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Our Mayor's Speech
M Brey


06/24/04  Our Mayor is presiding over a smaller city!

We are smaller than San Antonio, Ft. Worth is growing faster and nobody at City Hall can figure out why. 

It's very simple!  San Antonio and Ft. Worth embrace their Texas heritage.  Neither city is overwhelmed with people from elsewhere who want their city to look like the place they left or a cheap copy of something that works in Europe. 

Consultant to help city reach goals : In annual address,
 Miller says Dallas at 'turning point,' not 'tipping point'
Wednesday, June 23, 2004 By DAVE LEVINTHAL / The Dallas Morning News
... Former Parkland Hospital board member Pat Cotton said McKinsey, with whom she worked during the late 1990s on Parkland issues, may not be a good fit for Dallas.
   "They had some pretty good people, but they're used to planning for businesses, not government entities," Ms. Cotton said. "The idea of someone coming in is excellent, but I have no idea whether McKinsey is the group to do it."  ...

Our Mayor's Speech yesterday was as bogus as her campaign promises.  Rather than dissect 25 pages of sound bites with no substance or factual base, it is attached for your own reading pleasure.

Her "big, big announcement."?  She's got a consultant firm to donate their time and come up with a new organization for City Hall operations.  Of course, that means the consulting firm will spend a lot of time (or not) and come up with a report that says Dallas needs a strong mayor form of government.     Jim Northrup:
So, a management therapist has offered to help our dysfunctional system "on the come" for follow up implementation.
   If that's the big deal, it's time for regime change.

I want to remind you what Candidate Miller told us in her brochure responding to attack ads by Tom Dunning and Domingo Garcia:

... she's fighting for --

clean up the backroom deals at City Hall   But, she voted with the rest of the council crooks to give a $64,000 rebate to a millionaire to reimburse him for repairs he has already made to his personal residence.
Basics like ... smooth roads   She says we are on track with our road repairs.  Really?  Where's that?
Basics like ... green parks   We didn't know she only meant green parks for Downtown.
Basics like ... well-paid police   Her 3-year 5% raise doesn't even get our officers up to the level of Grand Prairie.
Basics ... rather than million-dollar consultant studies and big-ticket projects downtown   Yet, her "big, big announcement" is another consultant studies and all her big plans are for downtown.

KLIF had a substitute talk jock on the Thursday morning talk show and he wanted to talk about Our Mayor's speech.  Of the first 5 calls, 3 callers were from the suburbs.  The two local callers (including me) were former Miller backers and both of us want her to get back to basics.  North Dallas Jim said "She hasn't been that great in my opinion". 

"Round 'em up and throw 'em out" (street begging bums) was one caller's answer to a rejuvenated Downtown.  He prefers Addison at night.  Addison doesn't have an opera house or a river project, but they have a booming economy and people want to live, work and dine there.  Like Carrollton, Farmer Branch and Plano, Addison has "a big vision of the little things" that make those cities better than Dallas.

I want to make one more comment about the tax abatement to Gail and Dan Patterson to reimburse them for restoration costs they have already expended to restore their personal residence.  Princess Velveeta justified the give away by saying we have given over $700,000 in the same kind of tax abatements.  She claimed these abatements for residential properties have created "permanent" jobs.  Does she mean permanent jobs for gardeners and housemaids?  The Bromberg/Patterson property has a "service entry". 

I hope you saw the wonderful report Sara Dodd on CBS11 the night before the council voted for this give away.  The house and grounds are just beautiful.  The new owners paid over $1.5 million for their property.  They even bought the house next door to live in while the Bromberg house was being restored.  Do you think they were not going to restore their home without this rebate? 

Backroom deals at City Hall like granting tax abatements for residences owned by millionaires who are politically connected and part of "in crowd" at City Hall are our image.  Council members who were not even born in Texas much less Dallas natives are our image. 

Basically, why would a tourist wanting to taste some Texas life pick Dallas, when they can get the real thing in San Antonio or Fort Worth and pay less in hotel/motel or car rental taxes? 

Laura Miller is symptomatic of what's wrong with this city.  She's a caricature and is trying to copy herself after someone else.  Our Downtown Betters (the ODB) get to travel (possibly because they don't pay property taxes like you and me).  They see stuff like String Thing Bridges while they are out and about and think they can bring them back to Dallas.  Our fancy public buildings are designed by people who have never spent a summer in Dallas.  Our rich families rip off Dallas Taxpayers and use their influence to divert our limited resources to their pet projects.

Ft. Worth buildings may not get world wide acclaim, but they look like Ft. Worth and the locals feel comfortable with them.  Ft. Worth rich families build fancy buildings and DONATE them to the city for taxpayers to enjoy.  Ft. Worth leaders keep their eyes on the "little things that make a big difference in people's lives" -- like their Zoo, which makes money for their city and attracts tourists.

I looked and looked throughout Our Mayor's speech, and found not one promise of improving our Zoo or community parks.  We voted for a populist who would focus on our issues, but elected a fake who just wanted her shot to move with the ODB.

It's so sad.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8