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Massage Parlor Bill Passes

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05/25/05  Dallas owes a huge thanks to State Rep. Rafael Anchia, State Rep. Jim Jackson, State Rep. Will Hartnett, State Senator Royce West and State Senator John Carona.

 Rafael Anchia
State Representative
District 103


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May 25, 2005                                                                                     (512) 463 - 0746/(214) 943 - 6081


Rep. Anchia's Safe Neighborhood Package moves to the desk of Governor Perry

Austin, Texas -- State Representative Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) is pleased to announce that House Bill 2696 unanimously passed the Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday, May 10th and unanimously passed the Texas Senate on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 is on its way to the desk of Governor Rick Perry.

"This is a huge victory for the people of District 103," commented Rep. Rafael Anchia.  "I am pleased with the unanimous support for our bill and grateful that Senator Royce West carried our bill in the Senate.  Our constituents deserve safe neighborhoods free of the negative social impacts of these fronts for prostitution."

HB 2696 has broad support from constituents, law enforcement groups, the business community including Texas Association of Massage Therapists.

"The 2,000 businesses located in the trade district will benefit from House Bill 2696," commented Les Tanaka, Executive Director for the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce. 

"The proposed legislation provides a reasonable balance of governmental regulation of an industry," commented Stemmons Corridor Business Association Chair Dave Neumann.  "SCBA is committed to economic development for the Stemmons Corridor and the City of Dallas."  

House Bill 2696 is a bipartisan bill that focuses on unregulated bath houses and massage parlors.  It will give local municipalities the tools needed to crack down on illegitimate massage businesses that are fronts for prostitution and human trafficking. 

HB 2696 does the following:

● Requires that massage therapists be over 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident and undergo background checks in order to be licensed by the State of Texas.

● Employs a code of standards for massage establishments which will prohibit sexual contact and nudity at an establishment.

● Gives local municipalities concurrent enforcement jurisdiction with the State of Texas in order to allow local police departments the ability to investigate these businesses. Additionally, it allows the local city attorneys the ability to file injunctions against illegitimate businesses.

● Creates a definition for "other massage services" in order to regulate other businesses that offer similar services as massage parlors, but attempt to circumvent current law by purporting to offer other services.

                        Isaac Gil Faz
                                Communications Director

      Representative Rafael Anchia, District 103

                                (512) 463-0746 Capitol                                (214) 943-6081 District

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