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02/16/04  Citizen doing good for the rest of us.

Hugh Brooks is a man with a mission.  A reader got in touch with for more information on financials relating to Samuell Farm.  I put him in touch with Hugh Brooks, who shared his response with us.  Thought you would like to see how one citizen is being a good steward of public assets. 

Hugh Brooks has a much different concept of public/private partnerships than do Tom Hicks or Jerry Jones.


Our organization, Friends Of The Farm, was founded in 2002 to obtain the rights to restore, preserve and operate the 340 acre tract called Samuell Farm.

In the past 24 months, we have designed a plan that would once again make Samuell Farm a destination for children and families throughout Dallas, particularly those with limited financial resources. 

Our programs include the restoration of almost 100 acres of tall grass prairie, restocking the fishing ponds, the restoration of Dr. Samuell's summer cottage, improving hiking trails, planting agricultural crops as part of an educational program, and creating community outreach programs to extend the reach and services of existing non-profit, family oriented programs.

We are now operating under an agreement with Dallas Parks and Recreation. Pursuant to this agreement, Friends Of The Farm provides and bears the expense of all routine maintenance services. This includes the collection and disposal of litter and other trash, cleaning of buildings,  mowing and other landscape services,  road maintenance nand repair, security and other costs associated with day to day operations.
We pay for all utilities, propane, water, insurance, road materials, fencing, plants and trees, office equipment and other supplies. Capital improvements, such as the remodeling of existing buildings or restoration of Dr. Samuell's cottage, will be our expense, as will all costs of stocking ponds, marking trails, reparing fences, etc.

All donations, revenues, or other monies received by Friends Of The Farm are used for the maintenance, improvement and operation of the park. The City of Dallas contributes no money to our operation. No part of the income from the Samuell Trust has been requested or is received by Friends Of The Farm.  No monies allocated to other parks, including Samuell properties, are used to maintain Samuell Farm. In fact, except for the expense of extraordinary repairs, (i.e. broken water mains, power lines, or repairs required to protect the safety of the public), the City contributes nothing to our operation.

I hope this serves to answer your questions. I invite you to visit the farm and would be happy to sit down with you and discuss any aspect of our mission, our plans, programs or operations. I can be reached at Samuell Farm at 972-289-FARM. Samuell Farm is open Tuesday through Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm. We are closed to the public on Mondays for maintenance and special programming with juvenile services.

God bless,

Hugh Brooks





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