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Stepford Wife?
Tipped over!
Who sent him most money?
Is this fair?
Details, Details
Belo Boosterism
Who's Got the Ball?
Robber Barons Duel
In Her Own Words
Utility Lines


June -- Record breaking rain - 18 days; Mayor announces she's stupid (makes us dumber); Council gives $64 K tax abatement to millionaires to rehab their $1.6 million home; Mayor wants to raise $100 mil from OUR electric bills to hide utility lines along Trinity Sewer Trough. 
Might as well rain!
06/28 Stepford Wife? or Was it Aliens?
06/28 Linda Pelon:  Questions re Tree Preservation Missing Trust Funds
06/28 Joe Briggs
ARB, Dallas Property, Taxes, Protests 
06/24 Dallas has Tipped Over & Our Mayor's delusional.
06/23 Our Mayor's Speech
Council Approves Huge Tax Abatement For Private Home  
John Hammerle, DISD Executive oversees $2.2 million of DISD tax money with felony conviction for stealing $50,000+ in insurance premiums from Collin County victims.
06/23 M Brey & Boyd:  A conversation.
06/23 Little Visions, Big Visions, Ward Politics & Payoffs?
06/22 Found puppy hound dog -- needs a good home!
06/21 It's not fair: Tax rebate to rich couple to fix up their home.  new comments
06/21 W K Gordon, III:  Wake Up Call
06/21 Jeff Martin:  Tax Abatements
06/21 Lorlee Bartos:  Those String Thing Bridges
new comments
06/21 Citizen D:  Neither City nor County are up to operating a zoo.
06/21 Dylan Cave:  Homeless Funding
06/19 John Hammerle, Convicted Felon, DISD Executive
06/19 Mary Lou Reports:  They're still pushing Harry Hines for Homeless.
06/17 Details, Details:  Council just now knows what we told you in 1997.
06/17 Citizen DTaxes and Fees and a DPD Deputy Chief Moonlighting
06/17 CBS11 ReportSuspect arrested in Arnold Blair, Jr. murder - after 8 yrs
06/17 Officer CS:  Garcia's would not ride in a DPD squad car.
06/17 NoJonesTax Committee:  Supports Jordan/Knight Proposal
06/10 Modest Proposal: Darrell Jordan & Richard Knight
06/14 Belo Boosterism -- Must mean things aren't going ODB's way just now!
06/14 Brandon Rodriguez:  Dallas needs some small town values!
06/14 Kevin Fries:  Curious about PSL scam.
06/11 Citizen D:  Cowboys did not put Dallas on the map.
06/11 Citizen BB:  My family knows Hammerle.
06/11 Stan Aten:  Fix existing parks before new expensive Downtown parks.
06/10 Who's Got the Ball? -- Another Jonestown Massacre?
06/10 Modest Proposal  
by Darrell Jordan & Richard Knight to fund new stadium.
06/10 Officer CS:  52 Week Pay for On the Job Injuries
06/09 DISD Music Program - a felon in charge?
06/08 CBS11:  Two reports on DISD Music Program
06/07 In her own words:  Councilwoman Miller would shoot Our Mayor
06/07 Robber Barons Duel - Will we see Con Jerk fighting and Miller promoting a Bad Deal for Grandpa Jones?
06/07 Avi Adelman:  This really hurts.
06/07 Ralph Goin:  Laura Miller
06/07 Dylan Cave:  Convention Business Not Likely to Improve
06/04 Utility Lines -- Bury them in our neighborhoods before Trinity Corridor. w/new comments





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8