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05/13/04  ... stand between us and the bad guys!

When wanting to help a bunch of strangers gets a 26 year old decapitated in front of a pack of screaming animals, our local misadventures seem petty.  Pictures of our young men and women in uniform makes me increasingly aware of my age and life goals.  The rantings of crooked Congressman Rangels claiming most military in the war zone are poor minorities do not match the pictures of blonde white kids with dirt on the faces and determination in their eyes.

We really can't do much to help our military other than stand behind them in unity.  KLIF is having a rally Saturday (3 - 6 pm) at Flag Pole Hill to collect stuff like toothbrushes and personals to send to those in our uniforms on the front lines between us and the bad guys.  It would be a good thing to be there.

I always have a sense of wonder and appreciation for those who put themselves in harm's way to protect people who either don't care or resent them for being better than the rest of us.

Wednesday, there was a memorial service for Dallas Police officers who died in the line of duty, who are recognized by the beautiful structure designed by Dr. Ed Baum (UT-Arlington).  TV coverage showed a young boy weeping for his lost father.  Donald Tucker lost his dad 30 years ago and put it all in perspective:

Dallas police honor fallen officers
08:24 PM CDT on Wednesday, May 12, 2004

By JASON TRAHAN / The Dallas Morning News
Even after three decades, Donald P. Tucker Jr. still feels a tug of loss when talking about his dad.

"It was like they killed Superman," said Mr. Tucker, whose father was the 39th Dallas police officer killed in the line of duty, in 1973. "I was 13 when my dad got killed. He'll never see his grandkids. I always wanted to be a cop, but that's why I never did it." ...

We all have things we wanted to do for others, thought about doing for others -- but never did for one reason or another.  Elder parents, job responsibilities, family obligations came first.  Police and firefighters and soldiers are those special ones who do step up and step out.

When a millionaire jock walks away from professional football games to fight and die in a war, his sacrifice absolutely baffles most people and enrages the liberals and peaceniks.

Pat Tillman's death and Nick Berg's murder both baffle and enrage me.  Both were young men with incredible career opportunities here in the U.S., but there was something special in them that forced them to go help others.  The rage comes from the loss of their skills and "specialness".  Is it something genetic that gave those two men the extra altruism to do more than most of us would dare?  Since neither of them left children, did we lose generations of "special" people who would have been as bold and daring and giving as their fathers?

Men and women who make similar life choices and decide to become firefighters and cops are just as altruistic and brave and special as Berg and Tillman.  In very high proportion to their numbers, cops and firefighters risk permanent bodily harm and death.  We forget that.

While the council and police officers and family and friends of slain officers were remembering their sacrifice Wednesday, KTVT 11 was showing bruises and injuries some DRUNK TEACHER got when he resisted arrest.

Teacher Says Dallas Police Beat Him
May 12, 2004 9:00 pm US/Central
By CBS 11's J.D. Miles
   The department has had recent complaints and protests from the black community over allegations of excessive force and brutality.
   The latest incident to stir emotions involves a teacher who was hospitalized after witnesses say he was beaten during an arrest.
   These photographs were taken of Richard Beall a day after his arrest by Dallas police. The 32-year-old admits to drinking the night he was confronted by officers outside his brother's house.
... ?I followed their complete instructions. I didn't want any altercations. It was my birthday on that day.?
   But police reports say Beall tried to run and struggled with officers who responded to a call that the DISD teacher was fighting with his brother.
...  police say subduing someone who's intoxicated can difficult and ugly, while not abusive.
Beall was arrested ten years ago and placed on probation following another altercation with officers. He now faces charges of assault, evading arrest and attempting to take an officer's weapon.

Guess he learned his lesson the first time he fought with cops -- fight now, squeal abuse later!

I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet.  I can be walking a straight line and bump into a table on the other side of the room.  I can trip over the only rock in my yard.  Every time I bump or trip or fall -- I bruise like all get out.  So, I empathize with the DRUNK DISD TEACHER's bruises and aches and pains from his encounter with those DPD officers.  That's not the same as sympathizing or understanding how a DISD TEACHER got so drunk he picked a fight with his brother or tried to fight police officers AGAIN.  How do we know some of his bruises did not come from the fight with his brother? 

The Police did not just show up, they were called by someone witnessing the DRUNK DISD TEACHER fighting with his brother.  What did the caller expect the Police to do once they arrived?  Try to discuss the situation with a belligerent DRUNK DISD TEACHER?  What were the Police supposed to do when the belligerent DRUNK DISD TEACHER took off running?  Were they supposed to let him go in his state?  What if some child got in his way? 

If the DRUNK DISD TEACHER hurt someone else in his drunken state, CBS 11 would be doing a different story about how the officers didn't do their job.

I am sick of people who second guess officers who are confronted with a dangerous situation and do the best they can to get things under control and protect themselves at the same time.

Wednesday evening just before turning on my street, I saw two big fat people having sex on the trunk of a car in front of an apartment house, right on the street.  It was dusk, but not dark at all.  I mean you could see them from Walnut Hill!!  When I turned onto my street and stopped my truck, the fat woman noticed I had stopped and pushed the big, fat guy off her.  With my cell in hand, I watched them in my rear view mirror zip up and get themselves into sitting positions on the car trunk.

There are children all over my neighborhood and in that apartment complex.  What if one of them had seen what I had to experience?  Those two really big, fat people were rocking that car.  I was not just repulsed -- I was outraged.  Still, the most I was willing to do was pull over and think about calling 911.  I would have expected the Police to fix it - to haul them off - to protect my neighborhood.  I sure wasn't risking one of those big, fat people hitting me!

I am sick of politicians and media types taking the side of the bad guys.  It's easy to second guess, when you are safe from harm.  But for those who put on the protector's uniform, the rest of us could not live our nice, safe lives. 

That's not to say all cops, firefighters or soldiers are saints.  They are human and flawed but still more special than we can ever imagine.

The pictures of prisoner abuse in Iraq was pretty ghoulish.  I was more offended that a woman would be part of it than any humiliation done to those terrorists.  She didn't look unhappy to be staring at and making fun of a bunch of naked guys.  I still don't know how pictures of her having sex with another soldier was supposed to be part of "softening up" of the prisoners, but I don't care one way or the other.  What she did will set back 20 years of effort to have women treated as equal in the military!

I don't know which Congressman or Senator made the statement, but one asked "How did these people get in the military?"  He asked the question because, most of us instinctively know people who put on a uniform to protect us are better than we are.  When we learn a few bad apples got through the screening, it disturbs our sense of order and security.

Without those willing to step between us and the bad guys, none of us could accomplish anything.  No woman would be safe in or out of her home.  No child would be safe or able to get an education other than what his parents might be able to teach him by rote.  No senior would be able to survive beyond the years when he or she could pack their own weapon. 

Without those willing to step between us and the bad guys, there would be no doctors, teachers, construction people, entertainers, sports stars.  There would only be chaos. 

Rather than second guessing or criticizing or accusing those who stand between us and the bad guys, let's just occasionally give a prayer of thanksgiving for their sacrifice on our behalf.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8