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02/02/04  "The Down and Out"

Understanding, the frustration that comes from bringing the homeless, the down trodden and the addicted to a ?neighborhood near you,we still have to take a constructive look at the solutions and problems and not let emotion take over.


These ?Bums? are human beings, as are the gang members who terrorize my neighborhood and family.  Because I believe it is bad to carry hate in your heart, I do not hate the gang members for threatening to harm my family and me.  Nor do I see them as animals.  I will defend my family to the death if necessary, and I would not mind seeing most gang members in jail.  

I refuse to let my anger and emotions get the best of me. These gang members are people who have made bad choices and who deserve to face their consequences.


As for the ?bums?,  we have to see who they really are.  They are people who have made a lot of bad choices and keep making them until they are found frozen to death under a bridge, incarcerated, addicted to drugs or alcohol. All these factors point to one thing for the bum: Death.

any of them are males who refuse to better themselves even though they live in a country where the GDP surpasses all countries in the world.

Editor's Comments:
Ft. Worth controls their street bums by enforcing their laws against feeding street people downtown.  Ft. Worth has shelters away from downtown and away from residential areas -- and their bums get there or leave town.
    No do-gooder programs for street bums work.  We have been doing the same thing on a smaller scale for 15 years, and all we have done is attract more of the metroplex's street bums because Dallas is more generous than our neighbor cities.
   We do not have to take care of street bums,but we should re-open  institutions for the "mentals".  The rest made their life choices.

  It's ironic the very do-gooders who closed the mental institutions out of mistaken liberal experiments now want to create "open-door" institutions for street bums who want to panhandle for enough "dolla's" to buy more booze or drugs.
   We should assist women with children,but we spend ten times more on the bums. There's little left to spend on the people we might actually help.
   Sometimes,true love is "tough love".  Refusing to be terrorized by street gangs or street bums or do-gooders is not "hate in my heart", it is self-defense and defense of the working poor who don't have time, resources or political clout to defend their communities and their homes and most importantly their children from bad ideas made by politicians.


There are many ?handouts? available for the bum.  He can choose to better himself by using all the services around the city and eventually leave the streets.  The bum can also get caught in a cycle of ?handouts? and stay on the street.  This is why the ?homeless spa? should be made with standards that lead the homeless to have homes, no matter the location.


Simply providing homeless men (who have many physical and mental problems) with shelter in the form of old buildings and tents does the city no good.  Providing shelter with strict rules and a solid plan and goal will do better.


After all, what is the city?s main goal for the homeless: To box them up and ship them to China or Mexico No, the goal should be to get them off the street, to get them to contribute to society in one way or another.


History tells us there will always be homeless around.  In Dallas, we will always have people down and out.  We have to figure out better ways of dealing with the problem because people are rotting away and too much money is wasted on programs that fail.

Sometimes we have to discard our pride, step off the soapbox and help those who are in need despite the choices they have made for themselves.

One day, we might loose our luxuries and find ourselves in desperate need of a "dolla"  -- as in: Gotta "dolla?". 





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8