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10/13/05  Council will pay Ray Hunt to rape Dallas taxpayers.

  With Bill Blaydes leading the pack, 10 council members are ready to give Reunion Arena to that Son of a Bigamist Ray Hunt before they have even been briefed on the deal.  After all the millions in tax abatements and one-sided land swaps various councils have done for Hunt over the last 20 years, we have 10 council members who want to give him more.

If you saw the KTVT-11 report by Ace Reporter Sarah Dodd, you heard Councilman Blaydes say "Look at the people behind me, and who they represent."  He was talking about 9 other council members, including  the FBI's favorite target, Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill, and to his right was Not So Angelic Hunt looking very mean and evil.  If there ever was the perfect person to play Cinderella's evil stepmother, it would  be NSA Hunt*.  In that brief press conference, those 10 council members made it clear that they don't represent Dallas taxpayers, they represent that Son of a Bigamist Ray Hunt.

Why hasn't Bill Blaydes or any of those 10 council members called a press conference to condemn Don Hill's activities?  Apparently, Blaydes and his gang are not concerned that Hill has been caught swapping votes for cash kickbacks from a developer.  Worse, Blaydes and his gang are "anxious to give away taxpayers' money", as Mayor Miller says.

Just in case you don't know who stood with Bill Blaydes (Dist 10) to make sure they were seen in support of that Son of a Bigamist Ray Hunt, they were:

Dist 1 Dr. Elba Garcia   Dist 4 Brain-Dead Thornton-Reese   Dist 8 James Fantroy
Dist 2 Pauline Medrano   Dist 5 See My Man Don Hill   Dist 9 Sandra Dee Griffith
Dist 3 Ed Oakley   Dist 7 Shakedown Leo Chaney   Dist 12 Ron Natinsky
            Dist 14 NSA Hunt

Mayor Miller, Steve Salazar (Dist 6), Linda Koop (Dist 11) and Mitch Rasansky (Dist 13) were not in the Money for Hunt Mob.

The Belo and council mantras are "We have to keep a Dallas icon Downtown (Hunt Oil)" and "Laura Miller has an agenda against Ray Hunt".   If Ray Hunt/Hunt Oil is a Dallas icon, give that icon to Irving.  We can't afford to keep Ray Hunt and his company in Dallas.  The cost over the past two decades is just too high.  What we are really learning with these revelations about the secret deals that City MisManager Mary Suhn and Lying Ryan Evans are doing is that for 20 years we have been holding the land under Reunion for that Son of a Bigamist Ray Hunt until he was ready to use it for something else.  Reunion was built where it is because that's where that SOB Hunt wanted it built.  We still owe millions on Reunion but we are going to take a multi-million dollar loss in a land swap with him when we could just condemn the parking lot he owns that we need for the Barnett project.

To dismiss Mayor Miller's concerns about a bad deal for Dallas taxpayers as a personal agenda against Hunt is  beyond credibility.  And why does Belo consistently refer to her as Ms. Miller, rather than Mayor Miller?  Do you ever remember them mentioning Con Jerk as Mr. Kirk when he was Mayor?

