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Mayor Snubs Taxpayers

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02/04/04  300+ Taxpayers Get to See Who Rates with Mayor Miller!

If you had any doubt things are worse at City Hall than they were under Ron Kirk, you should have been in the Council Chambers Tuesday night between 7 and 9 pm.  Over 300 business owners and residents from NW Dallas and Deep Ellum packed the council chambers on a cold week night to tell the Mayor and Council why our two areas cannot support a facility that will attract thousands of vagrants to our respective areas.

We were mostly talking to each other.  Only council members Lois Finkelman (chaired the meeting), Veletta Lill and Gary Griffith bothered to attend.  Granted, their committee was hosting the meeting, but there was no excuse for the Mayor, John Loza, Steve Salazar or even Mitch Rasansky not attending.

Editor's Comments:  Councilman Salazar sent an e-mail assuring NW Dallas he is against the Harry Hines site, which is in his district.  Councilman Rasansky called on Friday to advise he was ill Tuesday evening and had intended to be there.  He is definitely voting against the Harry Hines site.
    Steve B:
How many more things will Laura have to screw up
before you and others in this city realize what a fake
she really is? 
   Laura will 'dance' with and to the tune of the one's who own her, excuse me, 'brung' her.  Allright--the N. Dallas crowd and the Belo bunch (her new best friends}. 
   It seems, she's just another hack politician going for fame and fortune and her 'legacy.'
  In this case, a city left in ruins that thinks of itself as hotshot rather than the has
been it really is. 
   Really, the only area that even looks any better in this town since Laura became Mayor is some of downtown.  Compared to Fort Worth or Houston's downtown, it still looks like a wasteland.

The two most problematic sites are in Loza and Salazar's districts, but they impact residents in Lill and Rasansky's districts, too.  The Malcom X site, which the Mayor prefers, is in Loza's district.  The Harry Hines site is in Salazar's district, but will have a huge impact on Loza's constituents near Grwyler Park down through Oak Lawn.  Both sites will do great harm to Lill's District 14 residents and businesses.

With the exception of a representative from Trinity Commons (Trinity Project boosters), most speakers favored the Industrial Blvd. site because of its separation from neighborhoods and proximity to existing County services at Lew Sterret.  David Morris (ran against John Loza) made the best argument for Industrial -- it's vacant and the facility can be built as it is needed, rather than retrofitting an existing building.

All the Deep Ellum speakers listed what they already endure because of the concentration of vagrants and street bums in their area.  Bums walk into their offices and building panhandling -- so much for the Mayor's anti-panhandling efforts.  Bums steal everything they can get their hands on and some stuff they have to pry loose. 

Deep Ellum speakers correctly noted Deep Ellum is the glue that will pull East Dallas, Downtown and Fair Park together.  If it fails because the city has invited a bunch of problematic vagrants into that area, all their efforts and investments will be wasted and an opportunity to save Downtown lost forever. 

Who in their right mind would ever trust this Mayor or this Council or our City Hall again?

NW Dallas speakers (including yours truly) talked about the injustice this would be to our community residents and businesses.  Roxan Staff talked about our concentration of over-populated apartments, gang and drug problems and the fact that we are the # 1 crime area in the nation's # 1 crime city.  Put those vagrants in our area, and we will hold on to both rankings in perpetuity.

I talked about this being a blind sided assault on many of our NW Dallas neighbors who don't speak English and have no idea what's coming at them and questioned why Mayor Miller had no time for a townhall meeting with our community or even a meeting with community leaders from NW Dallas.  Our Mayor had a "townhall" meeting with vagrants who pay no taxes and cost us money, and she had a "townhall" meeting with "vagrant service providers" who use our tax monies and charities as a job fair for themselves with little of it getting down to the vagrants. 
    Barbara M:
and our other advocates did a great job Tuesday night.  I don?t know if you caught the 6 p.m. news before leaving for the meeting, but Laura was interviewed and asked about the opposition to the shelter in NW Dallas. 
   She was VERY flip in her reply, which was essentially ?nobody wants the homeless shelter in their neighborhood, now I?ll be getting letters from the jail inmates saying they don?t want them in their neighborhood.?  
  It really ticked us off.  She definitely projected that she didn?t give a darn what we think in North Dallas.
  We supported and voted for Laura twice, but it is beginning to be doubtful if she gets another vote from us.  I hear disillusionment with her from my neighbors. 
   She needs to remember who got her elected. She also needs to consider the negative consequences on property values in NW Dallas of thousands of homes, which would be impacted. 
   She is supposed to be so financially savvy, but she is paving the way for loss of tax revenue. 

