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11/05/05   What happened to truth in advertising?

Below are some of the most dishonest public officials we have experienced in Dallas, Texas.  It is preposterous for any one of them to have the nerve to advise Dallas voters about anything
Bill Blaydes raised your taxes and gave Ray Hunt a tax abatement. He is not concerned about relieving the burden on homeowners.  Last Spring, Bill Blaydes told you to vote against Blackwood's proposal so he and the council could give you a better stronger mayor plan to vote on in November,  Bill Blaydes voted for the language in Proposition 1, voted to put Proposition 1 on the ballot for November 8th and voted to spend $1 million of your tax dollars to put Proposition 1 on the ballot for November 8th.
Glenn White is not even registered to vote in Dallas County.  Move into Dallas or shut up about our business.  The DPA is a union and spends way too much of its membership's dues trying to influence Dallas elections.  Having a weak mayor certainly hasn't put a dent in our crime stats.   Not one City Manager in the last 20 years has put fighting crime at the top of their agenda.  Just the contrary!
When he was City Manager, George Schrader started the tax give aways to Ray Hunt.  He is as responsible for anyone about the lopsided state of who pays the property taxes in this city.  He never was concerned about the needs or wants of Dallas residents and homeowners.  The fact that Ray Hunt's man George Schrader is part of this flyer ought to tell you who's funding this opposition campaign.
Who has ever heard of the NE Chamber?  Isn't it interesting that the opposition campaign could only get an obscure little group to back them this time?  All of the other chambers were against Blackwood's proposal.  All of the other (and larger and more widely known) chambers asked you to turn down Blackwood, so you could vote on the council's plan for a stronger mayor this November. 
I wrote it to fail, now I want you to vote against it.  Sounds a lot like I VOTED FOR IT BEFORE I VOTED AGAINST IT.  FlipFlop helped write Proposition 1, but apparently didn't know what he was writing, or didn't understand what he was writing, or wrote something that he didn't believe then was in the best interest of the citizens of Dallas? How do we know FlipFlop knows what he's saying or writing now?
FlipFlop Oakley's logic is as flawed as his integrity.
If you had any doubts about how to vote on Proposition 1, you should be certain to vote YES after reading the opposition's silly flyer. 

Look at who is opposing Proposition 1:  two council members who wrote the charter amendment language, voted to put it on the ballot and voted to spend $1 million of your tax dollars to do it! 

Oh, yes, that was before Blaydes and Oakley voted to raise your taxes, and that was before Blaydes and Oakley voted to give ray hunt $6.3 million of your taxes.  

These two guys are self-admitted, public liars.  Don't trust them, VOTE YES!

By the way, how come no minority "community leaders" are on this flyer?  There were a whole bunch to pick from.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8