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06/23/04  A conversation.

M Brey     As a loyal reader of, I thought I would pass on the following DMN article which shows the City of Dallas is targeting Handicapped Parkers as well as wanting the ability to create TICKET QUOTA's for Police Officers.
City targets disabled parking privileges    I hope you are outraged about these items as much as I am.
  I am TOTALLY outraged over this TAX ABATEMENT thing for Private citizens you wrote about in It's not fair.   Keep up the good work, we appreciate it.
S B      Well, you may not like my response.  I don't think parking meters should be
available to anyone for free and certainly not for a whole day.  If someone is handicapped and works Downtown, they need to make arrangements in their
building's garage.  The meters are for short-term parking and should never be for free to anyone.  I have no problem reserving places in large lots for handicap parking, but not for free.
   The ticket quota thing is another Laura Miller anti-cop idea.
M Brey     Another thought about HANDICAP parking.  The FREE PARKING thing has been abused ever since it was created. The Original intent was that HANDICAPPED people should not be penalized for getting closer in spaces by having to pay more than cheaper spaces say at a farther distance than they would be able to move.  Somehow, the language made it that they got it FREE. 
DFW Airport lobbied several years ago to do away with this because it was being
heavily abused by people parking at the AIRPORT for several days or more and
never paying for it.  Handicapped people should pay what is fair like everyone else. Being handicapped doesn't mean they are entitled to a FREE RIDE type of thing.
sb   Then we agree.
M Brey      Yes, we do.  However, I am TOTALLY OUTRAGED about any form of QUOTA system on traffic tickets, code enforcement or such.  I believe such systems lead to ABUSE and CORRUPTION.
    I understand when you talk about Mayor Miller's Anti-Cop thing.  She wants this to use as a weapon against officers.
   My personal opinion is TICKET FINES, etc. should go to the State where they will be dispensed statewide based upon CRIME STATISTICS.  Why should small West Texas towns with little or no crime make millions off SPEED TRAPS.  As a State, we need to fund ANTI-CRIME measures where the CRIME is. Dallas has some of the highest crime.  Any additional funds available should be directed toward this.
   But encouraging Police Officers to write more tickets under a QUOTA SYSTEM is possible FRAUD or CORRUPTION. They should write tickets when a CRIME or DANGEROUS SITUATION is observed, they should not lie in wait to generate revenue.
   Last Christmas, Arlington was upset about providing Police Traffic control to the
Interlochen Neighborhood because they would lose close to $80,000 based upon those officers being out writing tickets.  To me, that smelled of the city wanting the Police to generate REVENUE for the city.  That goes against everything the Police should stand for.
   Remember the old saying "TO SERVE AND TO PROTECT" that should always be the police motto.
sb   We disagree on this.  Local is better than state.  Just would create another
bureaucracy.  Don't speed in little towns.
M Brey   Guess you are correct, but it would remove the incentive for SPEED TRAPS or
QUOTA Systems.  There is no perfect answer to this problem.  Sometimes, just the lesser of all the evils.....





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8