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11/28/05  ... Just make sure you spend your money in Dallas!

  Since our council seems determined to give property tax abatements to Robber Baron Billionaires, we need to be spending our Christmas money inside our city limits.
It's been years since I ventured into a retail establishment on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but a whole bunch of buyers did this year.  Saturday evening, I did hit Sam Moon's because a niece in Lake Charles loves the funky purses you can only find there.  It was a mob scene, but a friendly mob scene.  We stood in lines to plunk down our money, and there were lines behind us.  I couldn't help but think of the city's share of all those sales transactions.    
11/30 Tim Dickey:
Once again you hit the nail on the head with your praise of Sam Moon and what he's doing, unsung, for the city and citizens of Dallas, while the ODB billionaire beggars are never sated by their incessant supping at the public trough. 
   There's a constant
sound of our civic life blood being sucked dry by these arrogant leeches and their council minions.  How is giving millions to billionaires is good for business? 
      What about doing something that's good for middle-class Dallasites, of all races?  When was the last time any of these business leeches and their council minions checked a book out of the public library?  Walked in a Dallas park?  Rode public transit?
Councilman Steve Salazar likes to remind everyone how much sales tax revenue is generated on Harry Hines.  (He's not talking about sales tax revenue from the increasingly rare shady ladies because they don't collect sales taxes or report revenue).  He's talking about all the retail and wholesale stores located on Harry Hines. 

There are new shopping malls are going up on both sides of Harry Hines.  The ones on the East go through to Denton Drive because there are big changes happening on that street.  DART's lite rail gets North of Walnut Hill on Denton Drive about the same time Denton Drive gets widened to 4 lanes, those smart shop owners and mall developers are going to be in a position to cash in on their entrepreneurial risks.

  Besides Councilman Salazar, no one at City Hall seems to think much about the incredible retail world happening on Harry Hines.  The shops look cheesy and "foreign", but the people shopping in Sam Moon's with me looked very Dallas -- the same faces you normally see at fancy malls with big name stores.

Sam Moon's was not the only Harry Hines shopkeeper doing big business Saturday evening.  There were full parking lots in front of most stores up and down Harry Hines.  It was great!

Know what's even greater?  That's pretty much the way it is every Saturday on Harry Hines. 

We've got big plans to create an inland port in South Dallas.  Last week, Ch. 11's Sarah Dodd (broken bones and all) interviewed Councilman Ron Natinsky about the big plans and potential partnership with China.  At a breakfast meeting of the Stemmons Corridor Business Association last week, Councilman Salazar also told us about the port plans.  It is very promising for Dallas, but we've already got big news that no one seems to appreciate.

My fellow shoppers Saturday represented many ethnic groups.  Most were well dressed.  Lots of young teens.  I guarantee you a big percentage of them are from the suburbs.      11/28/05  Bob Hosea:
The ultimate Christmas present would be the arrival of Aliens who would scoop up City Hall and its occupants, including Ed Oakley, and give them a forever vacation on some out of the way planet.  Next stop, the school board.

I've never met the man, but if Sam Moon is a U.S. citizen and lives in Dallas, I hope he will consider running for Mayor at some time in the near future.  He's not planning pie in the sky inland ports.  He's just generating millions in sales tax revenue for us right now.  It's not like he's keeping it all to himself and his employees.  There are scores of other beads and bags, etc. shops up and down Harry Hines who benefit from customer overflow after they have done all the stores in Sam Moon's mall. 

The South Dallas port seems like a very do-able project that will certainly benefit our city.  We are already seeing some of the promise.  It's exactly the kind of public-private arrangement that we should be doing.  New businesses, new jobs, new money! 

That's why it was so ludicrous to give away tax money to a business that's already here whose Robber Baron owner blackmailed (without much effort) the council!  "Give me $6.3 million or I'll take my employees to Irving where they won't give me a tax abatement either."  Hunt was never leaving Dallas, but we will be working with $6.3 million less in property tax revenue that you and I will have to make up with higher taxes on our homes and businesses.

Then, there's Arlington's City Council wiping out an entire neighborhood to build a football stadium for Jerry Jones.  Irving not only didn't take Grandpa Jones' bait, they are already making post-Cowboy plans for Texas stadium and the land it sits on.  Even more fun -- Irving is about to hit Grandpa Jones with a bill to paint the roof on Texas Stadium.  Don't you love those guys?  Grandpa Jones has not taken care of Irving's property, and they are going to hold that Arkansas creep to their contract.  Irving's city council knows how little development a football stadium generates.      11/28/05  Michael Davis:
The thing about the Dallas Cowboys stadium vote that always makes me scratch my head is that people really believe all that retail will spring up.  Have they looked at the Irving 183 frontage road lately? Car dealerships and motels.  Some economic boon!
   Who's going to stay in Arlington with no decent hotels, no public transportation and awful traffic? I repeat, AWFUL TRAFFIC that will only get worse when Cowboyland opens!
   Drive 360, I-30 or I-20 during rush hour, and let me know what you think. 
   Still, the DFW Metroplex has enough people who don't give a damn and will line up for hours to buy tickets when the stadium opens.
   I doubt I ever set foot in that stadium unless I get free tickets.  To yell and cheer on top of land that was stolen from poor senior citizens makes my skin crawl.  When they built casinos in Atlantic City, Steve Wynn and Donald Trump had the decency to either give the people a free condo or pay them enough to buy a decent house. Not Jerry Jones. 
   One displacement of an entire neighborhood = one more plastic surgery for the football-team owning freak.

They are still the Dallas Cowboys.  Never have been the Irving Cowboys.  Never will be the Arlington Cowboys.  We just don't have to pay for Grandpa's new stadium.

It's ironic that Arlington has never seen the economic boon promised by the Ball Park, but they are ready to step up and screw up again.  Guess hope springs eternal in the hearts of small time politicians!  Grandpa Jones and the Arlington Council certainly dimmed hope in the hearts of over a hundred families for a false promise.     11/28 Rad Field:
The EPA has problems with Texas air emissions.  One idea is to close "drive thru's" (like burger joints, banks and who knows perhaps gas lines)
   I'm not sure business owners will like closing their drive through facilities.  Look at the line of vehicles on LBJ and 114 going to DFW.  Perhaps the air emissions folks would like to close airport parking lots and force everyone to ride the Trinity Railway. 
  This subject could become a "hot" one early next year, because the area does not meet air quality requirements.  Maybe  Texas Stadium will have to close a couple of years early, and Jones' new stadium will never open. 

We have a business man in Dallas who creates jobs, stimulates our local economy, generates huge sales tax revenue and encourages new entrepreneurs.  Did I miss something?  Did our city council give Sam Moon a tax abatement?  Did he even ask for one?  Or, wonders of all wonders, did he become a retail tycoon on his own without government assistance?

Here's an early New Years resolution -- don't do business with any company that demands or accepts a tax break to come to or stay in Dallas.  Spend all your Christmas gift-buying money in the many stores on Harry Hines.  The men and women who own and work in all those stores are living the American dream. 

Don't know about you, but I'm very thankful we still have people who venture their own money and sweat in America.  I'm even more thankful a bunch of true Americans (from wherever they came originally) have decided to cast their lot with us.  They have more confidence in our city than does our city council. 

I'm glad I broke my rule about no shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I had a lot of fun and got a real shot of hope and optimism just seeing one man's success story in action.







  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8