Plot thickens in land swap; Some question Miller's motives for balking at downtown development
09:30 PM CDT on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 By DAVE LEVINTHAL / The Dallas Morning News
   A showdown is brewing between old nemeses Dallas Mayor Laura Miller and billionaire oilman Ray L. Hunt, with the latter now lobbying the City Council for tax incentives to build a new downtown headquarters and for control of prime Trinity River waterfront that includes Reunion Arena.
... "We're being held hostage, the taxpayers, because somebody wants our arena for nothing," Ms. Miller said. "That's a bad business deal. If you want to buy our arena fair and square, pay for it."
   Said Jeanne Phillips, senior vice president of Hunt Consolidated, one of Mr. Hunt's companies: "Some people may be coming from a personal agenda or have a personal agenda, but we don't. We consider this a business issue, and we're counting on leadership on the council to treat it as a business deal."
   Both the arena issue and Hunt's request for $6.3 million in tax incentives for its new high-rise headquarters along Woodall Rodgers Freeway between Akard and St. Paul streets are set for discussion separately by the council next week.
   The dispute comes amid a flurry of activity downtown this week, where Dallas city government is trying to swap city-owned Reunion Arena and its surrounding lots for a piece of a Dallas Convention Center parking lot, half of which is owned by Hunt Consolidated.
... Once the land is unified and under city control, famed Texas entertainment venue mogul Billy Bob Barnett, founder of Billy Bob's Texas honky-tonk in Fort Worth, says he'll build a $100 million, 100,000-square-foot retail, restaurant and entertainment complex beside the convention center by 2008. Mr. Barnett and city officials have been negotiating such a deal throughout the year.
... If there's no land swap between Dallas and Hunt Consolidated, there'll be no entertainment venue, says Mari Woodlief, executive vice president for Dallas-based Allyn and Co., speaking on Mr. Barnett's behalf.
... If Reunion Arena is located within a TIF, state law would allow the city to dump the little-used facility without putting it up for public bidding. Reunion has cost the city more than $1 million annually for several years.
... "Look, this is a great project. I want it to be built," Ms. Miller said of Mr. Barnett's entertainment complex. "I just want us to do good business deals."
...  In 1995, she wrote a column highlighting Mr. Hunt's long-time ownership of Lot E, the convention center parking lot at the center of the Dallas/Hunt land swap, and suggested that Mr. Hunt give it up for the public good.
   "Earth to Hunt: Be like a Bass (as in Fort Worth) and donate your ... parking lot, pal. Earth to City Hall: When he doesn't, condemn it," Ms. Miller wrote.
   Condemnation, or eminent domain, is not an option for Lot E because private property cannot be seized and then deeded to another private entity, said Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans, who has led the city's negotiations with Hunt and Dallas City Limits, Mr. Barnett's company.
... Mr. Evans said his staff intends to forge ahead with negotiations on both the land swap and the Hunt headquarters tax abatement.
   "Losing a major company ? an icon ? to the suburbs is bad business," Mr. Evans said. "
... The mayor, however, says Dallas can no longer afford to provide incentives for downtown development as it previously has, especially when a business wants to move to prime downtown real estate.
   "At some point, we have got to ask people to pay their taxes," Ms. Miller maintained. "The homeowners are paying the price of all of these tax abatements."
... Ms. Phillips of Hunt Consolidated denied that the abatement is a handout.
... She said Hunt's new headquarters would keep 500 employees working downtown and generate substantial business for the city. The company's present headquarters is in the Fountain Plaza building, bounded by Field, Ross, Munger and Federal.
... "The mayor is pretty much out there on her own with this," Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill said. ...

Unfortunately, all of our concerns about City Manager Mary Suhm have proved to be valid.  There was never a doubt as to whether Ryan Evans is a snake -- a ruthless, Machiavellian snake. 

  Condemnation, or eminent domain, is not an option for Lot E because private property cannot be seized and then deeded to another private entity, said Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans, who has led the city's negotiations with Hunt and Dallas City Limits, Mr. Barnett's company.

Excuse me?  What about Intervest's holdings that Ross Perot, Jr. and Tom Hicks confiscated?  The city's right of condemnation was used to take private property from Intervest and deed it to another private entity (Perot, Jr. and Hicks).  The Barnett entertainment project is going to be done on "city owned land".  It's going to be a long term lease like the 100 year giveaway lease the city has with that Son of a Bigamist Ray Hunt.  The city can most certainly condemn Hunt's parking lot to put together its part of the public/private parking deal with Barnett.

We never learn.  We always have the ODB rah rah's who will go along with anything some rich crook dreams up to get another chunk of taxpayers' money.  Dallas has more than its share of morons who will suck up to rich crooks, particularly elected morons who will suck up to rich crooks.  That's what that Son of a Bigamist Ray Hunt is and always has been -- a rich crook.  Now, let's make him a media pi?ta.

  Why are we willing to be serfs on Hunt's manor?  He may be rich, but he comes from common roots.  He knows some people will always suck up to anyone with money.  His daddy was a bigamist, 3 times over, but the First Baptist made him a pillar of their congregation.  The FBC choir would go to his house and sing Happy Birthday to the old bigamist, whose concubine became his last wife. 

It's easy to understand why Ray Hunt has such contempt for regular people.  Look what he saw Daddy get away with!  It's hard to understand why so many people are willing to bow down to the son of a bigamist.

