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12/29/05   Nuisance Club in Downtown Must Go.

  It's good that someone is finally talking about Club Blue, located at Pacific and Harwood Streets in Downtown Dallas.  It?s time to shut the doors or make them change their ways.  DMN's Jason Trahan does a good job exposing this club as a public nuisance.  He talks about community and DPD concerns with Club Blue.
Hot club's quarrels with police boil over; Dallas: Officers say Blue draws crime; owner thinks it's a bad rap
Wednesday, December 28, 2005 by JASON TRAHAN / The Dallas Morning News

A lot of people (under 30) in the Black community view me as a resource and an outlet for political info as well as a place to vent because they feel I might run for office one day.  They remind me of that at every function I attend.  Whether I run for Council or not is subject to debate, one thing that is not debatable is that Club Blue needs to be closed and operated as something other than a club.

The Club owner uses the defense that ?every club has problems, the police are picking at us and it?s not our fault?.  That just doesn?t hold water.

The problem started when Blue began catering to a very young crowd of 18 and up.  That?s when the crime escalated.   I know people who were very angry because they paid more than $500 for VIP passes, but just months after the club opened the owners let it go down the tubes.

Blaming the crime on a parking lot or people congregating is not the problem? it?s the club owner's clientele causing the problem.  When you combine 18 year olds with alcohol and selective security, your club IS a time bomb waiting to happen as the Officer states in Trahan's article.

Question:   If you have a party at your house and let someone drink until their sloshed and they drive away and kill someone, you are responsible.  This is the same deal.  If someone leaves a drug house and gets killed across the street in a drug deal, they are responsible.  Club Blue should be held to the same standard.

I am working with others in the Black community to get rid of hot-sheet motels in the Southern Sector.

At one motel, we had one murder of a motel patron.  We couldn?t pin him to the motel because allegedly the motel owners had the victim stripped of his clothes, literally dragged a half block away and left, so the murder wouldn?t be attributed to the motel People witnessed the activity  but are too scared to testify.   At a second murder, the victim was stripped but police found his body in the motel room before he could be moved. 

When you kick unruly people out of a club and let them loose on the community, you should be held accountable for their actions (especially when they act out right across the street!).

This is the type of mayhem that happens regularly at Blue that is never reported.

The following are rough edits;  please forgive the slang and grammar.  I cleaned them up as not to offend anyone but these are the types of things I get about Blue.  Actual stories, not hearsay I wish I had saved them all, but here?s a few.
After the club me and my boyfriend were walking across the first parking lot at Blue, when some guy reached out and grabbed my neck and asked me my name and number.  I looked at the dude like WTF.   My boyfriend snatched his hand off my neck!  The dude and his 7 friends got pissed!  So I put myself between my dude and the guy who grabbed my neck and said "Baby, let?s (leave).  They ain?t worth it."

e proceeded to my SUV and all of a sudden I said ?Baby, I swear those guys are following us."  I turned around quick and got a head count of 11 and asked my dude to remove his platinum chain and watch and give to me because I can see it's about to be some trouble! We made it to the truck, and I get in and my dude gets in on the passenger side.  The guy reaches in and sucker punches my boyfriend!  He turned to me and said, "Baby, I am going to get out.   You just drive off, and I will meet you somewhere around here when I break free if possible."  He slammed the truck door and got out, and I looked in front of my truck and counted 16 guys ready to rumble.  My guy asked ?so ya'll want to jump somebody??  

hey responded "Hell, yeah, that?s how we get down."   I was supposed to drive off but couldn?t.  I saw a dude sneaking around by my side of the door to make his way around the back of my truck where my dude was fighting and I kicked my door open to hit him in the face jumped out with his necklace around my fist.  He sucker punched me!!!  Hetried to snatch the necklace.

I broke free to run across the lot to Blue security outside.  They said that they could not help him in the parking lot and I needed to dial 911. They club security was just watching across the street!...

They did pull down his ponytail and he caught a blow to the side of his head.  My truck was dinged up badly, but I got it fixed.  This is why I want you to tell the whole story... everything that I have done and the people of Dallas and this is what comes out of it...? I got sucker punched and these guys thought it was cute!  Man, this is a hot mess and I hate the way things are going down? one of my models got her car stolen and he was caught on 30 at a gas station!

When is all this going to stop?  All because a guy didn?t get my name or number.

Does the club allow drug use? Maybe so?. Here?s another comment.

I?ve been only once.  The one time I went there, I was almost high off the contact (marijuana smoke). I had to wash my hair thrice to get the smell out.
I went to Blue on my birthdayI was told by the bouncers that I couldn?t even have my birthday money on my shirt because I would get robbed.  There were 3 people rolling joints on the window ledge in VIP.  Ain?t no d--- security
I live close to Blue, and just the crowd in the parking lot is enough to turn you away.
The only way to make a club tight is to stop appealing to the 18ish crowd ... some of those folks love to pay $15 to go fight at the club...

He opens night clubs touting them as "upscale"; deliberately targets younger crowds; then is forced to close down due to excessive crime/violence; and comes back reincarnated in the form of another "upscale" nightclub.  ?He's made a lot of money from Blue, but it is now a serious problem that needs to disappear. So, I say, ?The future of DT Dallas is far more important to me than your bank account." To the City of Dallas I say stop giving this guy funding and permits so that he can open up these 'crime magnets' in Dallas!!!"

Others suggested that these clubs don?t operate as initially advertised

I have written about these types of places in previous articles.  The now-closed Club Suavemente (Mockingbird), DMX, Escapade and Kaoba (all in NW Dallas) are other examples.  According to my contacts, Club Blue is one of the worst offenders. And the crime stats that Trahan cites support that assumption.  

The owners of Blue have clubs in other parts of the city and don?t have these problems.  Why does Club Blue?

I personally talked to the father of Joseph Davis (no relation), the young man who was stomped to death in October after a downtown party.

Downtown Dallas Mob Fatally Beats Teen;
Joseph Davis, 18, Died Sunday
POSTED: October 3, 2005; UPDATED: October 6, 2005
Dallas police Monday were investigating the brutal beating death of a teenager who had recently moved to the area.
   Police said Joseph Davis, 18, died in a parking lot Sunday on the east side of downtown Dallas after a fight broke out.
   They said he was hanging around with two relatives when a group of as many as 20 men surrounded and began beating him at around 2:30 a.m.
   The relatives escaped, but Davis died in the attack....

Talking to him for those 15 minutes was heartbreaking.  I will do everything I can to make sure no other parent goes through that anguish because of some irresponsible club owner.  

The Club Blue owners might mean well, and I wish them well in their other ventures, but enough is enough. 





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8