59777, Dallas TX 75229.
James Allen Joe (Badge 4949)
   At 8:45 pm, Officer Joe notified the dispatcher of a "burglary in progress" at his apartment complex (Sagewood Apartments, 9941 Whitehurst Drive) in North Dallas. Joe was off-duty and decided to investigate the matter prior to an on-duty officer's arrival.  He was dressed in a sweat suit.  His badge was pinned to his waistband, and he was armed with his service revolver.  Joe observed Bernard Eugene Amos, B/M/26, and Gary Von Bennett, B/M/26 loading stolen items into the trunk of a red Ford Mustang.  Joe confronted them, and Amos produced a gun and shot Joe in the chest.  Joe returned fire and struck Amos in the right arm and left leg.  The suspects drove off in the Mustang.  Officers T.W. Jeffress and K.M. Palmolea arrived and noticed the Mustang, headlights off, being driven away.  The information was radioed to other squads.  Officers found Joe lying in the parking lot in his wife's arms.
   Joe died at 9:05 pm at Presbyterian Hospital.  He left behind a wife and six children.  ... He was assigned to the Physical Evidence Section.  ... The James Joe/John Chase (Chapter 54) North Texas Law Enforcement Explorer of the Year Award was created in his memory.  Joe was an ordained minister.
   Shortly after the shooting, the helicopter spotted Amos crawling away from the Mustang.  Officers D. G. Bishop, Ledbetter, M. Pena and Litigow arrested Amos as he attempted to hide under a truck.  Joe's revolver and Amos' gun were found in the Mustang.  Bennett turned himself in ... .  They are cousins.  Bennett turned State's witness ... had a a previous record of five convictions for burglary and theft and was paroled several times.  He received a 20-year sentence... .  Amos received the death penalty ... had a previous record of nine convictions for burglary or theft ... was executed on December 6, 1995 by lethal injection.
    John Glen Chase (Badge 5231)
   Officer Chase was assigned to the Central Patrol Division and worked alone when the stopped a car for a traffic violation at 8:36am on Griffin Street near Main Street.  A two-man squad drove by and asked Chase if needed assistance.  He said everything was under control, and they drove off.  Shortly thereafter, Carl Dudley Williams, B/M/34, walked near the traffic stop and started yelling at Chase.  A fight ensued between Chase and Williams.  Then, Williams grabbed Chase's .44 revolver and knocked him to the ground.  At close range, Williams shot Chase in the face.  He walked a few steps, returned, and shot him two more times in the face.
   Still carrying the officer's gun, Williams walked to Griffin and Commerce Streets, where he was confronted by Sgt. Thomas Ward and Cpl. Clarence Durst.  Williams fired two times at Ward and the officers fired at Williams, killing him.
   Chase died at the scene.  He left behind a wife of three months. ...  Citizens responded with support by driving with their headlights on and giving the "thumps up" sign.
The James Joe/John Chase (Chapter 54) North Texas Law Enforcement Explorer of the Year Award was created in his memory.
   Carl Williams had a history of mental problems and a previous record of criminal trespass '78, criminal mischief '86, ... and assault of a police officer.

The city was reeling. 

This was back before car lights came on automatically.  The word went out to drive to work with your lights on the next day to show support for the Blue.

You had to have been there to appreciate it, and I still get goose bumps thinking about what I saw from Woodall Rogers, looking back toward Central.  It was awesome seeing thousands of cars coming into Downtown with their lights on in the day time, every one -- every one..

I don't remember if the headlights demonstration was a Wednesday morning or the day before, but police supporters packed the council chambers.  I think they had a proclamation they wanted the council to approve.  Whatever it was, it was just a nice gesture toward DPD officers.

After one woman spoke (think she was head of a police wives' group), Ragsdale asked her why she hadn't done this after the first officer (Joe) was murdered (the Black officer, who was working part-time).
    DPD Officer E:
   It is  ironic that both "Then on 1/23/88, John Glenn Chase (a 26 year old White officer) was executed with his own gun on the street outside the Downtown McDonald's with a crowd of people urging the shooter on while the officer begged for his life." and  "No one is more disappointed in Laura Miller than I." are in your same story.  Wasn't this murder of Officer John Chase the downfall of Liar Miller when she worked for the Dallas Times Herald?
   Didn't she write a column saying the police department made up the accusations that the crowd was chanting for the homeless man to shoot him again?
   And when the Chief at the time brought out all of the credible witnesses to prove Liar Miller was, well, LYING in her column, the Herald FIRED HER???
  It is time she is fired again.....
  I know the point of your story was not about this tragic event, but seeing both topics brought up in your story just touched a nerve with me.

