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12/16/05  How we should treat city employees.

I am so sorry to hear about Senior Corporal Becker, the DPD officer who is battling cancer.  All of us share in his pain.  The City should do more for employees in his situation. 

For many years, employees like me donated "vacation" time that we could not use to the Catastrophic Leave Fund.  I always thought that it should be "sick time", but there was some technicality about that. 

It seems SICK that when I retire December 16, 2005, I will forfeit (leave behind) 720 hours of unused and "unpaid" sick time!  I would GLADLY donate it to employees like Corporal Becker.  I was blessed to have it and not need it.  I feel that the unused/unpaid sick is "mine" and I should be able to donate it to a fellow employee (and their family in need). 

In the long run, it is better and cheaper to bridge employees like Corporal Becker over to Long Term Disability by providing appropriate and compassionate care and INSURANCE.  Otherwise, he ends up at Parkland and at the doors of social service agencies already drained by the recent hurricane victims.  In my opinion, he and so many others like him (civilian or uniformed) have more than paid their dues and should be accorded the "respect" that their labors and service have earned them!

Our Council has been short-sighted and mean-spirited in how it deals with ALL employees.  "Successful" organizations understand that employees come FIRST!  Why?  Because the employees are the first contact most customers and users have with the organization.  If you treat the employees well, they will treat the customers well.

When certain members of the Council try to compare public sector operations and the private sector they mess it up!  Our Council keeps emulating the "Enron" model rather than the Southwest Airlines model.

Maybe you can help get the message across to them.  As a concerned and committed employee who has spent years trying to do so, I have had very little success.

Corporal Becker
and his family are in my prayers as well as those of many other civilian workers here.

Editor's comments:  Citizen D has emerged from his cocoon as the retired Darryl Baker. readers have benefited from his comments for several years.





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