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06/21/04  String Thing Bridges

little background on why they NEED (not just want) those String Thing Bridges.

Because the Trinity is a floodway, the Corps of Engineers is prohibited from doing anything that diminishes the flood carrying capacity of the channel. 

So, if you put anything in (let's say a road --which is the whole reason for this Trinity Debacle)  it will reduce the flood capacity and you will need to compensate for that loss of flood capacity.  

Sort of like dropping rocks in a pail of water.  If you put something in, you have to take something out. 

To compensate for the reduced carrying capacity with the road in the Trinity channel, they have to dig the channel deeper and wider.  If you do that, the velocity of the water going through increases and undermines the piers on the existing bridges or similar bridges with piers.

So voila, the reason you need an expansion bridge is so the water can just rush under it without undermining the bridge.   
    John Willis:
The writer should have said "suspension" (not "expansion") bridge.
   The existing bridges are supported by pilings and such.
   A "suspension" bridge are made of string which suspends them from above instead of posts that support from below.
   The writer's point: 
* P
ut roads in the floodplain, the ditch must be made deeper.  
Make the ditch deeper, and the flow in increased (fluid dynamics).
Incresed flow undermines any supports from below.
ence, the need for strings and things.
   This is an invented problem.  Who in their right mind will go anywhere near that open sewer, so why build all this fancy stuff to begin with?
  As you know, the answer is only to spend money -- yours and mine.  If they dp get Federal funding, they will spend everyone's money in the country (who pays Federal taxes!)

They always say they want the bridge to make a statement, but --

at kind of statement is it when you have a bridge over a sewer? 

During the summer, 90% of the flow is upstream effluent.  One would think the less attention drawn to it, the better. 

Lorlee Bartos

Editor's comment:  How does a flat expansion bridge meet the test for a navigatable river?  Isn't a bridge supposed to arc so a barge can get under it?





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