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Call for Volunteers for Southern Sector Beautification! Saturday, October 22

Press Release, October 18, 2005 ? Come help with the Groundwork Dallas Ideal Neighborhood clean-up and beautification project this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Headquarters for Saturday?s project is the TR Hoover Center located at 5106 Bexar Street.

Groundwork Dallas, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the environmental, economic and social health of Dallas? southern sector, is sponsoring the Ideal Neighborhood project.

The project is being organized under a Mowmentum agreement between Groundwork Dallas and the Dallas Street Services Department, with the assistance of the Dallas Sanitation Department. The project involves trash pick-up, manicuring sidewalks along a six block stretch of Bexar Street and landscaping the traffic island at 5600 Bexar St.

More volunteers are needed to help volunteers from the Ideal Neighborhood, a residential community bordering the Trinity Forest at C.F. Hawn (US I-75) and Bexar St., and Groundwork Dallas. Materials and equipment for the project have been donated by AAA Nursery, Sand & Stone of Dallas, Covington Nursery & Garden Center of Rowlett, Mr. Stephen Smith, Alton Martin Landscape Designs and Moore Tree Care. 

Groundwork Dallas is a part of the Groundwork USA network which is partially funded through a grant from the National Park Service and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

For additional information, please contact Ron Kovatis, Executive Director at 214-476-7446 or

Kimberly Haley-Coleman
Executive Director, Globe Aware 
Board Member, Groundwork Dallas

Toll Free 877-LUV-GLOBE  (877-588-4562) or 214-823-0083
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