One very well-dressed lady said she works with the homeless and can't understand why the rest of us want them out of our neighborhoods and stuck over in "la la land".  Talk about dense and arrogant!

There is no way the absent council members or the Mayor will listen to the recordings of taxpayer comments from Tuesday night.  They aren't even likely to read a transcript -- if one is prepared.  They might skim a report by staff or the committee members who did attend -- if one is prepared.

No, Tuesday night was just a sham so council members can say they heard comments from the community before they shaft one of our communities.  The vagrant supporters want all the sites as a satellite system.  One guy wants us to tax everyone a quarter (25?) a day to give to the vagrants like they do in NY where he came from.  That's part of the problem at City Hall

I asked why there had been no meeting in our communities where the proposed sites are located, since we are the ones who get to pay for this looming disaster.  Councilwoman Finkelman said the Mayor called the other two meetings, that Tuesday night's meeting was her committee's meeting, and they could not be expected to have meetings all over town.

There are only 4 final sites:  Industrial Blvd. (no community nearby), Malcom X (devastating for Deep Ellum and East Dallas and South Dallas), Harry Hines site (doomsday for redevelopment in NW Dallas) and the Decker Jail (back on the table for some reason).

There would only need to be 2 meetings to get input from people most impacted by their decision -- one at Bachman Lake Rec Center and one at a place in Deep Ellum.  The Mayor had time for vagrants and their keepers, but no time for taxpayers.

One NW Dallas community leader asked me the night before "Does Miss Laura know she's ripping her britches with us?"  I told him I don't think she does.  He replied "We have long memories in North Dallas."

It's not just the Mayor who should be catching heat over all this lack of information to the communities that will bear the brunt of their stupid do-gooder efforts.  Mitch Rasansky's district goes to the North side of Walnut Hill and almost to East side of Brockbank.  He hasn't called a meeting to let his district people know about this either.  Neither has Veletta Lill advised the Oak Lawn/Bluffview people that vagrants are going to be roaming their community.

There is no excuse for John Loza or Steve Salazar to be ignoring this.  Loza told our Mary Lou that he "didn't know enough about it", and wasn't necessarily opposed to it.  That's because he doesn't care one way or the other what happens to the people who live near Grwyler Park or in Deep Ellum or anywhere else.  I learned the hard way in 1998 that John Loza doesn't care about anyone but himself and possibly his campaign manager.

I will be calling Councilman Salazar personally to determine where he stands on this matter.

This is what happens in a corrupt city.  The people who stick it out in this city and pay their taxes have the least influence at City Hall.  What if the city was considering that Mockingbird site where WalMart wanted to go?  The Park Cities and Turtle Creek crowd would be all over City Hall, as well they should.

All excuses aside, this is Laura Miller's fault.  She runs around trying to be all things to all people, and ignores her base.  Do you think Ron Kirk would have stirred all this up?  Don't you think he would have looked at the Industrial Blvd. site and said -- least impact, least hassle, make it happen.  He may have been a crook, but he was at least a smart crook.

The real kicker in all this is that there's no money to do this.  The bond package was only for $3 million, and none of these sites can be done for that trifle amount.  That's where we've come to in this town.  You can't build a vagrant shelter for $3 million!  Then there's the drain on the budget once the shelter gets operational, if ever! 

We can't pave our streets, we can't keep our parks green, we can't pay our cops and firefighters or our civilian employees what they deserve -- but Our Mayor is spending all her time chasing money for and accommodating street bums and their keepers.  Don't remember that in her campaign platform.  For that matter, I don't remember a tent city in the bond package.

Our Mayor is smart and has a lot of stuff on her plate -- but much of it is self-induced.  She inflicts the no-smoking ordinance (which I personally love) on lawful restaurants and bowling alleys, but she makes no effort to enforce anti-panhandling laws against vagrants, polluters and vandals. 

When Sarah Dodd at CBS 11 interviewed her and said several hundred people would be at City Hall Tuesday night to protest the Harry Hines site as the vagrant hotel, she flippantly said "
nobody wants the homeless shelter in their neighborhood, now I?ll be getting letters from the jail inmates saying they don?t want them in their neighborhood". 

The jail inmates' opinion would probably carry more weight with the Mayor than the people who voted for her and campaigned for her -- "the ones who brung her".






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8