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Dallas, Texas
and so it begins . . .
Those who can't ...
Are there that many perverts?
Law & Disorder II
Law & Disorder
Did City Atty do in NW Dallas?
Grandpa Jones & Old Al
Belo Behind Harry Hines Site?
Grandpa Jones is a Billionaire


03/28 Dallas, Texas -- not Dallas, NY or Dallas, Spain .... w/new comments
03/26 And so it begins, Grandpa Jones kicks off campaign to rob you.  Will Our Mayor stand with us during campaign?  revised w/new comments
03/26 Rad Field:  Letter to County Commissioners
03/25 Oak Cliff prevails against twits.
03/24 Jones Gang's coming, has bumper stickers -
Dallas, Where even Cowboys will rob you
03/22 Those who can't -- collect data and prepare reports!
03/18 Are there that many perverts in Dallas? new comments
03/18 James Waghorne: More homeless information.
03/12 Kirk Launius:  Does Council have Dallas ready for 10 backpacks?
03/12 Mike Alexander:  Besieged by Street Bums.
new comments
03/11 Law & Disorder II
03/08 Dallas is a city of Law & Disorder. new comments
03/08 Officer CS:  Random Gunfire from an Officer's View. new comments
03/08 Mary Lou:  Notes from Bachman/NW meeting
03/05 Did the City Atty do a dance number on NW Dallas?
03/04 Jones & Lipscomb are playing "Br'er Rabbit" scam. new comments
03/04 Mary Lou reports on Fair Park site meeting.
03/02 Is Belo behind push for Street Bums' Day Spa on Harry Hines?
03/02 Barbara Miller has some info for Steve Blow.
03/02 Citizen C has a new suggestion for a homeless shelter site.
03/01 Grandpa Jones's a Billionaire.  Why does he need our money?
03/01 Rad Field: Houston has $$ crisis despite/because of new stadium.
03/01 Another Dickey/Boyd Debate -
03/01 Report from faux-community meetings on Trinity Project





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8