There are people who actually believe Mayor Miller is the reason Jerry Jones is building his stadium in Arlington and stealing the homes from all those regular people.  What was it Ryan Evans said "
private property cannot be seized and then deeded to another private entity"?  Isn't that just what's happening in Arlington as we speak?  A bunch of elected suckups are taking private property from regular folks and giving it to a rich crook from Arkansas.  That's exactly what they are doing -- giving valuable land to Jerry Jones for much less than the owners deserve.  The true owners are being paid at residential rates, when the land will never be residential again.

We couldn't do the deal at Fair Park because we have a contract with the Starplex group that was done by some other idiots at the behest of the husband of then Mayor Strauss.  That area was needed to do the stadium deal, but the cost of buying out the contract was prohibitive.  There was a bigger reason the deal wasn't done at Fair Park -- that Arkansas crook didn't want to build Jerryville in a predominantly Black area.  It hasn't made a lick of difference to Dallas where the Cowboys have played football.

  If we can shaft regular property owners to benefit a billionaire, it seems fair that we condemn a billionaire Son of a Bigamist's parking lot to benefit another rich guy.  Billy Bob Barnett's operation will create hundreds of new jobs and lure tourists to Dallas and revitalize our dead convention business -- or, so the story goes.  At least there's a possibility that someone will come to Dallas for fun.  There's no possibility that someone will come to Dallas to see Ray Hunt's new corporate headquarters, whether we give him a $6.5 million tax abatement or not.  They claim our $6.5 million tax abatement will keep 500 jobs in Dallas.  How many of those 500 jobs are held by Dallas residents? 

This is a new day of shame for Dallas.  We continue to let the likes of Ray Hunt rape our city, and then the Son of a Bigamist expects us to pay for the violation and be grateful to do so. 

Worse, we have Bill Blaydes and his good buddy Don Hill standing up to take names of anyone who isn't happy about getting royally scr@X@d by that Son of a Bigamist.  I absolutely bought Bill Blaydes' act even though several people warned me against supporting him.

It's time for Don Hill to go, I warned you Don Hill, Brain-Dead Thornton-Reese and Shakedown Chaney can vote on matters that impact you while they wait to be indicted and even after that.  They don't have to resign from office until they are convicted.  Think about it!  At least one or two of those FBI-targeted council members are going down, but in the interim they can hand over a lot of our public money to benefit a few rich guys while our basic services continue to decline.

Many of us who supported Laura Miller have had more than one occasion to wonder what happened to Our Laura Miller.  She seemed to be under a spell woven by Rob Allyn (her Handsome Guru).  Someone must have broken Allyn's spell because Our Laura Miller is back and loaded for bear.  She's doing just what I wanted --  standing up for the regular guy and exposing crooked deals at City Hall -- not promoting them like Mayor Con Jerk did. 

It doesn't matter if 10 council members are ready to give away OUR farm to that Son of a Bigamist.  Laura Miller is right to expose the deal and make things hot for Ray Hunt. 

Well, it does matter that 10 council members care nothing about reducing the tax burden on Dallas homeowners, but at least Our Mayor is willing to take the ridicule and do the right thing.

What's it going to take for you to get mad?  What's it going to take for you to let your council representative know Ray Hunt has taken enough of our money and it's time to let the Son of a Bigamist pay his own way with his own money?

It's not surprising that thugs proud to stand up with the likes of Don Hill would stand up to give our tax dollars to a Son of a Bigamist who can afford to build his new headquarters without a $6.5 million tax abatement from us.  Why aren't they concerned about his abandoning another Downtown office tower to build more empty office space to glut the market?

We are getting shafted by that Son of a Bigamist and 10 council members have stepped up to help him stick it to us.  It is very disappointing to see Ron Natinsky associate himself with the Blaydes gang.  He seemed to be different from the mob. 

  It's going to be really fun when all the mayoral aspirants in the Blaydes gang go to the Son of a Bigamist for campaign contributions and he has to chose which one he wants to be Mayor.  Look what Ray Hunt did to Steve Bartlett.  Pulled him out of Congress, made him run for Mayor and then made him step aside for Ron Kirk/Con Jerk.  I'm laying money on the table right now that not one of the Blaydes gang will ever be Mayor of this City.  If I'm wrong, it's time to get out of this town.

If Mayor Miller can't stop this runaway train, at least she has put a light on all the cockroaches involved.   I promise will keep reminding you of what the Blaydes gang did to us.


*"Not So Angelic" Hunt is Adelman's nickname for Councilwoman Hunt, and has officially adopted it, too.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8