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Brain-Dead should resign.
That race card ...
Just Our Kind of Retail
What's the Diff?
CBS 11 Report
It's Necessary
Righting Wrongs
Woah! Pahdner!


08/31 CBS11 Sarah Dodd reports on duplicity at council meeting.
08/31 Gary Turner:  Trash in Fair Park Lagoon
08/31 Joe Martin:   Another Civics Lesson
08/30 Thornton-Reese should resign -- have her tantrums somewhere else.
08/30 Citizen D:  Let's not miss the real point of the story.
08/27 Playing the race card -- is the tool of a bigot! w/updates
08/26 Rad Field:  Farmer's Market - Transportation
08/26 James Waghorne:  Dallas is "No Place Like Home".
08/24 Shane Reber:  Family fun park to replace closed sex clubs.
08/23 Just Their Kind of Retail.  Elite don't like what Dallas shoppers want.w/new comments
08/23 Sharon Wilkins:  Paving SW Dallas near Grady Niblo Road.
08/20 Citizen D:  Reports on city code inspection ticket scam.
08/19 What's the Diff?  Certainly not party labels! w/new comments
08/19 Stan Aten:  Letter to Sec. Mineta
08/19 Michael Davis:  What happened to the city I loved?
08/19 Kathleen Matsumura:  Trinity River Event
08/19 Polly Hill:  Beautification tax?  Give her a tax break instead.
08/19 Citizen C:  City Hall Workers' Response to Mayor's Speech.
Flood Blood:  Politicians create flooding, not the Bible - Jim Schutze
07/27 They paved our prairie and made it a sewer trough -- duh duh duh
07/30 Paving the Prairie Part II -- Commissioner Price's Misplaced Priorities
04/01 It's not just the Trinity stinking - Raw sewage floating in Trinity!
08/11 CBS 11 Reports:  Accused terrorist Dallas city hall engineer, worked on major projects with no license.
08/09  Step up or get stepped on.  Allen Gwinn is no victim.
08/05 Righting Wrongs:  Somebody has to stand up to the bad guys.
08/05 Andrea Cox:  Dallas City Blues after touring Downtown
08/02 Woah, Pahdner:  Arlington taxpayers are breaking out of the herd.
08/02 Anonymous Observer:  Dallas is on the brink of collapse.
08/03 Gary Turner:  Cut DPD/DFD rank and file loose from commanders.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8