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05/31/04  Prostitution Spa has new sign and magazine ad.

Over the past five years, the city of Dallas has seen a huge increase in spa?s and ?rub down? prostitution businesses.  

District 6
Councilman Steve Salazar and State Representative-Elect Raphael Anchia are hoping to help close the loop hole in the law with legislation that will require these establishments to have all employees licensed if they physically touch a customer.

Guest what!  It won?t work.

If such a law is passed, it won?t stop the bath houses and rub down rooms from washing down their customers and never ?touching? them.  Thus, another way to get around the law. These places have nice puffy sponges on the end of broom handles that ?rub down? the ?dirty? patron.  The patron is never ?touched? by the employee.  Thus, they still won?t require a license.

The ?dirty? attorneys who work for these legal houses of ill repute, sponsored by the city of Dallas in the form of ?Personal Services C.O.?s, will continue to find ways for their clients to skirt the law.  

Perhaps a common sense law that states something to the effect:

  If a business advertises sex for sale or
  intimates sex may take place
  and there?s internet content to corroborate sex is in fact taking place or might take place,
  that evidence can be used to at least to possibly revoke a certificate of occupancy.

After all, it is prostitution.  I?d be for allowing a hearing to let the establishment show evidence of running a legal business, such as having their clientele testify on their behalf.

At the end of the day all certificates of occupancy under the category of ?personal services? should all be red flagged and looked over very carefully. Unfortunately, this is Dallas, and that won?t happen. The eighth largest city in the United States can?t seem to run itself very well.  Legal certificates of occupancy allowing prostitution to prosper within the core of the city should tell us Dallas needs a governmental make-over.

  This picture is a sign for the business ?Mirage? on Walnut Hill Lane.

They have placed this sign on the city right-of-way with no sign permit from Dallas Building Inspection. Chase Bank is in the back ground, who must per the ?law? dot all their i?s and cross all their t?s when it comes to signage, etc.

Let's see how long it takes for the city of Dallas to react to a house of prostitution placing an illegal sign on a major street.
As of May 30th the sign has been there about two weeks.
  This is a picture is of their ad scanned from GC Magazine?s May 2004 Vol 11 Issue 12, page 55, edition.

Lets see, ?Hot Asian Girls? work there, and I can get a private room, that?s just me and her right?

I can get a ?body shampoo?, an ?oil body Rub?, and there?s a jacuzzi.
The picture of the young pretty Asian girls is alluring, as is the $10 coupon good through 6/7/04.  That?s ten dollars off how much for what exactly?

Mayor Miller, j
ust when is Dallas going to ?Get Back To Basics??

It ain't Rocket Science.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8