   Officer Chase was preparing to issue a traffic ticket to the driver of a vehicle he stopped at 8:40 AM. A homeless man approached and seized the officer's service revolver. As Officer Chase pleaded for his life, a crowd gathered and began to chant, "Shoot him! Shoot him again!" The attacker shot Officer Chase in the head.
   Officer John Chase was a 2 and ? year veteran of the department. One month prior to his death, he switched from an evening shift to a day shift to spend more time with his wife of three months. His parents and a brother also survive him.

(NEVER forget!)

Back then, many officers acted as apartment security guards for free rent.  The officer executed on the street was on duty.  Not to mention the horror of having that mob urging on the shooter.

The female citizen asked Ragsdale what she meant.  Ragsdale asked if the speaker and the audience only cared when a White officer was shot.  The speaker said "No", that both officers officers were being mourned, since they had died a little over a week apart.  Ragsdale scoffed her.

The woman said something back because Ragsdale was hitting her from left field.  Then Ragsdale started screaming "You, ma'am, are a racist.  A racist."  The woman denied the accusation, and started yelling back and Ragsdale was up out of her chair about to leap over the horseshoe.  Someone restrained Ragsdale, I think it was Old Al Lipscomb.  It was horrible, and it was caught on film by crews from several different TV stations.

That video was played over and over by Atlanta Chamber of Commerce people to steal our convention business.  All those years of the ODB (Our Downtown Betters) funneling money to Old Al Lipscomb to keep a lid on our race problems -- gone in a few minutes of a city council meeting.

The episode was very out of character for Diane Ragsdale, who was and is a quiet, reserved woman, but no one who doesn't know her personally will ever believe that.

The city council had a Ragsdale moment this week when Brain Dead Thornton-Reese went wacko.

We get millions in sales tax revenue from the Texas-OU game, and millions more in national exposure.  Very few people drive in for the game and go right back home after the game.  No, Texas-OU fans get here on Friday afternoon for the pep rallies and start heading back home on Sunday.  Big spenders. 

The council was supposed to have a simple approval of funds to both schools to cover some of their travel expenses, as agreed earlier this year.  Shakedown Chaney and and Brain-Dead Thornton-Reese saw a great opportunity to waste some more of our tax dollars by giving $50,000 to Prairie View and Grambling for their game, too.

Suddenly, a very public agreement regarding the Texas-OU game is a Black/White thing.

Miller criticized over Cotton Bowl games: Some seek funding for Grambling-Prairie View before UT-OU is OK'd
Thursday, August 26, 2004 By DAVE LEVINTHAL / The Dallas Morning News
...  council member Maxine Thornton-Reese accusing Mayor Laura Miller of prejudice for prioritizing one contest ? the University of Texas vs. the University of Oklahoma ? over another ? Grambling State University vs. Prairie View A&M University.
...  Dr. Thornton-Reese screamed into her microphone while jabbing her index finger at Ms. Miller, who sat two seats away. "You are showing that you are prejudiced."
... Grambling and Prairie View A&M are historically black colleges.
   The ruckus began Wednesday evening as the council debated whether to subsidize the Texas-OU game, played annually at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park, with $450,000 over three years in economic development funds or more. As part of the contract, Dallas would also pay the schools $125,000 each over five years.
   Council member Leo Chaney, whose South Dallas district includes the Cotton Bowl, then asked whether his council colleagues would consider subsidizing the Grambling-Prairie View game, also played annually at the stadium, with $50,000 over five years.
... Because city lawyers advised Mr. Chaney that he must wait one week before the council could vote on his motion, Mr. Chaney asked the mayor to delay the Texas-OU vote one week "to send the right message to the African-American community ? so that you don't treat one game differently than the other."
... "It sends a terrible message to Texas and OU ... to delay," Ms. Miller told her colleagues. "There's no downside to approving this contract now."
   And with that, Dr. Thornton-Reese launched an eight-minute verbal attack on Ms. Miller.
...  Mr. Chaney: "You're sending a terrible message to the African-American community. All I'm asking is to delay it one week ? seven days."
... The council directed Interim City Manager Mary Suhm to find $50,000 in the proposed 2004-05 budget, from which most discretional spending is trimmed.

