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Less for More
Trinity Prevarications
Katrina & Rita
Massage Parlor Bill Bites
Belo approves second tier thinking.
Public Safety vs Balanced Budget
Instant Gratification
Meanwhile back at the ranch...
Where's the Righteous Indignation?


09/30/05  Less is More:  2006 City Budget is a Bust for Regular Dallas people.
09/30/05  Delene Bell:  Need help against violent homeless around my business.
09/27/05  Gary Turner:  Response to Judd Bradbury
09/26/05  Trinity Prevarications and other Urban Myths!
09/26/05  Judd Bradbury:  In Defense of Verified Response
09/26/05  Casie Pierce:  Expanded Neighborhood Police Patrol
09/26/05  Rad Field:  After-the-fact policing.
w/new comments 9/27
09/24/05  Bensman & Riggs
Legal, Financial Woes Dogged Owner of Burned Bus
09/24/05  Gary Turner:  Response to Verified Response
09/23/05  Citizen D:  Why do some neighborhoods have no police patrols now?
09/22/05  Katrina & Rita -- evil twin sisters.
09/21/05  Rad Field:  Some neighborhoods have no police patrolling now!
09/20/05  Rad Field:  Why use fire trucks for traffic control?
w/new comments 9/24
09/19/05  Belo approves 2nd tier thinking at City Hall.
w/new comments
09/15/05  Public Safety takes back seat to Smoke & Mirrors Budget.
w/new comments
09/12/05  Instant Gratification.  Can Americans cope with adversity?
w/new comments
09/12/05  Michael Murphy:  Water's down, what's next?  New effort forming.
09/07/05  Michael Davis:  Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP)
09/06/05  James Waghorne:  Dallas Helped
09/05/05  CBS 11 Sarah Dodd:  Proof that Lee used his position for personal gain.
09/06/05  Barbara Mathews Blanton:  McKinney's doing its share.
09/05/05  Meanwhile back at the ranch ...
09/05/05  Casie Pierce:  Another view on Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay
09/05/05  Michael Davis:  A plan to help the evacuees
09/02/05  Michael Hubbard:  Scandal
09/01/05  Where's the Righteous Indignation?





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8