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Trick or Treat?
Chickens Little
Ray Hunt's Gang of Ten
Oh, My! What a Big Lie!
Who's town is it, anyway?
Who's watching out for us?
Time to Go
Verified Response is Very Troubling


10/31/05  Trick or Treat?  Ed Oakley's such a kidder!
10/31/05  Jesse Diaz:  Flip Flop Oakley
10/31/05  Michael Davis:  Shady Dealings on Plan Commission.
10/25/05  Chickens Little:  Council knew - they weren't duped!
10/21/05  Citizen D:  Mayor was right to fight Hunt abatement.
10/20/05  Ray Hunt's City Council:  Those with the Gold - Rule!
10/20/05  Groundwork Dallas:  Call for volunteers
10/19/05  Oh, My! What a Big Hunt Lie!
10/17/05  Who's town is it anyway?
10/17/05  Hunt's Letter of Intent to rip us off.
10/13/05  Who's watching out for us, while Blaydes helps Hunt?
10/20/05  Wisdom:  DFD Emergency Traffic Procedures
10/19/05  Judd Bradbury:  More on VR
new comments  10/20
10/17/05  More VR Comments

10/17/05  P Minshew:  Why fire trucks are used for barricades.  new comments  10/18
10/11/05  Allen Gwinn: 
VR: Debunking City's Playbook
10/04/05  Mike Perry:  Letter to Council -- VOTE NO on Verified Response
10/03/05  Verified Response is Very Troubling
important new information 10/5
10/03/05  Judd Bradbury:  Verified Response and Support Documents
10/03/05  Calie Stephens:  Verified Alarm Response - a failure in crime reduction
10/10/05  It's time for Don Hill to go.
10/06/05  CBS 11 Bensman & Riggs
FBI Tapes alleged to show Hill closely involved in negotiating cash payment, other compensation, for development vote.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8