Right here, I want to ask why we still have predominantly Black colleges?  Haven't we gone past that? 

How many years has it been since the teams of either UT or OU were exclusively White?  What does Brain-Dead's tirade say to Black students and athletes of both schools?  If you don't go to a predominantly Black college, you are not part of the African-American community?

It is ridiculous to compare the real dollar benefits of a Texas-OU weekend in Dallas to the money that comes in from the Grambling-Prairie View game.  I don't want to lose either game, but please.
    Mike Davis:

   I cannot speak about the history of these politicos who sit on the city council, because I haven?t lived in Dallas long enough.  However, I can speak to why Black Colleges exist.
Black Colleges have a lot of tradition; most were formed at a time when we were not allowed to attend other schools.  Most are still a viable educational alternative to majority white institutions.  We are taught more about our history and place in society, and how we can foster change in our community.  In addition, it affords a lot of minority kids the ability or desire to go to college, as their options are expanded.  There is no reason to close such institutions.

   There is also a legacy component, just like any other school.  We are proud to say that our fathers, grandfathers, etc went to the same college.

   I attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.,which is consistently ranked among the top liberal arts schools in the country.  It?s acceptance rate has historically hovered around 10%.  Morehouse is the leading feeder of Black Doctors and Dentists into all medical schools, as well as one of the top feeders of Blacks into graduate business schools.

   Some of our most famous alumni include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Spike Lee, Maynard Jackson, and Samuel L Jackson, among others.

   I hope this will help you with respect to your question about the existence of Black Colleges in some manner.


I am sick of this absolutely moronic woman.  She is a raving idiot with one of those off-shore Ph.D.'s that Linus Wright set up for a bunch of DISD teachers, so he could promote them over others with more experience and ability.  I am sick of Shakedown Leo Chaney, who is on leave from the DISD.  Until the voters passed the pay raise for the council, Chaney drew a $50,000+ salary from the DISD for doing the same thing he did before he was elected to the council -- nothing, no job description, no responsibilities -- nothing.

This was a planned event.  There is no way this was spontaneous.  Someone put Brain-Dead up to pulling this stunt.  She can't think fast enough to have come up with it on her own. 

Leo Chaney has a history as a shakedown artist.  He was threatening "blood in the street", marches and riots if the city changed the name of Starplex to Smirnoff.  The Fair Park area (South Dallas) is inundated with liquor stores.  The impact has been devastating.  Selling the name of Starplex to a liquor brand was insulting to South Dallas.  As soon as Smirnoff offered to pay almost $3 million to the Fair Park area community (Chaney controls distribution of the $3 million), the threats went away.  Everyone was happy except Commissioner John Wiley Price, who called it "blood money".

Then there's Brain-Dead's history as a member of the Board of Tri-Cities Hospital.  That Board ran Tri-Cities into the ground, and it has sat unused ever since.  How she can show her face in public, much less be so arrogantly stupid is beyond me.

No one is more disappointed in Laura Miller than I, but she is no bigot.  Our Mayor is a certified limousine liberal who opens her heart to all groups, particularly people who adore her.

Miller's Achilles Heel is her limousine liberal need to have minorities like her.  She can't believe the Black community really hates her.  A few Black officials and a handful of preachers are not the Black community.  I'm going out on a limb here and say that part of their dislike is Anti-Semitic.  Old Al Lipscomb was equally disrespectful toward the late Mayor Annette Strauss, at the same time he was taking money from her.

The bigots on the horseshow are not White.  The good news is that both Shakedown Chaney and Brain-Dead are dinosaurs.  They are not typical of the African-American community.  They are politicians, and both only have one more term.  Their styles of operation are as antiquated as their racism. 

The council members who gave into these two racists were cowardly and only added fuel to the fire.  The Mayor and Councilman Rasansky showed courage in their votes, even if they lost 12-2.  It is never a bad thing to be the only one doing what's right.  Of course, that message is lost on the likes of Gary Griffith, Princess Velveeta, Lois Finkelman and Sandy Greyson.

When reason fails, playing the race card is the tool of a bigot. 






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8