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09/28/05  Homeless Threat to Dallas Businesses

Businesses in the Industrial Blvd. area need help to resolve a
n ongoing problem with homeless people disrupting daily business.

On Tuesday, September 27, another disturbance (one of many over the last year) erupted about 3:15 - 3:30pm when a Black male and female proceed to fight in front of and on the porch of my business, located on N. Industrial.  They yelled, cussed and screamed at each other, drinking beer, standing in the middle of the street blocking traffic, hampering a Fed Ex delivery that was being made, trying to get in my building either by the dock entrance and front door.  On my front porch, the Black male was beating the female and beer was flying all over.

We called
911, but the police didn't arrive for almost 30 minutes.  By the time the officers arrived, the couple causing the disturbance had moved on.  There was a police car earlier near the end of the block, where I am sure he had a glimpse of these people blocking the street.  We have called 911 several other times. On one occasion, I actually saw them arrest the female.

I am sure most of the police who patrol this area are extremely familiar with these two individuals.

A month ago, one of my employees was beaten and robbed in front of my building while awaiting a ride.  Several of my employees vehicles have been robbed and broke into in broad daylight.

The bars across the street attract individuals who feel they have to park on my property and block  entrances to my dock areas, even though I have no parking signs posted.  They also leave an abundance of litter, such as beer bottles, trash, etc. in front of my building.  I have to pay to their trash cleaned up every Monday morning.

I have been in this location on N. Industrial for 14 years, but the last 5 years have been deeply stressful because of the crime, the homeless people and lack of assistance from the city.

I am n
ow dealing with issues that have nothing to do with running my business.  I am now engaged in
urban warfare.

It is truly amazing how a small minority of individuals who pay no taxes, live off the government are continually allowed to ignore the law while someone else is providing jobs, pay taxes, and obey the law.

Do you think judges would allow this type of behavior in their court, or in the building?

I have had customers in the building before when this has happened. They are not very excited about returning to this location.

Businesses in Downtown Dallas and the near-Downtown areas will continue to move North to avoid the daily problems associated with doing business in the the Downtown area.  Please note, I am right down the street from the Anatole Hotel and World Trade Center, which should be a safe and thriving section of the city.  However, people continue to sit on the curb in front of the Anatole at Stemmons begging for money daily.  Wouldn't you think there would be a police vehicle several times a day across that intersection?

Although the officers who finally showed up were polite, they didn't really seem to understand or care.  As usual, our society is full of excuses and no solutions.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help solve this daily assault on people who obey the law?

Delene Bell





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