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Liars and Losers
Moving Cars or Feeding Egos?
Marie Antoinette
Governmental Racism
Real City Needs vs.
Salazar Stands Up
Mayor Snubs Taxpayers
Bums vs. Taxpayers


02/27 Another view of Council's action.
02/27 Lee Kelton wants us at the Celtic Dance Festival at Fair Park.
02/26 Cowards and Racists prevail at City Hall new comments
02/26 Rad Field - Letter to Client
02/26  Thank you to Councilman Bill Blaydes
02/26  Thank you to Councilman Gary Griffith
02/26  Thank you to Councilman Mitch Rasansky
02/23 Earth to Miller -- Basics before Bondoogles
02/23 Citizen D wants USER taxes for Jones Stadium.
02/23 DPD Officer responds to Councilman's inquiry.
02/21 Councilman Salazar's looking out for NW Dallas.
02/21 JC:  HIgh level Dallas gangs
02/20 Officer K forgives.
02/20 Mary Lou reports on Dallas gangs.
02/19 Marie Antoinette:  Let wounded cops eat String Thing Bridges!
02/19 Officer CS:     Mayor doesn't get it.
02/19 Frank Stitch:   Report from NTTA faux-community meeting.
02/19 Gary Turner:  What is Planet Venus?
02/18 Officer Dan:   Mayor & Council have Crossed the Line
02/17 DPD Officer's wife resents Mayor's attitude!
02/16 Governmental Racism - Oak Lawn to NW Dallas
02/16 CBS 11's Robert Riggs reports on prison gangs working Dallas!
02/16 Samuell Farm - Hugh Brooks could teach Grandpa Jones a lesson in public/private partnerships.
Officer CS has suggestions for new Dallas brand
02/12 Ooops! abound around City Hall.
02/12 Casie Pierce is unhappy with illegal campers.
02/13 Gary Turner:  Weisfeld should resign from city commission.
02/11 Stan Aten comments on proposed street bums' day spa.
ALERT!! CBS 11's  Sarah Dodd reports on Cultural Affairs Comm. Vice Chair Herschel Weisfeld's efforts to sell his brother's $5.5 Million Bachman area facility to city for street bums' day spa.    Dallas.Org has tongue-in-cheek slide show so you can visualize what a facility on Harry Hines @ NW Hwy will do to Dallas. has discovered more news of concern about this "sweetheart" deal.
02/09 Mayor's Priorities Don't Match City's Needs.
02/06 James Waghorne says thanks for our help on shelter fight.
02/05 Officer CS talks about racial profiling story.
new comments
02/05 Councilman Salazar stands up for NW Dallas. new comments
02/05 Don Abbott is tickled pink with Mary Kay.
02/05 - Racist, Huh?
02/04 Mayor snubs Dallas Taxpayers!
02/04 Mary Lou reports on "townhall" meeting the Mayor skipped.
02/04 Mike Perry says no more vagrants on Harry Hines.
Mayor's no show at townhall meeting.  Street bums and homeless providers get audience with her, but taxpayers get the bums rush.  300+ residents and business owners show up on a week night at City Hall and talk to each other. Only 3 councilmembers thought it was important to hear what we had to say.  Dallas taxpayers want Industrial Blvd.
02/03 Rad Field lectures council on stadium folklore.
02/03 Casie Pierce has some dirty pics from White Rock Lake
02/03 Mary Lou says Loza may be for HH site for Street Bums.
02/02 Bums vs. Dallas Taxpayers Part II
02/02 Gary Turner - Response to Street Bums' Day Spa Issue
02/02 Jorge Torres, Jr. - Bums are Humans, too.
02/02 James Waghorne has a different perspective.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8